[Updated] Best Auspicious Tamil Muhurtham Dates 2021

Fix Your Marriage date, the time has come and make your wedding memorable!

We know how the Coronavirus episode has intruded on the entirety of your wedding plans. And that is the reason you should book these Tamil Muhurtham dates 2021 right away.

The Tamil wedding schedule is famously known as ‘muhurtha naal‘ . And your wedding dates ought to be finished by this schedule as it were.

Although you can in any case get hitched toward the finish of this current year. Yet no one can tell how things may end up, so it is smarter to conclude your wedding dates in 2021.

… Let’s check out the Tamil Marriage Dates 2021 

Shubha Tamil Mahuratham Dates for January 2021

  • 17th January – Sunday
  • 18th January – Monday
  • 25th January – Monday
  • 27th January – Wednesday

Shubha Tamil Mahuratham Dates for February 2021

  • 1st February – Monday
  • 3rd February – Wednesday   
  • 4th February – Thursday
  • 8th February – Monday
  • 15th February – Monday
  • 22nd February – Monday
  • 24th February – Wednesday   
  • 25th February – Thursday

Shubha Tamil Mahuratham Dates for March 2021

  • 3rd March – Wednesday   
  • 10th March – Wednesday
  • 11th March – Thursday 
  • 15th March – Monday
  • 24th March – Wednesday

Shubha Tamil Mahuratham Dates for April 2021

  • 25th April – Sunday
  • 29th April – Thursday

Shubha Tamil Mahuratham Dates for May 2021

  • 9th May – Sunday
  • 14th May – Friday
  • 17th May – Monday
  • 23rd May – Sunday
  • 24th May – Monday
  • 28th May – Friday

Shubha Tamil Mahuratham Dates for June 2021

  • 4th June – Friday
  • 6th June – Sunday 
  • 13th June – Sunday
  • 14th June – Monday
  • 16th June – Wednesday
  • 18th June – Friday
  • 21st June – Monday
  • 27th June – Sunday
  • 28th June – Monday  

Shubha Tamil Mahuratham Dates for July 2021

  • 4th July – Sunday
  • 7th July – Wednesday
  • 15th July – Thursday
  • 16th July – Friday

Shubha Tamil Mahuratham Dates for August 2021

  • 20th August – Friday
  • 26th August – Thursday
  • 27th August – Friday

Shubha Tamil Mahuratham Dates for September 2021

  • 3rd September – Friday
  • 8th September – Wednesday
  • 9th September – Thursday
  • 10th September – Friday
  • 16th September – Thursday
  • 23rd September – Thursday
  • 24th September – Friday
  • 27th September – Monday

Shubha Tamil Mahuratham Dates for October 2021

  • 8th October – Friday
  • 17th October – Sunday
  • 24th October – Sunday
  • 25th October – Monday
  • 28th October – Thursday

Shubha Tamil Mahuratham Dates for November 2021

  • 8th November – Monday
  • 10th November – Wednesday
  • 15th November – Monday
  • 21st November – Sunday
  • 22nd November – Monday
  • 24th November – Wednesday
  • 25th November – Thursday
  • 29th November – Monday

Shubha Tamil Mahuratham Dates for December 2021

  • 2nd December – Thursday
  • 8th December – Wednesday
  • 9th December – Thursday
  • 10th December – Friday
  • 13th December – Monday


The wait is over guys! Book your wedding vendors now and get ready to nail the wedding you’ve been planning all your life.

Let no one come in between you and your significant other, not even the coronavirus pandemic!

These are the best auspicious Tamil muhurtham dates 2021 from my side. That you can refer to before booking your wedding vendors. And purchasing that beautiful saree.

Happy wedding!

Best Auspicious Bengali Marriage Dates in 2021[Shubh Muhurat]

Let’s find the best date and get you married

So, you’re taking a gander at a Bengali wedding in 2021, at that point.

There are plenty of promising dates for you to consider, indeed, a ton of them even on the weekends and valentines day.

With the Coronavirus pandemic assuming control over the world. It’s reasonable to pay special attention to the best Bengali marriage dates in 2021.

Deferring your Bengali wedding plans in 2020 as social security can just assist us with battling COVID-19 for the time being.

We know 2021 sounds somewhat far away.

However, it’s closer than you may envision in the wedding scene.

Thus, if you are a Bengali bride-to-be who is good to go to design her wedding in 2021. We suggest looking at these promising marriage dates in 2021 as per the Bengali marriage schedule (Panjika). Which is viewed as significant in Bengali culture from the earliest starting point.

Auspicious Bengali Marriage Dates in January 2021

Shuvo Bibaho Maagh 1427

(15th January 2021 – 13th February 2021)

Maagh is the tenth month in the Bangla Calendar and Panjika Bengali Calendar.

In contrast to the English Calendar. The Bengali new year falls on the fourteenth or fifteenth of April otherwise called Poila Baisakh.

The Date are:

  • 15th January 2021 (Friday)
  • 18th January 2021 (Monday)
  • 19th January 2021 (Tuesday)
  • 1st February 2021 (Monday)
  • 2nd February 2021 (Tuesday)
  • 3rd February 2021 (Wednesday)
  • 4th February 2021 (Thursday)

Auspicious Bengali Marriage Dates in February 2021

Shuvo Bibaho Phalgun 1427

(14th February 2021 – 14th March 2021)

Phalgun is the eleventh month in the Bangla Calendar and Panjika Bengali Calendar 1427.

Look at all the favorable dates for Bengali Wedding in 2021 here:

  • 14th February 2021 (Sunday)
  • 15th February 2021 (Monday)
  • 16th February 2021 (Tuesday)
  • 21st February 2021 (Sunday)
  • 26th February 2021 (Friday)
  • 28th February 2021 (Sunday)
  • 1st March 2021 (Monday)
  • 5th March 2021 (Friday)
  • 8th March 2021 (Monday)
  • 13th March 2021 (Saturday)

Auspicious Bengali Marriage Dates in March 2021

Shuvo Bibaho Chaitra 1427

(15th March 2021 – 14th April 2021)

Chaitra is the twelfth month in the Bangla Calendar and Panjika Bengali Calendar 1427.

There are no promising Bengali marriage dates in 2021 in this month.

Also, Check Out These Best Wedding Photographers In Kolkata For Your Bengali Wedding.

Auspicious Bengali Marriage Dates April-May in 2021

Shuvo Bibaho Baisakh 1428

(15th April 2021 – 15th May 2021)

Baisakh is the first month in the Bangla Calendar and Panjika Bengali Calendar 1428.

The dates are:

  • 17th April 2021 (Saturday)
  • 3rd May 2021 (Monday)
  • 4th May 2021 (Tuesday)
  • 5th May 2021 (Wednesday)
  • 8th May 2021 (Saturday)

Auspicious Bengali Marriage Dates in May-June 2021

Shuvo Bibaho Jaistho 1428

(16th May 2021 – 16th June 2021)

Jaistho is the second month in the Bangla Calendar and Panjika Bengali Calendar 1428.

The dates are:

  • 18th May 2021 (Tuesday)
  • 19th May 2021 (Wednesday)
  • 31st May 2021 (Monday)
  • 1st June 2021 (Tuesday)
  • 15th June 2021 (Tuesday)
  • 16th June 2021 (Wednesday)

Auspicious Bengali Marriage Dates in June-July 2021

Shuvo Bibaho Ashar 1428

(17th June 2021 – 17th July 2021)

Ashar is the third month in the Bangla Calendar and Panjika Bengali Calendar 1428

The date are:

  • 25th June 2021 (Friday)
  • 30th June 2021 (Wednesday)
  • 2nd July 2021 (Friday)
  • 13th July 2021 (Tuesday)

Auspicious Bengali Marriage Dates in July-august 2021

Shuvo Bibaho Shraban 1428

(18th July 2021 – 18th August 2021)

Shraban is the fourth Month in Bangla Calendar and Panjika Bengali Calendar 1427

The date are:

  • 26th July 2021 (Monday)
  • 27th July 2021 (Tuesday)
  • 29th July 2021 (Thursday)


There are no refreshed dates for auspicious Bengali marriage dates in 2021 at present.

We will update once they are out for the rest of the year.

Additionally, since we have shared all the favorable Bengali wedding dates in 2021. It’s time for you to begin preparing for your big day by booking the best wedding vendors.

We hope you find a date that you’d want to get married on.

Śubha bibāha!

Best Auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates in 2021 for Your Wedding

Let’s get everything right on your big day, even the wedding dates

With many upcoming 2020 weddings delayed till the year 2021. There will be a scramble for auspicious marriage dates as the new year moves around.

And keeping in mind that a lot of parts of Indian weddings are required to change the size of their list. If people resume attending these festivities. The ageless customs and ceremonies will remain unchanged.

While the significance of lucky dates for milestone events is obvious in Hindu weddings. We recognize that many want to pick dates with uncommon implications. Or according to familial commitments.

By the day’s end. We at WEDUS, emphatically accept that any date that praises the association of two spirits is unequivocally auspicious.

We also regard each individual’s decisions and their family’s tendencies for customary traditions.

So, for auspicious Hindu marriage dates in 2021 as per the Hindu calendar and chronicle. Check our expert suggestions below.

Auspicious Marriage Dates in January 2021

Dropped or delayed your 2020 wedding ceremony because of the Coronavirus flare-up?

Prepare again because January 2021 has the best muhurat dates for your big day.

While this month will be stuffed with weddings as couples who dropped or deferred theirs. Would be anxious to get hitched in the New Year.

Furthermore, that is the reason we prescribe you to fix your marriage date as quickly as time permits. And book your fantasy wedding merchants now before the prices go excessively high.

The Dates are:

  • 18th January 2021 – Monday
  • 20th January 2021 – Wednesday
  • 24th January 2021 – Sunday
  • 31st January 2021 – Sunday

Is this month for your Shubh marriage dates in 2021?

Auspicious Marriage Dates in February 2021

Wish to get hitched on Valentine’s Day? God’s on your side! 

With 14th February 2021 being a standout amongst other muhurat dates for getting married. This merry month of affection is amazing to get hitched under magnificent climate conditions.  where it’s neither too hot nor excessively cold. What else do you need?

Make the most of your winter wedding with a shocking lehenga on (without shivering to death!) and appreciate lip-smacking gajar ka halwa on a bright wedding day.

The Dates are:

  • 1st February 2021 – Monday
  • 7th February 2021 – Sunday
  • 14th February 2021 – Sunday and Valentine’s Day!
  • 15th February 2021 – Monday
  • 16th February 2021 – Tuesday
  • 21st February 2021 – Sunday
  • 28th February 2021 – Sunday

Auspicious Marriage Dates in March 2021

Not an enthusiast of winter weddings?

Fret not because we have favorable Hindu marriage dates in March 2021. Which is wonderful to commend your late spring wedding.

With great (not all that sweltering) climate conditions. This month has few muhurat dates that you can choose and fix your marriage on.

The dates are:

  • 3rd March 2021 – Wednesday
  • 5th March 2021 – Friday (Weekend wedding!)
  • 8th March 2021 – Monday
  • 14th March 2021 – Sunday

Auspicious Marriage Dates in April 2021

You got it right cos we are a major devotee of lightweight lehengas.  And what can be more amazing than wearing them for your April summer wedding.

Thus, summer is here and we propose you explore different avenues. About delightful flies of tones and fuse in your lehenga and gems.

Be it your sensational poolside party, a Mehendi sundowner, or a delightful beachside exotic marriage.

This month is honored with numerous promising Hindu marriage dates for 2021.

The dates are:

  • 16th April 2021 – Friday
  • 17th April 2021 – Saturday
  • 22nd April 2021 – Thursday
  • 24th April 2021 – Saturday
  • 25th April 2021 – Sunday
  • 26th April 2021 – Monday
  • 27th April 2021 – Tuesday
  • 28th April 2021 – Wednesday
  • 29th April 2021 – Thursday
  • 30th April 2021 – Friday

Auspicious Marriage Dates in May 2021

Have loads of time to fix your marriage date?

All things considered. We are certain you have a lot of it yet we encourage you to begin getting ready for your D-day. Because this month is completely pressed with 17 auspicious Hindu marriage dates.

With the critical interest to get hitched in this month. It may very well be dubious to book your number one sellers. And that is the reason to begin arranging all that well ahead of time so you don’t need to bargain out on anything later.

The dates are:

  • 1st May 2021 – Saturday
  • 2nd May 2021 – Sunday
  • 3rd May 2021 – Monday (long weekend wedding!)
  • 7th May 2021 – Friday
  • 8th May 2021 – Saturday
  • 9th May 2021 – Sunday
  • 13th May 2021 – Thursday
  • 14th May 2021 – Friday
  • 21st May 2021 – Friday
  • 22nd May 2021 – Saturday
  • 23rd May 2021 – Sunday
  • 24th May 2021 – Monday
  • 26th May 2021 – Wednesday
  • 27th May 2021 – Thursday
  • 28th May 2021 – Friday
  • 29th May 2021 – Saturday
  • 30th May 2021 – Sunday

Auspicious Marriage Dates in June 2021

Befuddled about your Monsoon wedding?

Take some motivation from this couple who took Saat Pheras in the Rain.

Much the same as summer weddings, the Monsoon wedding season will be as huge as we have envisioned.

With 11 promising Hindu marriage dates June 2021 is perhaps the greatest month to get hitched. On the off chance that you would prefer not to have a full-scale rainstorm wedding.

The dates are:

  • 3rd June 2021 – Thursday
  • 4th June 2021 – Friday
  • 5th June 2021 – Saturday
  • 16th June 2021 – Wednesday
  • 19th June 2021 – Saturday
  • 20th June 2021 – Sunday
  • 21st June 2021 – Monday
  • 22nd June 2021 – Tuesday
  • 23rd June 2021 – Wednesday
  • 24th June 2021 – Thursday
  • 30th June 2021 – Wednesday

Auspicious Marriage Dates in July 2021

If you love water and can hardly wait to get hitched to your partner in the rainy season. At that point this month is the best for you.

Before we go on a long break, July 2021 has some favorable Hindu marriage dates for couples. Who are wanting to get hitched one year from now.

Ladies to-be, on the off chance that you have an agenda for indoor wedding scenes with few visitors. Then this month offers some wedding muhurat dates. Which will be simpler to fix upon as the costing in this month is very not exactly like the earlier ones.

The dates are:

  • 1st July 2021 – Thursday
  • 2nd July 2021 – Friday
  • 7th July 2021 – Wednesday
  • 13th July 2021 – Tuesday
  • 15th July 2021 – Thursday
  • 16th July 2021 – Friday

August-September-October 2021

These months have no muhurat dates but you need not worry.

Many people have court marriages now and then have a full-fledged marriage on a muhurat day.

You can also go for the same.

Auspicious Marriage Dates in November 2021

Here we are back again after a long break. And bringing you promising Hindu marriage dates for November 2021.

Where the wedding season has formally started for the current month. Brings 7 muhurat dates for couples who are seeming to be ‘till the end of time’.

With incredible climate conditions where ladies can wear a staggering wedding outfit. Without settling on the texture, this month is a gift for every couple.

Since it’s not very chilly. You can make the most of your wedding celebration without limits and lock this month.

The dates are:

  • 15th November 2021 – Monday
  • 16th November 2021 – Tuesday
  • 20th November 2021 – Saturday
  • 21st November 2021 – Sunday
  • 28th November 2021 – Sunday
  • 29th November 2021 – Monday
  • 30th November 2021 – Tuesday

Auspicious Marriage Dates in December 2021

It needs no brainer that this month is everyone’s favorite.

Well, for me it is since I get to attend a gazillion weddings before we say Hi! to New Years’.

Since the past decade, we have seen December having the most number of Hindu marriages as compared to any other month.

And, December 2021 is blessed with many auspicious Hindu marriage dates for Indian couples.

The dates are:

  • 1st December 2021 – Wednesday
  • 2nd December 2021 – Thursday
  • 6th December 2021 – Monday
  • 7th December 2021 – Tuesday
  • 8th December 2021 – Wednesday
  • 11th December 2021 – Saturday
  • 13th December 2021 – Monday

Destination weddings and other wedding ceremonies can happen under these Auspicious dates. Thought due to covid there will be limited no. of guests in the events. 


So what are your wedding dates in 2021. There are many days you can plan your wedding ceremony. If looking for a wedding that is in lines with the muhurats of the Hindu calendar.

We hope you find your lucky day amongst these Best Auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates in 2021. You can also find the other wedding ceremonies like engagement, haldi and mehendi ceremony in the above mentioned dates.

So that we can soon see you all dressed up in your bright beautiful lehengas.

Happy Muhurat hunting and have a Shubh Vivah!