Real Wedding Submission

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We Feature real weddings, pre wedding, styled shoots and films. We love to share the beauty, style, creativity, rich ambiance, and romance of your big fat day.

Who Can Submit 

  1. The Couple’s
  2. The Photographer
  3. The Videographer

The bride and groom can submit the pictures and videos with the consent of the photographer and videographer to get published in WEDUS due to the copyright issue.

You can also ask the photographer to submit your details .

The photographer and videographer can directly send us the images and video via Dropbox, Wetransfer, or google drive. We are loaded with emails but unfortunately, we cannot publish all the contents.

So please make sure you are sending in after reading the requirements. 

The major requirements to submit the details are mentioned below.

How to submit 

For Photographers

  • Select 30 best images without watermark
  • Written notes about the couples and the event
  • The notes should be minimum 500 words 
  • Provide the name of all the vendors and artists who made the day so special. With their website URL, Facebook and Instagram handle.
  • The photographer’s website URL and Instagram handle
  • Mention the “name” for the image credit
  • Wedding or event location URL and Instagram handle
  • Send it with the details to 
  • You can send the images via “We transfer, Dropbox or Google drive” and mention the link in the email.

Tips: Answer these questions in your notes

  • About the bride and groom?
  • The love story of the couple?
  • About the outfit of the couples?
  • The best thing you will remember forever from your wedding days?
  • Suggestion and recommendation you want to give to future couples?
  • Details about the wedding team? photographer, cinematographer, makeup artist, etc. Their Instagram id?
  • Venue/location of the event?
  • Anything else you want to say?

What We Accept

  • Complete detailed photography of the wedding from the bride and groom’s dresses to accessories, etc. 
  • The images that tell the story of the entire event.
  • A close-up portrait of the couple. A photograph that speaks love and looks romantic
  • Solo bride photographs with her close up makeup shots and other details. 
  • A solo image of the groom also.
  • A rich ambiance of the venue, environment, flowers, decoration cakes, etc
  • A creative and stylish shoots
  • Images that give an aesthetic look and inspiration to the readers. 

What We Don’t Accept

  • Black & white pictures
  • A group of photos
  • Highly edited or manipulated pictures
  • A party picture where people are drinking and dancing without sense
  • Low-quality images

For Videographer/Filmmaker

  • Share the video link via email
  • Or you can send it via Wetransfer, google drive or dropbox
  • Mention the details of the artists and vendors with their URL and Instagram handle

What We Accept

  • A high-quality cinematic video 
  • 2-3 images without watermark
  • The image will be used as a featured image in the blog
  • Small writing about the event and the couple
  • Filmmakers Website URL and Instagram handle
  • Also, all the vendors associated with creating and making the day special one

What We Don’t Accept

  • Traditional videography
  • Low-resolution video

If your pictures and video get selected we will inform you within 10 working days. Before publishing it.

PS: After your images get selected for publication in Wedus wedding blog. Please don’t share it with any publishing authority online or print for at least 1 month. As we are known for providing a valuable source of a platform for our readers.

Our editing team may do minor editing in the images like cropping or resizing it to best fit in the blog. 

The contents will also be shared in all the Wedus social media handles like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and youtube.

Watching your wedding will inspire the future couple. To plan their wedding and decide the wedding dresses, Makeup & Beauty and all the ideas they need to make their wedding the most special and a day to remember.

If you don’t fall in these requirement criteria and still things you have something to share. Than feel free to mail us at