7 Famous Wedding DJ in Delhi You Must Consider

A DJ ensures that you have all the fun of the world in just one night!

Grooving might not be easy for some, but for others, it’s a way of life!

We know that most of you only attend weddings just so that you could have a blast for one night and reminiscence on it for the rest.

We’re also sure that the bride is fully aware of this agenda and wants you to have some fun at her wedding too!

For this requirement, it is very essential to have the perfect wedding DJ, as good as you can!

Do not fidget, we’ve brought you the 7 most famous wedding DJ in Delhi that you must consider at all costs!

DJ Roody Bajaj

Price Per Event- From 100,000

DJ services with setup- 105,000

DJ Roody Bajaj is a DJ based totally in South Delhi.

He is one of the most prominent names in this area, in India today.

With over a decade within the discipline, he is a far prominent DJ both in India and overseas.

Starting at the age of 16, DJ Roody Bajaj made his mark along with his exceptional Bollywood and EDM mashups.

He is an everlasting fixture in all of the popular clubs within the USA and his work has graced many FM stations in India and South Africa.

His potential to apprehend and cater to different forms of music. And to create a thrilling environment is what makes him a brilliant choice for your wedding celebration.

Services Offered:

DJ Roody Bajaj offers fashionable all-inclusive wedding programs with a primary indoor DJ setup. And he is willing to travel to any spot inside the country or overseas at your convenience.

He is available for the wedding ceremony and sangeet and the huge variety of services offered by him includes the following:

  • DJ
  • Sound equipment
  • Lighting device
  • Dancefloor
  • Anchor/ MC
  • LED screen
  • Projector


He aligns the playlists, thinking about you and your visitors’ non-public choices and the sort of music they prefer.

Even though DJs can play all varieties of music. He specializes in genres consisting of Bollywood, EDM, Hip Hop, House, Rock, International, and Punjabi.

He is properly privy to the techniques of being an exquisite DJ and the way to keep the crowds engaged in your functions.

The beats he plays are pretty enticing and force you to groove and dance.

Other Services:

Other than your wedding day and its associated functions. DJ Roody Bajaj gives his offerings for a ramification of different activities. Like private gatherings, social events, parties, anniversaries, college fests, and plenty of different occasions.

Having started his profession in 2003. His revel and expertise in tune and move genres make for a tremendous DJ and a proper desire for your next function or event.

He can definitely be the wedding Dj in Delhi for your big day.

GNP Entertainment

Price Per Event From- 20,000

DJ services with setup- 25,000

Located in Central Delhi. GNP Entertainment is an organization that specializes in creating a nice atmosphere with professional DJ services for weddings and other unique occasions.

This talented team of DJs is well versed in an expansion of musical styles, which includes Bollywood, House/EDM, Hip hop, International, and Punjabi.

Get the wedding celebration started and contact them today!

The services offered consist of:

  • DJ services
  • Sound
  • Lighting
  • Dance floor
  • Other services

GNP Entertainment is likewise available for:

  • Special events
  • Event management
  • Wedding planning

DJ Sound Effects

Price Per Event From- 5,000

DJ services with setup- 10,000

Known as one of the finest DJs in Delhi. DJ Sound Effects New Delhi has built recognition for creating contemporary. And particular songs in addition to sound mixes.

He is one of the most versatile DJs in Delhi.

He will make you groove and tap your toes at every song variety played at your wedding.

Your guests will cherish and enjoy every music played by way of him.


DJ Sound Effects New Delhi contains a multi-genre technique and caters to every type and volume of the crowd. For all of your pre-wedding, wedding, and publish-wedding functions.

From Haldi to mehndi and reception, he has all sorts of songs to play at your nuptial ceremonies.

He has a top-notch sense of track and makes a specialty of Bollywood, EDM, Commercial House, Hip-hop, International, Punjabi, and Rock music.

Services offered

DJ Sound Effects New Delhi gives you a wide variety of offerings that you can customize as in line with your desire and price range.

The plethora of offerings supplied with the aid of him consist of:

  • DJ
  • Sound
  • Lighting
  • LED screens
  • Dancefloor


Price Per Event From- 15,000

DJ services with setup- 20,000

Hybrodd, aka Himansh Bhushal, is a Delhi-based DJ.

His specialty is digital dance music that can amp up any characteristic for your wedding ceremony.

Hybrodd has been DJing since 2009.

He is also into Bollywood and likes mixing it with electronic tunes.

Himanshu likes to create his very own mixes and originals which offers him accolades anywhere.

Services offered

Hybrodd specializes within the following musical genres:

  • Bollywood
  • House/EDM
  • Hip hop
  • International
  • Punjabi
  • Rock

Besides, he is additionally to be had for:

  • Wedding receptions
  • Sangeet
  • Cocktail events
  • Other social events

DJ Amit B

Price Per Event From- 1,00,000

DJ services with setup- 105,000

DJ Amit B is one of Delhi’s top DJs.

He has performed at many weddings and associated activities throughout the town and outstation.

He counts over decades of experience in this field. Assuring a strength-packed overall performance on your massive day.

If you’re seeking out a person who can entertain your guests, besides, lead them to feel part of your celebrations, then he’s one such DJ to select.

He will make certain that your wedding features are memorable accumulating.

Services Offered:

DJ Amit B includes a big selection of customized offerings in his wedding ceremony package deal.

They consist of the whole lot from tune requests and do-now not-play listing to dhol and MC.

Your wedding ceremony will be unforgettable with DJ Amit B.

The range of services offered are the following:

  • DJ
  • Sound gadget
  • Lighting equipment
  • Dancefloor
  • Dhol
  • LED screen
  • Projector
  • Anchor/ MC
  • Specialization

The playlists are created, preserving in thoughts your and your guests’ private alternatives. And the type of music you choose and prefer to groove on.

Although DJs can play all types of tunes. He focuses on playing genres which include Bollywood, EDM, Hip Hop, Rock, House, International, and Punjabi.

He is nicely aware of the tricks of being a splendid DJ and how to keep the crowds trying for extra.

The beats he performs are wonderful and could force you to return to the dance ground and shake a leg.

Other Services:

Other than your wedding day and its related functions. DJ Amit B gives his offerings for a variety of other events like non-public gatherings, social activities, personal events, anniversaries, university fests, and so forth.

He is also equipped to tour outstations at your convenience.

With his skillset and know-how of song-and-go genres, he’s going to make an extraordinary choice for a DJ in your subsequent event.

DJ Sarab

Price Per Event From- 60,000

DJ services with setup- 70,000

DJ Sarab is a Gurgaon-based DJ who makes your night a notable affair.

He’s a resident DJ with famed cafes within the town and you may catch him in action over there. And sense the celebration pumping up your feet to move and groove on the dance ground.

He offers you the state-of-the-art musical mania that is sure to pressure you loopy satisfied dancing onto.

If you’re looking for an amazing evening, then DJ Sarab is the DJ to pick out for your occasions.

He is ready to travel throughout the United states of America in your comfort.


DJ Sarab specializes within the following musical genres to supply the going on track too which the crowd likes to pay attention and dance to.

The variety of genres played using him encompass the subsequent:

  • Bollywood
  • Commercial House
  • EDM
  • Hip-hop
  • International
  • Punjabi
  • Rock
  • Services Offered

DJ Sarab gives his DJ services for diverse occasions ensuring that each event or event is well known with zeal and ardor.

He began his DJ career in 2008, so it wouldn’t be incorrect to name him the new-age song master who has got the people vibing to his tunes and rhythm.

He assures you with the best energy at a celebration and is aware of what gets the human beings entertained. To throw their issues out the window and revel in the occasion fully.

DJ Skid

Price Per Event From- 15,000

DJ services with setup- 20,000

DJ Skid is a Delhi-based DJ.

He’s an ordinary DJ. Playing for the crowd at Bunta Bar, Buzz, and at Vivanta with the aid of Taj.

He has recognition for swooning the crowd to his tunes and offering superb leisure to heighten the birthday celebration moods.

He has been professionally supplying his services considering that 2012.

DJ Skid has hosted many weddings and assures of you and your visitors playing until the event ends.

Services presented:

DJ Skid affords you and your visitors with the trending songs on the chart.

He adds power to your celebration through his eclectic song.

He is also available to tour outstation playing genres like:

  • Bollywood
  • House/EDM
  • Hip-hop
  • International
  • Punjabi


The DJ will ensure that the song heightens the vibe and the temper for you and your visitors to shake a leg. Sparing none which is why he is an important part of the wedding.

When choosing a DJ. Make sure that he/she is a committed professional who splendidly caters to each kind and needs of the crowd at specific forms of events.

He should be aware of his tune and present his provider with a diligent effort of rocking the party and creating hype.

We hope that you are successful in your endeavor to find the most amazing wedding DJ in Delhi that you possibly can.

Wedus wishes you all the best!

21 Old Punjabi Wedding Songs Playlist [Selected]

What’s your favourite Punjabi Wedding Song? A Complete Playlist to Make Anyone go Tunak Tunak!

Indian weddings are never finished without the DJs. 

Playing bhangra and Punjabi wedding songs. Which ultimately prompts pounding and breaking the dance floor.

It’s extremely hard to not one’s feet on the profoundly charged bhangra beats and tunes.

Whenever we get some news about all rich and uproarious Punjabi weddings. Aside from lip-smacking food. It is moving one’s heart out, with no disgrace or dread, and scoring alongside the DJ blending one super hit tune after the other?

This fun is taken to serious levels as the DJ plays some high-energy-implanted Punjabi wedding tunes.

Not all DJs know your taste…

So I am glad to impart to you…

This extreme wedding songs list. Which you need to do is, gather these tunes, add to the playlist, arrange a speaker, and begin dancing on these high-energy beats!

List of Old Punjabi Wedding Songs

  1. Veer Ji Vyohn
  2. Hulle hullare, Anamika
  3. Rail Gaddi Aayi, Mangal Singh
  4. Ishq Tadpave, Sukhbir
  5. Mama Bada Great, Malkit Singh
  6. De De Gerha
  7. Nachdiyan Diyaan Allharaan Kuaariaan
  8. Apne Viah De Vich
  9. Ajj Din Khushiyaan Da
  10. Morni Banke
  11. Gud Naal Ishq Mitha
  12. Dil Chori Sada Ho Gaya
  13. Dil Lai Gayi Kudi Gujrat Di
  14. Tootak Tootak
  15. Aaja Nachle
  16. Ho Jayegi Balle Balle
  17. Lak Tunu Tunu
  18. Din Shagna Da
  19. Dhol Jageero Da
  20. Naag
  21. Shaava Shaava

Veer Ji Vyohn

  • Singer: Jassi Sidhu
  • Music: Sandeep Chowta
  • Lyrics: Kale Wala Sangha, Jassi Sidhu, Ajay Virmani

Hulle Hullare, Anamika

  • Album: Hulle Hullare
  • Singer: Rajeshwari Sachdev
  • Music: Amar Haldipur
  • Lyrics: Mumtaz Nikhat, Naqsh Lyallpuri & Israr Ansari

Rail Gaddi Aayi, Mangal Singh

  • Artist: Chirag Pehchan
  • Album: The Greatest Hits

Ishq Tadpave, Sukhbir

  • Singer: Sukhbir
  • Music: Sukhbir, Abhijit Vaghani
  • Lyrics: Kumaar

Mama Bada Great, Malkit Singh

  • Artist: Malkit Singh & Bob
  • Album: Billo Rani

De De Gerha

  • Song: De De Gehra
  • Singer: Balbir Baporai
  • Album: De De Gehra

Nachdiyan Diyaan Allharaan Kuaariaan

  • Singer(s): Diljit Dosanjh, Gippy Grewal, Gurlez Akhtar
  • Music: Bhinda Aujla
  • Lyricist: Jaggi Singh

Apne Viah De Vich

  • Singer: Balkar Sidhu
  • Album: Laung Taviteriaan
  • Music: Tejwant Kittu
  • Lyrics: Albel Brar

Ajj Din Khushiyaan Da

  • Singer: Sukhshinder Shinda
  • Album: balle

Morni Banke

  • Album: the raj
  • Lyricist: Rajindar Rai
  • Singer: Punjabi MC

Gud Naal Ishq Mitha

  • Singer: Bally Sagoo and Malkit Singh
  • Music: Bally Sagoo

Dil Chori Sada Ho Gaya

  • Singer- Hans Raj Hans
  • Album: Chorni
  • Music; Anand Raj Anand
  • Lyrics: Sham Balkar

Dil Lai Gayi Kudi Gujarat Di

  • Singer: Jasbir Jassi
  • Lyrics: Shyam Bhateja
  • Music: Jaidev Kumar

Tootak Tootak

  • Singer: Malkit Singh

Aaja Nachle

  • Music: Bally Sagoo
  • Singer: Hans Raj Hans
  • Lyrics: Devinder Khanne Wala
  • Album: Star Crazy 2

Ho Jayegi Balle Balle

  • Album: Ho Jayegi Balle Balle
  • Singer: Daler Mehndi
  • Music: Jawahar Wattal & Daler Mehndi
  • Lyrics: Sanjeev Anand, Janga Nandpuri & Daler Mehndi

Lak Tunu Tunu

  • Singer: Surjit Bindrakhiya
  • Album: Lakk Tunoo Tunoo
  • Music: ATUL SHARMA

Din Shagna Da

  • Movie: Dillagi
  • Singer: Jaspinder Narula

Dhol Jageero Da

  • Singer: Master Saleem
  • Music: Punjabi MC
  • Album: Dhol jageero da


  • Singer(s):Jazzy B
  • Music Director: Sukshinder Shinda
  • Lyricist:  K.S.Diapuri, Satinder Kala,Makhan Luharanwala Jasbir Gunachauria,Pinda Dhaliwal

Shaava Shaava

  • Movie: Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham
  • Singer: Alka Yagnik, Amitabh Bachchan, Sudesh Bhosle, Aadesh Shrivastava & Udit Narayan, Sunidhi Chauhan
  • Lyrics: Sameer Anjaan
  • Music: Aadesh Shrivastav


Punjabi or not, most Indian weddings are empty without the DJ playing Punjabi Wedding Songs to get everybody scoring on the dance floor.

Indeed, as it should be!

The foot-tapping beats and enthusiastic verses of Punjabi wedding tunes. Set the state of mind straight to dig into wedding festivities.

Whether you are a bride or a groom searching for a melody for a crushing couple . Dance execution or need your whole family to hurry up on the dance floor–there is a Punjabi wedding tune for everybody.

We hope you liked this list from our side, in case we’ve missed any favorites of yours, tell us in the comments section below!

Let’s dance over the Old punjabi wedding songs…!

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21 Selected Bengali wedding songs for Indian marriages

A list of all the গান (gāna) that you’ll love! 

The pattern to shoot weddings imaginatively and stylishly has gone through a significant change over the most recent few years. 

Indeed, even a quintessential lady needs to explore different songs regarding the ones that were prior unheard and inconspicuous in a Bengali wedding

A bong wedding these days is viewed as a simple one except if it has themed wedding songs that can be used for those big ones.

The following is a list of 21 incredibly beautiful Bengali wedding songs for Indian Marriages .That will rouse you with their unpretentious emotional tones, humor, and total tastefulness!

List of 21 Bengali Wedding Songs

  1. Shonakathi
  2. Tumi Amar chirosathi
  3. Ei shundor shornali shondhay
  4. Tapur tapur
  5. Tomake
  6. Tumi Jake Bhalobaso
  7. Bibaho obhijaan
  8. Sanai Baje
  9. Keu Mone Mone
  10. Shongshar Sukher Hoi
  11. Toi Hobe Amar
  12. Ei Bhabe Golpo
  13. Tomake Chuye Dilam
  14. Tomake Chai
  15. Je Kawta Din (Reprise)
  16. Kichu Chaini Ami
  17. Sudhu Tomari Jonnyo
  18. Thik Emon Ebhabhe
  19. Mon Beloche
  20. Egiye De
  21. Keno Je Toke


  • Movie: Ghare And Baire
  • Singer: Somlata Acharyya Chowdhury 
  • Lyrics: Dipangshu Acharya
  • Music: Savvy

Tumi Amar Chirosathi

  • Movie: Kanchanmala
  • Artist: Sabina Yasmin, Andrew Kishore
  • Music Director: Ashok Bhadra
  • Lyricist: Sabyasachi

Ei Shundor Shornali Shondhay

  • Artiste: Geeta Dutt
  • Music Director: Amal Mukherjee
  • Lyricist: Gauriprasanna Mazumder
  • Film: Hospital

Tapur Tapur

  • Lyrics, Music & Singer: Arnab Dutta
  • Movie: Rasogolla 


  • Vocals: Shreya Ghoshal 
  • Music: Arko 
  • Lyrics: Arko 

Tumi Jake Bhalobaso

  • Singer: Iman Chakraborty
  • Lyricist: Anupam Roy
  • Music Director: Anupam Roy
  • Movie: Praktan 

Bibaho Obhijaan

  • Movie: Bibaho obhijaan
  • Singers: Debraj Bhattacharya, Anirban Bhattacharya 
  • Music Director: Jeet Gannguli 
  • Lyrics: Srijato Bandyopadhyay

Sanai Baje

  • Film: Premer Kahini
  • Music: Jeet Gannguli
  • Singers: Shreya Ghoshal
  • lyricist: Priyo Chattopadhyay

Keu Mone Mone 

  • Movie: Josh
  • Singers: Shaan, Monali Thakur, and Pamela Jain
  • Lyrics by: Prasen
  • Music by: Jeet Gannguli

Shongshar Sukher Hoi

  • Film: Premer Kahini
  • Music: Jeet Gannguli
  • Singers: Babul Supriyo and Shreya Ghoshal
  • lyricist: Priyo Chattopadhyay

Toi Hobe Amar 

  • Film : Total Dadagiri
  • Singer : Jeet Gannguli 
  • Composer : Jeet Gannguli 
  • Lyrics : Prasen

Ei Bhabe Golpo Hok

  • Movie: Bibaho Diaries
  • Singer: Lagnajita
  • Music: Savvy
  • Lyrics: Prasen

Tomake Chuye Dilam

  • Movie: Bastushaap 
  • Singer: Arjit Singh
  • Lyrics: Srijato
  • Music Director: Indraadip Dasgupta 

Tomake Chai

  • Film: Gangster
  • Music: Arindom
  • Singer: Arijit Singh
  • Lyrics: Prasen

Je Kawta Din (reprise)

  • Movie: Dwitiyo Purush
  • Song: Je Kawta Din Reprise
  • Singers: Anupam Roy & iman chakraborty 
  • Music & Lyrics: Anupam Roy

Kichu Chaini Ami 

  • Movie: Shah Jahan Regency
  • Singer: Anirban Bhattacharya 
  • Music Composer: Prasen
  • Lyricist: Dipangshu Acharya 

Sudhu Tomari Jonnyo

  • Film: Shudhu Tomari Jonyo
  • Music : Indraadip Dasgupta
  • Lyrics: Prasen
  • Singers: Arijit Singh & Shreya Ghoshal

Thik Emon Ebhabhe 

  • Film: Gangster
  • Music: Arindom
  • Singer: Arijit Singh
  • Lyrics: Prasen

Mon Beloche 

  • Film: Love Express
  • Music: Jeet Gannguli
  • Singers: Jeet Gannguli and Bob Omulo
  • Lyrics: Prasen

Egiye De 

  • Film: Shudhu Tomari Jonyo
  • Music: Arindom
  • Lyrics: Prasen
  • Singers: Arijit Singh & Madhubanti Bagchi 

Keno Je Toke 

  • Movie: Mon Jaane Na
  • Music Director: Dabbu
  • Singer: Raj Barman
  • Lyrics: Prasen


Can’t choose “your song” yet? 

The wedding date is practically here, arrangements are in full blossom, outfits are done, however, the tune, the one tune that will genuinely have your visitors’ eyes on you is absent. 

Fret not, these tunes won’t just communicate your affection for one another, yet will likewise change the whole vibe of your event.

We hope that you liked this article and could pick out some awesome melodies for your big day too! 

শুভ বিবাহ

Śubha bibāha