4 Royal Destination Wedding in Gujarat You Must Consider

શુભ લગ્ન

(Śubha lagna) Do you Know the Royal Destination Wedding in Gujarat?

When you think about an exotic marriage

A couple of spots ring a bell, like Goa or Kerala, a royal residence in Rajasthan, or even lodging in the south.

There is no denying that every one of these spots is a great choice for you.

In any case, you should keep your eyes open for some unconventional or generally secret spots in the nation for your exotic marriage.

Such views give a new vibe to weddings all in all and are a little lighter on the pockets.

Gujarat is unquestionably one of the most well-known destinations for weddings.

Nonetheless, if you are searching for places in Gujarat that are not exactly mainstream. Yet are ideal for a wedding, this western beachfront state has a lot to bring to the table!

Gujarat has seen a great deal of global movement through its ports. And this is the reason the state is loaded up with various fortifications. And castles constructed chiefly by Portuguese rulers.

Some of them lie deserted, while some of them have been transformed into extravagant resorts or lodgings.

Few retreats and legacy lodgings have also come up as of late. Outfitted with enough offices to have a terrific destination marriage effortlessly.

I have brought you 4 Royal Destinations wedding in Gujarat you must consider for your destination wedding…!

Crowne Plaza, Ahmedabad City Centre

Situated in the Prashad Nagar territory of Ahmedabad. Crowne Square in the Ahmedabad Downtown area is one of the most sumptuous Gujarat objections for a wedding.

The spot is enormous to such an extent that you can without much of a stretch host all the occasions of a wedding. Be it the Mehndi, Sangeet, Mixed drink, or reception party.

The court can have up to 2000 individuals. Causing it a feasible choice for individuals who have bunches of visitors to welcome.

Their in-house group obliges every one of your requirements with the most extreme consideration.

The accomplished culinary experts can get ready nearby. And global foods with mind-blowing accuracy.

With all the services, the per plate cost here is 1800 and the normal budget for 1000 visitors would be near 20,00,000.

Narayani Heights

Situated in Ahmedabad. Narayani Height is a standout amongst other Gujarat objections to having a Gujarati wedding. Primarily given the various occasion spaces it offers.

You can have a gathering at the yards, the porch, by the poolside, or in the dinner corridor.

All the stylistic layout at the scene is customizable, making it feasible for you to customize the wedding according to your desires.

There are 109 rooms accessible with levies going from 5,000 to 20,000.

The per-plate cost here reaches from 800 to 5,000.

This assortment of choices in the value range discloses to you. How pleasantly the hotel obliges the necessities of individuals from various backgrounds.

Furthermore, they offer various cuisines from around the globe.

They likewise tweak the cooking style as per the Jain conventions, whenever informed previously.

The House of MG

The House of Mangaldas Girdhardas is a legacy lodging. That is one of the top Gujarat destinations for weddings with fewer visitors.

This scene is ideal for a private wedding. As they permit their setting to be reserved for a gathering that has as meager as 50 visitors.

This makes it ideal for somebody searching for a picturesque marriage. With simply a modest bunch of close family members and companions.

The lodging represents considerable authority in making style precisely how you need it. Making it simply ideal for individuals regardless of what their preferences are.

The per-plate cost here is near 900 and the food on offer is just traditional Gujarati.

The lodging has different occasion spaces like a rambling patio, meal corridor, and the yard zone.

The normal budget for a wedding at this inn isn’t more than 4-5,00,000. Regardless of whether you check the most extreme number of visitors conceivable, 250.

The Gateway Hotel Athwalines

The Gateway Hotel Athwalines is a rich 5-star inn in Surat.

It is ideal for an upscale wedding with well-known dignitaries as visitors.

This 5-star lodging has everything arranged down to the T.

You don’t need to stress over anything at all as the inn’s in-house group will take care of everything. Beginning from the convenience to cooking, the Gujarati wedding card, and to the stylistic theme of the occasion space.

It can have anyplace between 750-1500 individuals in one go.

They offer different cooking styles from India. Such as Mughlai, North Indian, South Indian, Road food, and global cooking styles like Italian, Mainland, and Chinese also.

Their per-plate cost is near 1,500.

The normal spending plan ought not to surpass more than 25,00,000. Which isn’t awful for the inconceivable services they are giving. Making it a standout amongst other Gujarati destinations for a wedding.


These are only a couple of the inns and resorts accessible in Gujarat for your marriage at an exotic location.

The state has a great deal to bring to the table and on the off chance. That you need an overly exotic wedding, have a function at the Rann of Kutch!

That’s about it on the 4 Royal Destinations wedding in Gujarat you can take into account while looking out for your own…!

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