Don’t Miss These Things While Planning a Beach Wedding In India

Beach Weddings are a tedious affair, let’s find out some potholes you need to take care of!

Weddings on the seashore, whether or not held at a distinguished destination or your summer getaway home, can be an extremely good get-out for each couple and their respective visitors. 

After all, it’s like a mini-excursion for anyone. 

However, pulling off a wonderful occasion on the shore isn’t without any demanding situations. 

Let’s look at the 6 most crucial things to understand about how to devise a beach wedding ceremony with ease.

Have a Daytime Ceremony

The ocean gives one of the most beautiful settings, so you must keep in mind to have a wedding at some stage in the daytime.

Once the solar drops under the horizon, the water goes black—and until you have got a complete moon, the sea is misplaced.

But while having a daylight wedding ceremony approach you want to consider some things. 

SPF 50 is sexy, You don’t need to get a loopy sunburn on your wedding day.

Flowers also do not just like the warm sun and maybe intricate to deal with. 

Choose a good plan with flowers that can be maintained in the warm.

A few alternatives that work properly are freesias, calla lilies, orchids, and succulents. 

Steer far from hydrangeas and roses, which will wilt away very quickly.

Have a Sound System

Between the wind and the waves, there may be a whole lot of background noise at a seaside wedding, 

We recommend the use of microphones for the ceremony. 

Also, make sure you operate a windscreen cover for the microphone so that your guests aren’t pissed off by the truth that all they hear is the wind and no longer your vows.

Public vs. Private

Many seashore accommodations are anchored via stunning seashores, but unless you’ve bought out the property, you might have to accommodate your wedding guests in hotels. 

If the possibility of having little Sally splashing around and yelling in the course of the ceremony worries you, make sure that you ask the motel if privatizing the beach on your wedding ceremony is an available option before you book.

Dress Appropriately

Not all attire, fabrics, and veil styles work for a seashore wedding ceremony. 

An airy sheath is most sand-pleasant, however, if you want to put on a gown or a Lehenga with a fuller skirt, make sure you select a dress made of a lighter material that gives you space for extra movement. 

Also, do not be scared of trying out a colored set since we’re personally quite partial to light red and faded blue outfits for the seashore. 

Lastly, keep in mind, a veil is like a sail within the wind

The much less fussy your veil, the prettier your pictures will appear.

If you wear heels…

A barefoot beach wedding ceremony is fabulous, but it’s not a sensible approach to ask every bride or expect every one of them to ditch their Louboutins. 

One technique to get you down the aisle or the mandap in heels is to bury a timber or woody walkway that leads you to the ceremony under the sand.

If it still seems like a sandy seaside, try to make it possible to have a stroll in heels once and get acquainted.

Have a Wind Plan

As much as you thought that the rain is your enemy at a beach wedding, it’s the wind you need to worry about.

Windy afternoons and evenings may be cold, sandy, or absolutely out of the plan for the ceremony.

Take time to learn about the typical climate of your specific wedding spot and subsequently have a backup plan. 

Choose a hotel that has multiple areas that work for the ceremony so that you have an integrated Plan B. 

If you choose to marry on a beach, it is not associated much with a motel but you ought to reserve a backup area, whether or not you come to use it.


Beach weddings can be a handful, both literally and metaphorically.

Even though they are, they’re still worth tons when you’re completely done with them and go through those amazing pictures.

The pictures are the best part of having a wedding at the shore 

Though the common conception of having a beachside wedding is that only Christian weddings ceremonies can take place there, yet, we are positive that your colorful Indian wedding can also be a success if you can take care of the above pointers completely.

The rest of it, we must leave on the angels of marriage.

Happy wedding!

4 Royal Destination Wedding in Gujarat You Must Consider

શુભ લગ્ન

(Śubha lagna) Do you Know the Royal Destination Wedding in Gujarat?

When you think about an exotic marriage

A couple of spots ring a bell, like Goa or Kerala, a royal residence in Rajasthan, or even lodging in the south.

There is no denying that every one of these spots is a great choice for you.

In any case, you should keep your eyes open for some unconventional or generally secret spots in the nation for your exotic marriage.

Such views give a new vibe to weddings all in all and are a little lighter on the pockets.

Gujarat is unquestionably one of the most well-known destinations for weddings.

Nonetheless, if you are searching for places in Gujarat that are not exactly mainstream. Yet are ideal for a wedding, this western beachfront state has a lot to bring to the table!

Gujarat has seen a great deal of global movement through its ports. And this is the reason the state is loaded up with various fortifications. And castles constructed chiefly by Portuguese rulers.

Some of them lie deserted, while some of them have been transformed into extravagant resorts or lodgings.

Few retreats and legacy lodgings have also come up as of late. Outfitted with enough offices to have a terrific destination marriage effortlessly.

I have brought you 4 Royal Destinations wedding in Gujarat you must consider for your destination wedding…!

Crowne Plaza, Ahmedabad City Centre

Situated in the Prashad Nagar territory of Ahmedabad. Crowne Square in the Ahmedabad Downtown area is one of the most sumptuous Gujarat objections for a wedding.

The spot is enormous to such an extent that you can without much of a stretch host all the occasions of a wedding. Be it the Mehndi, Sangeet, Mixed drink, or reception party.

The court can have up to 2000 individuals. Causing it a feasible choice for individuals who have bunches of visitors to welcome.

Their in-house group obliges every one of your requirements with the most extreme consideration.

The accomplished culinary experts can get ready nearby. And global foods with mind-blowing accuracy.

With all the services, the per plate cost here is 1800 and the normal budget for 1000 visitors would be near 20,00,000.

Narayani Heights

Situated in Ahmedabad. Narayani Height is a standout amongst other Gujarat objections to having a Gujarati wedding. Primarily given the various occasion spaces it offers.

You can have a gathering at the yards, the porch, by the poolside, or in the dinner corridor.

All the stylistic layout at the scene is customizable, making it feasible for you to customize the wedding according to your desires.

There are 109 rooms accessible with levies going from 5,000 to 20,000.

The per-plate cost here reaches from 800 to 5,000.

This assortment of choices in the value range discloses to you. How pleasantly the hotel obliges the necessities of individuals from various backgrounds.

Furthermore, they offer various cuisines from around the globe.

They likewise tweak the cooking style as per the Jain conventions, whenever informed previously.

The House of MG

The House of Mangaldas Girdhardas is a legacy lodging. That is one of the top Gujarat destinations for weddings with fewer visitors.

This scene is ideal for a private wedding. As they permit their setting to be reserved for a gathering that has as meager as 50 visitors.

This makes it ideal for somebody searching for a picturesque marriage. With simply a modest bunch of close family members and companions.

The lodging represents considerable authority in making style precisely how you need it. Making it simply ideal for individuals regardless of what their preferences are.

The per-plate cost here is near 900 and the food on offer is just traditional Gujarati.

The lodging has different occasion spaces like a rambling patio, meal corridor, and the yard zone.

The normal budget for a wedding at this inn isn’t more than 4-5,00,000. Regardless of whether you check the most extreme number of visitors conceivable, 250.

The Gateway Hotel Athwalines

The Gateway Hotel Athwalines is a rich 5-star inn in Surat.

It is ideal for an upscale wedding with well-known dignitaries as visitors.

This 5-star lodging has everything arranged down to the T.

You don’t need to stress over anything at all as the inn’s in-house group will take care of everything. Beginning from the convenience to cooking, the Gujarati wedding card, and to the stylistic theme of the occasion space.

It can have anyplace between 750-1500 individuals in one go.

They offer different cooking styles from India. Such as Mughlai, North Indian, South Indian, Road food, and global cooking styles like Italian, Mainland, and Chinese also.

Their per-plate cost is near 1,500.

The normal spending plan ought not to surpass more than 25,00,000. Which isn’t awful for the inconceivable services they are giving. Making it a standout amongst other Gujarati destinations for a wedding.


These are only a couple of the inns and resorts accessible in Gujarat for your marriage at an exotic location.

The state has a great deal to bring to the table and on the off chance. That you need an overly exotic wedding, have a function at the Rann of Kutch!

That’s about it on the 4 Royal Destinations wedding in Gujarat you can take into account while looking out for your own…!

12 Incredible Locations for Destination Wedding in India

Let’s get you hitched in a picturesque manner for your most special day.

We realize that you have many designs for your wedding.

Be it wearing Ritu Kumar’s lehenga or having adorable little favours for your Mehendi. There is such a lot of work that has to be done, hai na?

Is a picturesque destination wedding not entirely on the list?

Is it something you’re thinking about but do not have the time and energy to plan the same?

In case you’re under a severe financial plan and still need a destination, in any case, picking one in India may very well be the most ideal approach.

Also, we have curated the best wedding destinations in India. That is absolutely worth your time and cash.

Here’s our rundown of 12 incredible locations for destination weddings in India. You can choose freely from.


Wanting to get hitched on a seashore side retreat. But don’t have a financial plan to venture out abroad, confused?

Aspiring brides! Remember Goa is still there for excursions as well as for commending your wedding festivities.

Be it having a sentimental supper date with your significant other or unwinding under the sunbath. Goa is a paradise of seashores to begin your new part of your life.

PS. The scenery of the ocean will be incredible for your wedding photos so rush and begin planning for your big day there!

Hotels in Goa

Alila Diwa Resort

On the off chance. That you need your fantasy wedding resort to be encircled by coconut palms, beautiful seashores and rich green paddy fields?

Alila Diwa Resort, Goa is for you.

Having 153 spaces for convenience. This spot has elite expert gourmet specialists who can thoroughly enrich your taste buds with delicious dishes.

Marbella Beach Resort

Incredible Arabian ocean for your photograph setting. Delectable ocean depths and insides with a contemporary bend. In case you’re searching for these things at your exotic marriage.

Marble Beach Resort is extraordinary. Compared to other spots to delve in for your matrimonial services and wedding festivities.

Guaranteeing that their visitors have a pleasant and sumptuous stay. They have extravagance and expert tents with dazzling Spanish manors.

Additionally? Go for a romantic date at their eatery. A beachfront bar, lavish green nurseries and a free spa to each of their couples.


Bangalore? Doesn’t sound like a destination for exotic picturesque weddings, right? But it is!

Yes, the Bangalore we never thought of is actually a destination spot for your south Indian fairytale wedding.

With regards to South Indian Weddings, we thoroughly get energized.

The perfect south Indian ladies with sanctuary adornments creased kanjivaram and huge loads of fun games at the pool party.

Furthermore, on the off chance that you’re particular about the weather and stuff. A Bangalore marriage at an exotic location is ideal for the months from March to May and November to February.

Hotels in Bangalore:

Taj Westend

Experience extravagance with style at Taj Westend at Bangalore.

Being one of the renowned lodgings in the nation they have very much dispersed eight settings. That is wonderful to oblige your wedding visitors at the festivals.

Giving elite accommodation services and pleasant stay for their visitors. They have 117 rooms and suites, which are ideal for marriage at such a fantastic location.


Be it imperial royal residences or great posts, Rajasthan weddings can without a shred of doubt give you a regal feel at your wedding.

Known for its politeness and multi-cooking styles. The pink city is lovely to get hitched for the couples who love to be associated with their customs and history.

What’s more, guess what? Be it a traditional wedding or a fancy party. This city has beautiful elephants and ponies that will give you all the more regal mindset with style + extravagance.

Hotels in Rajasthan

ITC Rajputana:

At the point when you need to feel illustrious and extravagant together with ITC Rajputana Jaipur is a staggering choice for a wedding objective.

Mirroring the soul of Rajasthan and its eminence. This inn has lovely insides, supernatural yards and extensive dinner lobbies. With elite neighbourliness administrations, which will make your wedding an extraordinary encounter.


We are confident that you continually need roses consequently showering at your marriage section. Yet think it’s conceivable or not?

Indeed, if Yes! Certainly, Udaipur is a one-quit wedding objective point for your festivals.

From engaging drummers to exemplary artists and performers. This fantastic city has all the necessary arrangements. For various porches and housetop gardens to get the functions sorted with.

In this way, gear up yourself and prepare for a great marriage section that is loaded up with emotion and love.

Hotels in Udaipur

Chunda Palace

On the off chance that you’re thinking to land in Udaipur for your fantasy wedding, at that point. We should state it’s an astute alternative.

Chunda Palace is a staggering inn that is enlivened by imperial legacy and regular appearance.

Feel like a queen effortlessly at this superb castle that treats you nothing less than a regal Maharani.


Do you know that one spot which is legit paradise on this planet?

Indeed! you got it right, it is Kashmir where everything is tranquil with the utmost level of excellence.

For couples who love mountains, lakes and valleys Kashmir is a spot for your marital promises.

Indeed, be it gobs of conventional gems and dresses or some finger-licking food, Kashmiri wedding has its own vigour and appeal.

PS: If you need to beat this warmth and take your wedding vows under snow-capped mountains. With a shocking setting for your photographs and memories, you have your answer.

Hotels in Kashmir

The Lalit Grand Palace

What’s a better backdrop than snow-capped Himalayan ranges and Dal Lakes for your wedding snapshots.

The Lalit Grand Palace of Srinagar is a 5-star hotel that is set amidst chinar trees with mystical lobbies and gardens.

With spacious indoor and outdoor ventures. This heaven on earth is indeed a blessing to get hitched at and take your wedding vows.


In case you can’t have a wedding in Goa what about a mini Goa for your wedding festivity?

Indeed! Alibaug situated in South of Mumbai is where you can unwind. And taste a cold beverage with your mister right.

Have your Mehendi function on the sandy seashores with delightful plantations of coconut trees.

Brides-to-be! Be it a lot of strongholds and sanctuaries or unpolluted air Alibaug has packages to give you for wedding festivities.

Hotels in Alibaug

Radisson Blu & Resort

Each wedding is exciting and extraordinary in itself.

Radisson Blu Resort and Spa is an elegant inn in Alibaug that encourages you to praise your most unforgettable day of life uniquely.

Offering its visitors with in-house style and cooking services. Radisson Blu is encircled with mountains and trees. Which makes it a pleasant photo booth for your wedding photographs.


Summer weddings yet need some frigid climate?

Shimla to your salvage! The excellent snow-covered mountains and staggering beauty. What else do you wish for your wedding then this serene nirvana.

Ladies! Shimla is your one quit wedding stop that will keep your visitors engaged with numerous games, action, tours and shopping.

In case you’re needing some break from the commotion. And earth from metropolitan urban life, this is definitely your destination.

Hotels in Shimla

Woodville Palace Hotel

Covered with tall deodars and lavish green yards. Woodville Palace Hotel in Shimla is a staggering lodge. That has standard style rooms and suites, which are ideal for your wedding.

Be it a chilly climate or invigorating summer, Shimla is a spot that has its own appeal and excellence.

Indeed, if you want to keep your wedding in Shimla. This spot can, without a doubt. welcome you with tasty cooking styles and friendliness for your festivals.

Ensure to keep heaps of sweaters and comfortable garments as in Shimla the temperature diminishes to a short degree and Enjoy.

Jim Corbett

Is it true that you are also a couple who loves animals, nature? And is searching for dazzling all-encompassing perspectives on the lofty Himalayas?

You got it right, it’s Jim Corbett!

On the off chance that you are thinking of a dazzling natural wedding with bunches of fun and experiences. This spot is for you.

With #trending provincial wedding stylistic layout. You can get hitched under the tall trees and get all the vibes of the backwoods. While taking your marital promises.

The luxurious retreats and enormous yards bookmark this nirvana. For your picturesque marriage in India.

Hotel at Jim Corbett

Riverview Retreat resort

How is that feeling when a stream of river discreetly flows close by your retreat with a handful of feral life creatures?

Looks so mystical, hai na? Let me tell you. Riverview Retreat Resort Jim Corbett is a beautiful hotel in Jim Corbett that offers you a lovely stay with various gutsy exercises.

Be it taking your marriage vows with your Mr Right or wandering off in fantasy land close by some river. This spot is outstanding amongst other wedding destinations in India.


One of the most popular marriage destinations here in India is Bhuj that is located in Gujarat.

Well, be it thepla, khandvi or fafda jalebi, this place has delicious cuisines to offer that are a treat to your taste buds.

Known for its handicraft and leatherwork. Bhuj can give you great ideas for your wedding favours or as decorating your nuptial ceremonies.

Best Hotel in Bhuj

Hotel Regenta, Bhuj

Lodging Regenta in Bhuj is found delightfully and flaunts an incredible perspective on the city. Their pool zone was rural with white stones and normally very attractive.

Kumarakom (Kerala)

Kumarakom in Kerala is a beautiful spot for your marriage at an incredible location in India.

With perfectly clear water lakes or bountiful greenery, this spot is situated at the banks of Vembanad lake.

Bookmark this shocking spot on your guide. Since it can give you all-around flawless pictures for your wedding. With incredible neighbourliness to serve.

Likewise, in case you’re thinking to have your marriage section on a boat, well, they have it for your wedding functions! 

Best Hotel in Kumarakom

The Leela Kovalam, Kerala

Being one of India’s bluff-top seashore resorts, The Leela Kovalam in Kerala is a staggering spot in Southern India for your wedding.

With great sanctuaries, Clear seashores and backwaters etc. getting hitched in a place where there are divine beings is a genuine gift.

Be it mouth-watering food items or sublime settings. The Leela Kovalam lodging has column-less corridors. That can fit 9000 individuals for your festivals altogether.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands

A fantasy for some – Andaman is the best spot to chill and unwind for your get-away.

However, think about what you can likewise get hitched in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. That is encircled with dazzling scenes of white and palm-lined seashores. Tropical jungles and flawless coral reefs.

The fascinating perspective and turquoise water with various shades Andaman is a stunning spot for your wedding.

Hotel in Andaman and Nicobar Island

Munjoh Ocean Resort

Ladies! Suppose you are making arrangements for marriage at an exotic location in India. And need to take your wedding vows alongside a seashore resort. In that case, Munjoh Ocean Resort is an all-inclusive resource for your matrimonial services.

Taking into account a more modest wedding bunch this retreat is set amid the tropical tidal pond.

They can offer you and your visitors’ scuba jumping, swimming and nature walk in the mountains etc.


We have something for slopes, and backwoods and Uttarakhand is again outstanding amongst other wedding spots in India.

Mussoorie being the most well-known places for the travel industry. Is additionally on the list for picturesque destination weddings.

The gorgeous Himalayan ranges and chilling weather, Mussoorie has a great deal to give you for your wedding festivities.

Best Hotel in Mussoorie

JW Marriott Mussoorie Walnut Grove Resort and Spa

In case you need to beat this humid warmth and take your vows in JW Marriott Mussoorie Walnut Grove Resort and Spa is an excellent spot that is situated close to Dehradun.

With an incredible perspective on Himalayan reaches from the lodging. This spot has different meal lobbies. Indoor and open-air scene spaces that can oblige up to 350 visitors in their delightful Grand Orchard Ballroom.

An open sky mandap with perfect weather, this spot and lodging can definitely be your place to get hitched.


Lovely wedding objective areas in India, correct?

Which spot will you incline toward for your exotic marriage?

I’m sure that all the wedding destinations listed above are going to get you both confused and excited, right?

Do not worry these are THE best suggestions from our side. You needn’t look beyond this list, don’t get yourself all confused, plan for your big day with us soon!

Hoping that these 12 Incredible locations for your destination wedding in India excite you and get you married soon!