21 Famous Bridal Entry Songs for Indian Wedding [Updated List]

Your ideal bridal melodies list for your wedding

Whenever you’ve discovered that …

“OMG! I need to find a song for my bridal entry”, 

return here and settle for a wedding entrance song. That is appropriate for your terrific passage.

Honestly, don’t leave it to the DJ. They do random stuff like putting commendable wince tunes like “pari, hai ek pari, aasman se aa giri”! Umm.. not occurring!

To assist you with this. We have recorded the top 21 bridal entry songs in 2020. To make this unique snapshot of yours more wonderful.

You will treasure it forever!

See what sort of bride you should be on your big day, and spare the rundown.

List of 21 Bridal Entrance Songs 

Wedding Entrance Song for Chill Brides

We know being a chill bride ain’t excessively straightforward. During so much madness occurring around you.

Yet, we’ve observed ladies failing to remember all the hustle and making a passage like a bawse.

They dance, they giggle, and they make entertaining content.  That in a real sense leaves everybody awestruck.

If you’re one of them. Who gives zero effs to wedding butterflies. At that point you should enter on one of these passage melodies.

Chaap Tilak

Recovery of a deeply rooted tune, this one is a brilliant pick.

The beats of the dholak will make you dance to the tunes. And Hadiqa Kiani’s natural voice will add to the temperament. Making it one of our fav marriage entry songs.

You can take part in 2:05 and appreciate it. You can choose this wedding entrance song if you are a chill bride.

Saiyaan Superstar- Ek Paheli Leela

If you’ve settled for a choice that you need to improve for this section of your marriage. Why not jump on an energetic number, like the above.

Get your crew to be significantly more dhamakedaar.

Saiyaan Superstar is likely the most energetic number on our list.

Tune Maari Entriyaan- Gunday

Is it true that we are searching for a bride entrance song worth the whistles?

This melody would genuinely make your bridal entry a shaking one.

Dance like nobody’s watching. For what reason should just the lucky man get an opportunity to dance his soul out while entering with the baraat?

Mangalyam- Saathiya

Take the initial segment of this tune as the beginning of your entrance. And when you reach in front of an audience, there can be the ‘Murmur Dum’ part beginning.

The pounding music and DJ’s bass would jolt the climate effortlessly.

Akh Kashni – Neha Bhasin

This tune is loaded with backtalk as are you.

In case you’re hoping to set the state of mind for your festivals, this one is the ideal bridal entry melody for the beautiful brides.

So what are you hanging tight for, wear those glasses, and make a sparkler section.

Shubharambh (Kai Poche)

Mangal Bela’ is here!

Furthermore, it’s the ideal opportunity for you to make an entry, at that point. What’s smarter is to pick a tune that, in a real sense, characterizes the occasion.

That takes us to this next expansion to our list of wedding songs.

This one will undoubtedly add a marvelous vibe, the one you generally needed.

Tip: you can likewise employ Garba artists to add an appeal to your bridal entry.

Heer – Jab Tak Hai Jaan

Act all expensive while you enter on this tune.

A conspicuous difference between the tune and your character would be an incredible sight to observe.

Make it more terrific by grabbing a guitar, much the same as how Katrina did in the video.

Bridal Entry Songs for Sufi Brides

Aw! Is it accurate to say that you are one of those shy Bride. Who doesn’t wish to have an OTT component in her wedding section?

Try not to stress, we have a list that is just for you too.

With these melodies, you’ll quickly figure out how to give goosebumps to one’s around.

You should simply just try to keep that delightful grin on.

Latika’s Theme Song- Slumdog Millionaire

There is something in particular about this music that is so incredible yet sort of guiltless and timid. Which makes it an ideal expansion to our list of melodies.

Spot on for the coy Indian bride and is additionally a melody that, without a doubt, has not been done to death.

It sounds new, Indian however with a new turn.

Din Shagna Da | Wedding Filmer Version

A hesitant lady of the hour’s entrance is inadequate without Din Shagna Da playing out of sight.

This tune was at that point one of the most famous songs ever until Vishal Punjabi utilized his sorcery to make it significantly more marvelous.

LOVE this variant, yet staying aware of old-fashioned appeal.

Madhaniya | Neha Bhasin

Madhaniya was generally played during vidaai in bygone eras.

However, this new interpretation of this society tune by Neha Bhasin is overly well-suited for a wedding ceremony also.

Trust us, it’ll make everybody around you, cry, as you make your grand entry.

That is the reason it merits a spot on our list of bride entry songs.

O Re Piya

Raahat Fateh Ali Khan’s voice is mesmerizing. And this well-known number is an extraordinary harmony between being typical Bollywood. Yet remarkably mixed and not formal.

Modest Indian Brides, would you say you are tuning in?

Bridal Songs for the Fun Bride

Sweet and sappy tunes are not your cup of tea?

Don’t Worry, we have something to amp up the volume just a smidgen.

Nachdi Phira

This is a genuinely mainstream bridal entry song with excellent verses and an incredible voice.

Indeed, the ideal one to launch your wedding ceremony.

Karunesh By Punjab

Local, old school and sets the disposition impeccably for the lady’s entrance.

It begins with ‘Aao Huzoor Tumko‘, which you can skip and simply start with the music at the brief imprint.

Enough to give individuals goosebumps when you enter.

This likewise is an extraordinary melody decision for the Mehendi entry too.

Raabta (Female Version)

Presently you may not consider this one of those familiar marriage songs, however hello!

Perhaps one of the most sentimental melodies within recent memory. And this female variant is soul-mixing and unpretentious – JUST THE PERFECT ENTRY SONG FOR BRIDE!

Samjhawan Unplugged

On the off chance that you’re in no disposition to move as you enter. At that point, go for something moderate yet stylish.

This present one’s contemporary. And would give a tasteful vibe and weave the sorcery you generally longed for your bridal entry song.

Kabira Encore

Recollect how to present bossy day Kalki was as a bride in YJHD(Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani)!

On the off chance that you associate with her on-screen character, this is the melody that you need.

Take part from 2.26 onwards where the female sings.

The verses are pretty adept for an excellent, cutting edge section melody.

Bridal Entry Songs for the Romantic Bride

Searching for an able section song for the bride to communicate your affection for the man standing on the stage?

Indeed, we have you covered.

These songs beneath are loaded with affection. And will get all the visitors to do ‘aww’ when the DJ begins playing any of them.

Trust us, the groom won’t quit blush.

Afreen Coke Studio Version

This current one’s our eternity’s most loved bridal entry Song.

In addition to the fact that it is a good tune, yet Momina Noor’s vocals are ideal for a bride entrance.

We realize this has been used to death in recent years.

However, it’s going solid and is digging in for the long haul.

Lagan Lagi Re

This is one of the most misjudged bridal entry songs on this list.

Very few individuals think about it, that is the reason we haven’t generally heard it at weddings.

Psst.. you’ll love the Rajasthani vibes in the verses.

Jogi (Female Version)

Sweet, straightforward, and profound. This track is absolutely on point for the sentimental ladies who need an effortless entry.

Lee Dooba

This bridal entry tune is overly adept at telling the world the amount you’re stricken by him.

It’s new and hasn’t been utilized before for an entry succession

So on the off chance that you’re searching for something not done to death, go for it.

Moh Ke Dhaage (Female)

This one is an absolute necessity on the list of bridal entry musics.

We, as a whole, had tuned in to it on the loop when it was new.

We’re as yet not ever it!

Ideal for a bride who is incredibly sentimental on a fundamental level.

Jag Ghoomeya Song – Female Version

We know your man in one the million, at that point why not enter on a melody communicating the same?

It’s the most ideal decision when you need those #BridalEntryGoals.

Tu Bin Bataye – Rang De Basanti

We realize you never imagined that this can be utilized as an entry tune. Yet if you experience the verses. You’ll understand the measure of affection this melody has.

It may very well make your lucky man cry a little with joy.


We have given you the list of 21 famous bridal entry songs. Now spread your wings and dance.

This list is sufficient for all your moods, be it a simple bride or a chill one, we promised we’d get you covered and so we did.

Dance to these tunes as you make your beautiful bridal entry

Yours lovingly Wedus!

Top 10 Hindi Bidai Song List for Indian Wedding Ceremony

It’s time to make you cry glamorously on your wedding!

The Bidai is one of the most emotional events of a wedding ceremony. That has an impact not just on the bride but also everyone else at the wedding.

What’s more, is playing the correct melody for the event. That is something which can make that second much more wonderful.

When the function is over at the weddings in America. Generally the recessional happens. Where the love birds can make an exit to the music playing and exhibit happily ever after.

The Bidaai is done over by the valet stopping the couple from where they are leaving to prepare for the gathering.

It’s occasionally more custom than genuine Bidai (which happens a couple of days or weeks after the wedding. When she really moves out, yet at the same time requires music)

So here are some 10 Hindi Bidai songs for your wedding ceremony. Which we feel will be well-suited for the bidai, and will make that moment beautifully unique for everybody.


Harshdeep Kaur shows up on the Top 10 Indian Wedding bidai Songs list.

She is by all accounts assuming control over with regards to singing vidai melodies in Bollywood.

This is the freshest tune on our list and has additionally been utilized a few times for Vidaai functions.

That won’t keep going long. Inside a couple of years, don’t be astounded if this winds up at the first spot on the list.

Din shagna da

The song gets played almost every wedding nowadays, isn’t it?

Songs might come, and songs might go, din shagna da will remain evergreen, forever!

The song can be a substitute for both your entry and your exit.

Kabira encore

This melody genuinely has the right to be the primary spot on the Top 10 Indian Wedding Bidai Songs list.

Since the time this collection was delivered in 2013, ladies began utilizing it for their vidai function.

There are two adaptations of this tune. Ensure you utilize the Encore form which is by Harshdeep and Arijit Singh.

This is right now what most ladies are utilizing nowadays.

Mehlon ka Raja Mila

It has been a custom that the lady of the hour and her relatives cry during this function out of politeness and enthusiastic milieu.

In any case, imagine a scenario in which we say goodbye to her with a grin on face.

Thus, here’s the tune that gives you another point to consider vidaai functions.

Mehlon Ka Raja Mila tune from the acclaimed 1968 film, Anokhi Raat has a great deal to state. 

Mehlon ka raja mila k rani beti raj karegi, khushi kushi kardo vida k raani beti raj karegi.

Stunning lines, no?

Asaan hun tur jaana

Asaan Hun Tur Jaana, Din Reh Gaye Thode, the absolute first line of the song is so overwhelming and thoroughly relates with the aura of the bidai time.

The melody is from the 1983 film named, Arpan however its unique form is sung by Alam Lohar, who was an unmistakable Punjabi society vocalist.

Be that as it may. This tune was then reproduced with a couple of amendments by Laxmikant-Pyarelal. And was sung by Suresh Wadkar and Lata Mangeshkar for the film.

Babul Jo Tumne Sikhaya

Murmur Aapke Hain Kaun’s super-emotional number, Babul Jo Tumane Sikhaya is one more delicate track.

As it is said that each little girl is her ‘Daddy’s Li’l Girl’. Simply like that in this tune the bride vows to keep doing what her dad has taught her up till now.

There is absolute enchantment in this melody that only a dad and his little girl can recognize completely.

Madhaniya by Neha Bhasin

Neha Bhasin’s version of the Punjabi Folk bidai tune Madhaniya. Is the first of five melodies on the Top 10 Indian Wedding Vidai Songs list that isn’t from a Bollywood film.

I expected each time someone utilized this tune, it would be for one for Hindu Punjabi Brides.

Amazingly, it was as of late utilized by some Gujarati brides too, so a right fit for your wedding.


Jab Tak Hai Jaan (Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma) has music by A.R. Rahman (the best performer in India) and sung by Harshdeep Kaur.

At the point when this melody initially turned out in 2012, we heard it being played at each wedding.

It’s one of those failed to remember tunes that require a rebound.

We actually hear it at weddings however not as frequently as we used to. I wouldn’t be shocked if this becomes mainstream again for bidai melodies soon.


Tell your mother you need your bidai tune to be one by Lata Mangeshkar and she will presumably embrace you.

At that point, disclose to her she has never heard this melody (I don’t think numerous individuals know this tune) and you need to present this to her.

This is another of those concealed pearls from the Top 10 Indian Wedding bidaai Songs list.

Ye Betiyan To Babul Ki

A vast majority doesn’t have the foggiest idea about this film or tune.

This is a decent choice for somebody searching for a tune that has excellent verses, hasn’t been utilized regularly. And doesn’t seem like something that was played at your folks’ wedding.

Jaspinder Narula unquestionably has a Punjabi flavour in her voice; however, this melody could be utilized by any lady.


A wedding is the most joyful second in your life and you ought to pick the music that you love.

Over years and years of carrying euphoria to a considerable number of couples. These Bollywood songs have helped them discover the right tracks. That assists them with making recollections for a lifetime.

The Top 10 Indian Wedding bidai Songs list, is curated to help occupied ladies. That they don’t have the opportunity to find the best music for their grand wedding.

We hope to help you in every way possible to make you and your wedding as right as it can be.

Hoping this list is enough for you to choose amongst and find the right track for your big day.

Wishing you a good cry at your wedding (for the first and the last time)!

21 Best Punjabi Wedding Songs for Brides

The energy level will touch the sky with these Punjabi wedding songs.The bride deserves some grooves too.

What is a wedding without some feet-tapping memorable Punjabi songs?

Your bridesmaids might have already rocked the floor, it is your turn now. What have you been planning on dancing, huh?

Some Punjabi, I’m sure would be fine. There is absolutely nothing that can beat Punjabi hip hop and is very much in too these days.

Imagine the bride in her gorgeous lehenga, twirling like a princess! Beautiful, isn’t it? 

For that, we have brought you 21 best Punjabi wedding songs for brides because obviously, the bride deserves some grooves too.

Lamberghini, Singer- The Doorbeen

This season’s hit. All the women out there are dancing to lamberghini to its fullest.

You will find a lot of dance tutorials on this song on youtube. This song will be one of the best Punjabi wedding songs for brides.

Gur Nalo Ishq Mitha, Singer – Bally Sagoo

Isn’t it beautiful how the song is portrayed? 

I feel that the song is the perfect fit for you to have fun with on stage. 

Morni Banke, Singer – Guru Randhawa

Don’t you also feel like a morni right now? 

I’m sure every Indian bride with so much pampering around does feel that way on the day of her wedding.

Groove to the song and unleash your inner morni in front of everyone.

Mundiya Tu Bach Ke Rahi, Singer – Panjabi MC

A little warning to Mr perfect through this song isn’t too bad you know…

A cute song to dance to while simultaneously pointing at your man, I’m sure he’ll love it. It may be one of the best Punjabi wedding songs for the couple.

Punjabi Wedding Song, Singers – Sunidhi Chauhan & Benny Dayal

Haye Sharam chad ke haya chad ke hai isme nothing wrong!”

It’s your night. And you deserve to go crazy ke jab bajte Punjabi wedding song.

Phatte Tak Nachna, Singer – Sunidhi Chauhan

Koi sambhalo mujhko main neeche na gir jau” much? 

I feel you. Dancing can be quite overwhelming, and if you are also someone who can dance to beats like these with open arms, the song’s tailor-made for you.

Nachde Ne Saare, Singer – Jasleen Royal, Harshdeep Kaur & Siddharth Mahadevan 

Such a pretty song to dance to, isn’t it?

Imagine yourself dancing to the beats of this pretty song in a pink floral lehenga just like Katrina Kaif.

Let’s bring the idea home and dance to the beautiful song, to its fullest. Add this to your Punjabi wedding songs playlists.

Sauda Khara Khara, Singer – Diljit Dosanjh, Sukhbir, Dhvani Bhanushali

The beats in this song are so unique, you don’t even have to prepare a dance to perform on this. 

Imagine preparing typical Punjabi bhangra for this and setting the floor on fire. 

Gal Mitthi Mitthi, Singer – Tochi Raina

Isn’t the song a little slow and cuter as compared to the others?

Let’s make it more by you dancing to it and rock the wedding dance floor.

London Thumakda, Singers – Labh Janjua, Sonu Kakkad, Neha Kakkar

It will be a sin to forget a song like that, wouldn’t it?

London thumakda should be declared the official shadi anthem of the country.

Hands down the best wedding song for brides ever.

Jugni, Singer – Mika

The song is such a gem but is unfortunately left out by a lot of people.

Don’t do that at your wedding, dance to the lovely track by the talented Mika Singh, and set a benchmark for all the ladies out there. Indian weddings are not possible without Punjabi wedding songs.

Lawng Gawacha, Singer – Neha Bhasin

Neha Bhasin + you + stage equal to what? You tell me. 

Yes, you are going to mesmerize the guests and your family with your performance.

Laung Laachi, Singer – Mannat Noor

“Tere ishq me maari kacchi kali ye kawari” much?

I’m sure you are. Let your man know it through this lovely track by mannat noor, and become the noor of the night. 

Makhna, Singer – Tanishk Bagchi, Yasser Desai & Asees Kaur

Even if you’re doing one song, make it two, makhna in the house.

How can we forget a track like that? 

Such a dreamy song isn’t? The song is a must on your wedding playlist. I repeat, A MUST! 

Ainvayi Ainvayi, Singer – Salim Merchant & Sunidhi Chauhan

Such a flirtatious song to dance to on your wedding night, isn’t it?

A perfect fit for you to tease your to-be husband with, right? Do add this to your wedding songs playlist.

Biba, Singer – Shirley Setia, Pardeep Singh Sran and Dev Negi

Another Punjabi hit for you to groove on.

This Shirley Setia hit deserves to be danced to, do consider this one.

High Rated Gabru, Singer – Guru Randhawa

What about Guru Randhawa? Isn’t his voice made for Indian weddings?

Let’s make the audience groove to this voice too, why should you be the only one grooving?

Leja Re, Singer – Dhvani Bhanushali

This is such a famous track I tell you, it just has all the love of the women.

If you dance to it with your bridesmaids, in a BIG WIDE lehenga, how’s it going to look like?

Mere Sohneya, Singer – Sachet Tandon & Parampara Thakur

Remember the chemistry between Preeti and Kabir in Kabir Singh?

That’s what’s going to reflect between you and your significant other, the song said it, I didn’t.

Illegal Weapon, Singer – Jasmine Sandlas, Garry Sandhu

Tired of blushing and looking at the floor? Want some bold grooving?

The song’s for you.

Jasmine’s Sandlas’s voice is made for bold women.

Do not forget to check out her other tracks too. 

Lahore, Singer – Guru Randhawa

Want to get a little more attention than usual?

The song is tailor-made to attract pampering and attention, I’m sure you’ll look adorable dancing to its beats.


I had to cut so many songs out while making a list of 21 best Punjabi wedding songs for brides. Because I had a hundred.

The list does not end here, Punjabis are just on the loop coming up with new songs almost daily. And we can’t wait to see you dancing like a fairy on them.

Punjabi songs are the best to give a solo performance on. And you need to even look at the other tracks, you’ll find all that you want here, effortlessly. 

Just choose some best singers, and you’re good to go.