Incredible Pre wedding Shoot in Delhi Capt Parminder & Bhawna

Pre-wedding shoots for couples with high imagination

This is how it all started

I was on a Pre-wedding shoot in Delhi with my team.

During the day my phone rang 

I took the call

As usual, there was an inquiry for pre-wedding shoot

In very short I explained to her the details of the package which we provide.

But her concern was to get the pre-wedding shoot in Gurgaon.

I asked her to get back to her in some time as I was in a shoot.

Yes, she was none other than our prestigious client Bhawna.

Till that time she was not our client.

Later on in the evening when I was done with the shoots

I gave her a callback.

And I explained to her the package in detail.

She was fine with the package but her concern was the location.

She wanted to get the shoot done in Gurgaon.

But in the conversation suggested her to go with the paid location.

As explained she asked me the details of the paid location 

On her whats app no.

After the call dropped, in 5 mins I have sent the details 

With the best pre-wedding paid location in Delhi.

And they were as follows:

Photo Rachna Studio

The picture Destination

The picture town

The picture Ville

The perfect location

Your dream location

She asked me to suggest the best one among this and I suggested these four names

Photo Rachna Studio

The picture destination

The picture ville

The picture town

I got thanks and the conversation was over.



The deal didn’t turn out.

I couldn’t close the deal.

I was back at work.

The next day I received a message asking for the availability on 22nd of Nov 2019.

I checked my schedule and my team was available for the booking.

So after my confirmation, she booked the pre-wedding location in Delhi 


it was the picture destination.

Yes, she paid us the advance amount and the deal was closed.

Oh finally its the shoot day today.

I and my team headed towards the location.

After reaching there, I met the couple for the first time.

Till that time I wasn’t know anything about Captain Parminder. 

So while discussing the outfits 

Miss Bhawana told me that the last outfit will be the uniform.

So then I came to know he was the Indian Army.

And that would be easily perceived by his personality and the way he was talking to us.

A true gentleman with a pretty Fiance was ready for the wonderful pre-wedding shoot.

Their first outfit was Lenga and suit and it was an astonishing shoot.

So here I will share those beautiful moments captured for this beautiful couple.

Every Pre-wedding shoot is a special one for WEDUS.IN and in every shoot, we try to bring more creativity and uniqueness in the pictures.

And the best part for doing that is to keep on doing experiments and we did it well.

Now the love story began and they came more closure than earlier. 

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