Everything You Need to Know About Indian Wedding Mehndi Ceremony

Why is the Henna Function so Important? Let’s Find Out!

There is no better method to express…

The significance of the sensitive henna work. Which blooms on the palms and feet of a bride to-be.

As a customary part of the antiquated Solah Shringaar. The Mehndi is a natural piece of an Indian bride’s wedding look.

Thus’ the custom around it.

Here we will give proper respect to the Mehndi function. Clarifying what it’s about and how you would discover it in each social sub-set in India.

Let’s talk about everything you must know about the Indian wedding Mehendi ceremony

The Mehndi Function

Held a day before the genuine wedding. The Mehndi function is an exciting, nostalgic plunk for the lady. Her cousins, kin, companions, aunties, and others.

This is their day, loaded up with giggling, fun, melodies, dance, and games. As each sits for a piece of Mehndi over their hands and feet.

Held on a bright day, in an open area. The Mehndi ceremony happens for both the lady of the hour and the husband to be around the same time.

These days, many brides-to-be decide to do one consolidated mehndi function. For twofold the frenzy and the fun.

Everybody Up for Some Mehndi

It’s known as the Mailanchi Ravu in Kerala wedding. The Maenziraat during a Kashmiri wedding, and a Mehndi Ki Raat (a blend of the Mehndi and Sangeet service in various Hindu wedding functions).

Truth be told, it’s likewise a piece of an Indian Christian wedding.

It’s commended with equal anxious enthusiasm. In a Punjabi wedding, a Jain wedding, a Gujarati wedding, a Marwari wedding, an Arya Samaj wedding, a Sikh Anand Karaj, and a Sindhi marriage.

Furthermore, it’s not only for the ladies! Truth be told, groom mehndi designs have become a trend these days also.

How to Hold a Mehendi Ceremony?

A Mehndi service is a passionate Shringaar function. Focused on beautifying the lady of the hour and groom and setting them up for their big day.

It starts with the gifting of Mehndi from the lucky man’s side for the lady. A stage that is reflected with the Haldi service or Pithi Dastoor.

This is an emblematic portrayal and a bit of it is added to the lady’s hands. Close by the expertly made mehndi cones of the marriage mehndi artists who’ve been required for the day.

Truly, an expert!

This expert likewise replaces the possibility. That only the ladies of the family (generally married ones), could make wonderful henna designs on her hands.

Nowadays, the Mehndi service is an exciting day, with dance and drinks. And the ladies’ family members compete to get the most inn henna designs on their hands.

Held in a brilliant mehndi environment. It requires curated Mehndi songs playlist, arranged dance performances, and matching garments.

What to Wear for Your Mehndi Function

Need to prove your Mehndi look?

Think spring…

Pastel shades and yellows toward one side and energetic shadings. Like orange, green, blue, and pink on the other are evergreen thoughts with regards to your Mehndi service dresses.

The subsequent stage?

Top these with bloom adornments plans – more is always better.

You could go over the top with a huge size Maatha Patti, studs, chokers, haath phool, armlets, sleeves, and even anklets.

You may likewise go for silk string adornments and Gota Patti gems.

You could also go for a safa or a turban, huge studs, juttis or brooches which state ‘Betiwale‘, ‘cool bride‘, ‘Pataka‘ and ‘Dulhan‘.

At long last, match and collaborate with your lover, or BFF, or some soul sister to arrange for Mehendi pictures

Mehendi Decor

A Mehndi function is about fun, excitement, and light during a furious wedding period.

This lively mindset interprets best to the mehndi stylistic theme too.

Envision brilliant tones – pink, red, yellow, orange, blue, and green across the scene. Either as texture overhangs, flower components, live entertainers, peppy establishments. Or even photo booths.

Anyway, what are the components that can be added to your henna day arrangement?

Here are a few takeaways –

  • Establishments
    These establishments can be carts, bicycles, bikes, or significant other photo booth components that add to the fun of the event.
  • Flowers
    Blossom enrichment can upgrade the allure. Be it with a central component. Like the marriage seat or wedding swing, as a floral background or even scenes and passageways.
  • Live entertainers
    Think about a DIY commitment thought that will keep the entirety of your Mehndi visitors in sheer joy.

These could be artists or dancers or even bangle producers, other mehndi artists, and several mehndi games.


A mehndi service is relied upon to be a state of joy, convention, and excellence, with enthusiastic digressions.

We trust that this island of fun adds a lot more recollections to your wedding experience.

With this, we conclude on this beautiful journey of what could be done to make your Mehendi function a quite better one

Pro tip: Get a mehndi artist who is as good as possible since the entire experience of this ride, depends on who’s driving…!

Everything You Need to Know About Indian Wedding Mehndi Ceremony. Checkout why it is used in Indian marriage functions. You will love the secret behind it & … 

Everything You Must Know About the Haldi Ceremony in Indian Weddings

Let’s play with some yellow. That will make you look more Energetic in your wedding days

Rituals are a synonym for Indian weddings. I’m sure I don’t have to prove it to you. You already know how Indian weddings have more rituals than the main marriage ceremony.

There are many pre-wedding rituals. But the one practice that has managed to stand out from the others is our one and only, Haldi Ceremony!

Could anyone have thought how a simple turmeric paste can be converted to something so big? Not even a simple ritual, a whole different event altogether?

Of course, we Indians did. We came up with a more than just simple way of getting the best out of a wedding. By doing nothing but applying something as simple as a turmeric paste to the bride and groom, and extracted the fun out of it. 

No no, do not mistake the auspicious haldi ceremony as something mundane. It has several things hidden behind it. 

In this article, we will let you know everything about a Haldi ceremony in Indian weddings. Until you truly understand the purpose and concept of it so hold tight.

…Let’s begin.

Why is the Haldi Ceremony a ritual?

First thing’s first, why is it a ritual and not just a turmeric spa day? What the fuss about?

The Hindu Weddings have a belief that. The shading yellow is benevolent according to ceremonies and conventions.

It is also believed that this brilliant and dynamic tone. When applied to the lady of the hour and lucky man before they start another section in their life. Will bring them the best of luck and joy.

This sacred Haldi ka ubtan. When applied to unmarried individuals, is accepted to get the best of luck for marriage and their future.

The religious texts of Hindus additionally state that. When this holy paste is applied on the face and the body of an unmarried individual. They will very soon come across a decent person to spend the rest of their lives with.

Also, Haldi is very well known for warding off evil eye’ i.e. ‘Buri Nazar’. And consequently this custom is performed . So the lady and her to-be husband can avoid all the hostile stares while they step on to start the other chapter of their lives.

It also works as a medicine.

What is the Significance of the Haldi Ceremony?

There are plenty of convictions and centrality of this custom being performed at Indian weddings.

From warding off the evil eye to lighting up to couples’ skin. And to bring the best of luck to their doorsteps, the rundown can continue forever.

Alongside all this. It is also said that Haldi can reduce the pre-wedding butterflies. That the lady of the hour and lucky man would definitely be experiencing. Which you can say as “anxiety.”

Also, there is additionally some sort of science behind this custom.

The curcumin that is present in Haldi. Is said to work like a stimulant that will assist with quieting and facilitate the anxiety the couple would confront.

Along these lines, as should be obvious. The science and importance behind this function is endless.

Some more essential functions that a pre-wedding Haldi ceremony performs are listed below.

Beautifies the skin

Haldi has various remarkable properties that are supposed to be truly useful for the skin.

Applying Haldi on the skin during this service will assist with forestalling. The development of skin inflammation of the lady of the hour and husband to be. It will help in making their face look glowy and brilliant.

It likewise functions as a superb shedding operator that will eliminate all the dead skin. With everything taken into account, it works like a decent detoxifier for the skin.

The Auspiciousness of the Yellow Color

According to Hindu wedding customs. The shade ‘Yellow’ is accepted to be a favorable one.

It is to carry success into the lives of the love birds. The region where the Bride and groom sit during this function will consistently be designed with yellow blossoms.

A Fun Ceremony

Haldi ceremonies are not held only in regards to a ritual. But it is also an enjoyable way of spending some good time with the bride and the groom.

What is the Process of the Haldi Ceremony?

The Haldi function is a custom that is performed by both The bride and the groom. This service, by and large, happens a day or two preceding the genuine wedding day.

This custom is acted toward the beginning of the day. Where the new Turmeric paste is applied to the bride and groom’s body. Which incorporates the face, neck, hand, and legs with the help of mango leaves.

When they have been blessed with the Haldi paste. The mind-set of this function changes to a perky one. Where then everybody begins messing around and applying it to one another.

This custom is then trailed by a stately shower for the Bride and husband to be.

How is a perfect Haldi paste made?

The Haldi paste is the primary component of this function. And hence making it is of extreme significance. As it will be applied and scoured on the couple’s entire body.

There is no space for mistakes with regards to this.

The Haldi arranged on this day is alluded to by various names over all states and ranks. Tel Baan, Mandha, and Ubtan are a couple of names given to this Haldi paste contingent upon districts and states.

Inquisitive to realize how might you make the correct glue?

All things considered, we’ll let you know.

Blend Haldi with new rose water, milk, mustard oil, sandalwood powder (Chandan), almond powder, and lemon juice.

Merge these fixings well to get a blend with a thick consistency.

Properties of Haldi alongside the brilliant yellow shade of the paste. Are said to make the bride and the groom’s skin gleam and sparkle.

This paste is made by the women of the house. And is later applied to the bride and the groom with the help of mango leaves.

How to make your Haldi Ceremony perfect?

Make your Haldi function the most important one. As a piece of your wedding festivity venture by keeping in mind a couple of things.

Keep these checks set up as it will guarantee a hassle-free and agreeable function.

Thus, here is a rundown of a couple of things you or your wedding organizer should remember while arranging this function.

  • Choose and make a list of attendees for your Haldi service. The lady of the hour/lucky man ought to make sure to call all their friends and family. And companions who might appreciate this custom without limit.
  • When the list of people to attend has been chosen, the following activity is to select the setting. For the most part. The Haldi service is done at home. But thinking about the number of individuals etc. It is ideal for picking an open-air setting for this function.
  • When your setting is chosen, feel free to pick the style, props, and subject for this function. Don’t hesitate to try by keeping the style and props energetic. And make sure to fuse yellow in your topic and stylistic theme.
  • Make an energizing playlist and hand it over to your DJ. Recall this service is about a pleasant vibe.
  • Have some good times games orchestrated your nearby loved ones and your accomplice. Keep it idiosyncratic or fun. This could likewise be an unexpected component in the function.
  • Meet with the function coordinators and waitlist a new and light menu for this function. Something that is reviving would do some incredible things.


The Haldi service is a custom that is covered with affection, fun, feelings, heaps of music, and joy.

This service is one of the main ones that show the beginning of terrific wedding planning.

Without a doubt. Indian wedding culture and the customs bound with them are fun. Yet besides every function has a shrouded significance behind its reality.  And being performed.

In this way, remember to take motivations from these heavenly thoughts. And make your Haldi ceremony a crushing hit.

With all the data above. We hope that you are good to go to design your Haldi function or appreciate one without limits.

We hope that you’ve now understood everything about the Haldi ceremony in Indian Wedding through this article. We hope to see you enjoying yours too.