Deekshita & Akshay Conceptual Wedding Story will inspire you in every way

Deekshita akshay indian wedding

Love is in every detail of your Journey: #Akdeewedding proved it

How do you want your wedding to look like
to the entire world,
to your future generation,
to future couples?

Here is the most Bizzare real wedding inspiration by Deekshita Choudhary and Akshay Mehta. They will not only help you with planning but will give you Mind-Blowing ideas.

Check out how a fashion designer turned her love story into a fairytale wedding. A fantasy that you have seen in movies or your dream only.

This bride is changing the pattern of wedding tales by inspiring (You) future couples. By showing you a path to share your love, emotions, and everything inside you. In every detail of the entire wedding.

She will show you how to freeze your unconditional love story… And yes it will help you to do time travel.

Time Travel…??? Keep reading !

A love story is very well portrayed in every form of their wedding functions and made it a bizarre wedding. A conceptual dream wedding. And the major effort was from the bride herself.

Let’s check out their story,

About the Bride and Groom

Deekshita is a fashion designer. Co-owning the label PhD by House of PiaDeeksh along with her sister Pia. Akshay is an Architect owning the studio SAS (Swamitva Architecture Studio).

The Bride: Deekshita Choudhary
The Groom: Akshay Mehta

The Bride named herself as #DeeMadBride. Because only a Mad bride would design. Almost all her looks with mad detailing & story in all her outfits & events. Also, she is equally Mad about getting married to her love.

Wedding Love Story

One of a kind because the bride and groom were very particular about having a common story. Which connects each event and brings it together under one umbrella.

The bride being a conceptualizer was focussed on having every detail. Being thought upon with meaning to every element of the wedding.

“The story of the wedding was based on ‘Tales of our lives’. The tales we have grown up listening to, the tales who have made us fantasize about Love & the tales we look up to as a couple.

Each event was a tribute to these tales. Starting with mythology, the fairytales, the modern Rajput era to the colonial era. Before we reflect our own story to the world on our wedding day” says the couple.

The inspiration for the wedding story

The ideation of the wedding came through the ideation of the clothing. That is made by the bride and her sister. The designer duo who thought of making all her outfits as a custom made capsule collection for a bride.

Each outfit was a tribute to the princesses Deeksha (bride) & Pia (bride’s sister) love. Before the main wedding look where she adorns her version of a princess (ie. all about her character, style, and values).

“The princesses who inspired us are the ones who have lived by their strong character/ style/ decision. Even at the most difficult times, they have created an impact or have made a change for good.

It is this self-empowerment of a woman and no matter what comes in their life. They will conquer it all gracefully and narrate their own “happily ever after”.

Thus via clothing, the idea was to show respect to these princesses. By making outfits which would reflect them in an Indian Piadeeksh way. Before I reflect my self through my wedding lehenga”. Says the bride.

On hearing and seeing the process of the bride’s outfits. The event team decided on following the same flow for the wedding as well, just the way the bride had dreamed.

Not just the bride’s outfits, even the bridesmaids (sisters) and brides mother’s outfits were designed by this duo, PiaDeeksh. Making the story more diverse and unified at each event.

The details with the images are shown below on how everything was bought together coherently.

There were 7 events in #AkDeeWedding

  1. The Ring ceremony — (Bangalore)
  2. The Haldi — (Bangalore)
  3. The Religious start — (Jaisalmer)
  4. The Welcome Lunch — (Jaisalmer)
  5. The Sangeet — (Jaisalmer)
  6. The Royal brunch — (Jaisalmer)
  7. The Wedding — (Jaisalmer)

The inspiration, details, highlights, and glimpses of which are mentioned and shown below. Let’s see the beauty of all the events and rituals.

The Ring Ceremony

  • Date of the event: 19th Jan 2020
  • Venue: Chamara Vajra, Bangalore
  • The inspiration of Brides Outfit: Disney princess Pocahontas
  • The tale which inspired this event: John Smith & Pocahontas
  • Theme: The Bohemian Romance
  • Dress code: Shades of whites and beige
  • Designer of Grooms Outfit: Govinda Mehta
  • Designer of Brides Outfit: PhD by House of PiaDeeksh (Brides label)

Here are the beautiful pictures of the ring ceremony.

Akdeewedding hashtag
Photo by Naman Verma
Photo by Naman Verma
Photo by Naman Verma
Photo by Naman Verma
Photo by Naman Verma

The Haldi Ceremony

  • Date of the event: 20th Jan 2020
  • Venue: Lalit Ashok, Bangalore
  • The inspiration of Brides Outfit: Disney Princess Belle
  • The tale which inspired this event: Since it was deekshita’s Haldi it was all about the marketplace scenario. In which Belle describes herself
  • Theme: An Indo French Marketplace
  • Dress code: Drapes & shades of Yellow
  • Designer of Grooms Outfit: Anita Dongre
  • Designer of Brides Outfit: PhD by House of PiaDeeksh (Brides labelz
  • Highlights: Plant pots as a giveaway, Flower Haldi and holi, karaoke

Here are the images of the Haldi ceremony.

Photo by Naman Verma
Photo by Naman Verma
Photo by Naman Verma
Photo by Naman Verma

The Religious Starts

  • Date of the event: 28th Jan 2020
  • Venue: By the Gadisar Lake, Jaisalmer
  • The inspiration of Brides Outfit: Princess Draupadi
  • The tale which inspired this event: Radha Krishna
  • Theme: The Religious Start
  • Dress code: Traditional Rajasthani/Gujrati
  • Designer of Grooms Outfit: Qbik
  • Designer of Brides Outfit: PhD by House of PiaDeeksh (Brides label). Custom made Patan Patola saree made in collaboration with Patola
  • Highlights: Entry of guests by boat, Ganga Aarti procession and performance, mythological games

Here are the pictures of the Rituals.

Photo by Naman Verma
Photo by Naman Verma
Photo by Naman Verma
Photo by Naman Verma
Photo by Naman Verma

The Welcome Lunch

  • Date of the event: 29 Jan 2020
  • Venue: JW Marriott, Jaisalmer
  • The inspiration of Brides Outfit: Princess Rapunzel
  • The tale which inspired this event: The Fairytales (Sleeping beauty, Alladin, Beauty & the Beast, Brave)
  • Theme: Fairylandia
  • Dress code: Monochrome outfits
  • Designer of Grooms Outfit: TiSa
  • Designer of Brides Outfit: Papa don’t preach
  • Highlights: Each corner in one single color dedicated to a princess. DIY desserts, DIY block print on silk pocket squares, Colourful Mehendi, puzzles, The band Bollywood Jazz

Here are the Pictures of the Welcome Lunch.

Photo by Naman Verma
Bride at welcome lunch wedus
Photo by Naman Verma
Photo by Naman Verma
Photo by Naman Verma
Indian bride and groom dancing wedus
Photo by Naman Verma
Photo by Naman Verma

The Sangeet

  • Date of the event: 29th Jan 2020
  • Venue: Suryagarh, Jaisalmer
  • The inspiration of Brides Outfit: Maharani Gayathri Devi
  • The tale which inspired this event: The royal love affair of Gayathri Devi & Man Singh II
  • Theme: Old World Charm
  • Dress code: Indo Western in evening shades
  • Designer of Grooms Outfit: Amaare
  • Designer of Brides Outfit: Shantanu & Nikhil
  • Highlights: Amal Malik, Hussain Kuwajerwala, choreographed by Mini Pradhan. Parents love story pictures spread in the details of the decor

The sangeet images

Photo by Naman Verma
Photo by Naman Verma
Photo by Naman Verma
Photo by Naman Verma
Photo by Naman Verma

The Royal Brunch

  • Date of the event: 30th Jan 2020
  • Venue: The Tao Dunes, Jaisalmer
  • The inspiration of Brides Outfit: Princess Diana
  • The tale which inspired this event: Diana & her love interest
  • Theme: The Colonial Era
  • Dress code: Indo Western in British Shades
  • Designer of Grooms Outfit: Shantanu & Nikhil
  • Designer of Brides Outfit: PhD by House of PiaDeeksh (Brides label)
  • Highlights: ATV rides, dune dashing, Bucket Pong, Camel rides. Modern Rajasthani folk music by Kutle Khan, personalized books, bucket list, welcome notes on teacups

The royal bunch images.

Photo by Naman Verma
Photo by Naman Verma
Photo by Naman Verma
Photo by Naman Verma
Photo by Naman Verma

The Wedding

  • Date of the event: 30th Jan 2020
  • Venue: Suryagarh, Jaisalmer
  • The inspiration of Brides Outfit: The Bride herself
  • The tale which inspired this event: AkDee Love story (The Bride & Grooms love story)
  • Theme: Ak-Dee’s Parthivah Vivaah
  • Dress code: Traditional attire with a touch of Pink
  • Designer of Grooms Outfit: Amare & Stole designed by PhD by House of PiaDeeksh (Brides label)
  • Designer of Brides Outfit: PhD by House of PiaDeeksh (Brides label)
  • Highlights: Comic book Of their love story. Bride’s entry with her baraat, Vedic Pheras, Bidaai Procession. First dance with her father, Singh’s unplugged for the later celebration

The beautiful images of the Wedding days.

Photo by Naman Verma
Photo by Naman Verma
Photo by Naman Verma
Photo by Naman Verma
Photo by Naman Verma
Photo by Naman Verma
Photo by Naman Verma
Photo by Naman Verma
Photo by Naman Verma
Photo by Naman Verma
Photo by Naman Verma
Photo by Naman Verma
Photo by Naman Verma

The Wedding Lehenga Story

Here are the words from The Bride.

“As a person, I love Indian rituals. The traditions and most importantly how Indian weddings are about family. Family is most important to me in my life along with my design career.

In my main wedding outfit, I was clear I wanted all these aspects to be there. The ritual of the bride getting ready in her 16 stringers.

She enters the 4 pillared mandap and takes vows with her husband and finally the blessings of the Family which has been put in a very interesting way.

In the lehenga, each panel has the structure of the mandap and doors which open up to family blessings. where Each family member has handwritten their blessings.

Also, My fiancé & I have written our vows, the things we would want to do together in life, and his message to me. The idea behind this was me wanting to keep their blessings close to me for a lifetime including a pure gold banarasi dupatta.

This is what I would take back as the best memory of my wedding”

Photo by Naman Verma
Photo by Naman Verma
Photo by Naman Verma

Happily Ever After

Thus she named the collection of her wedding outfits as “Happily Ever After”.

Photo by Naman Verma

All the events were taken care of in terms of every detail, functionality, and aesthetics were both kept right on point.

A bizarre wedding wherein, a bride was the designer of her dream wedding. And everything was achieved keeping the guests well engaged and content.

The bride has successfully portrayed her life and the story through the medium of her and the bride’s tribe outfit. Which is worth having a look at.

This wedding provides inspiring content worth going through.

If you still have any questions in your mind that you want to ask the bride or the groom. Here are a few FAQs for you answered by the Bride about the vendors and her big fat day.


What you wore for the wedding functions or pre and post-wedding functions (name of shops/designers). Things you kept in mind while selecting the ensembles and jewelry?

My wedding consisted of seven events in total and almost all the outfits for me as well as for my bridesmaids were designed by our label.

One thing that was kept in mind while deciding the ensemble was our story. Every outfit of mine had a story well kept in mind. And 5 outfits of 7 events were made by Ph.D.House of PiaDeeksh and each detail was thought upon keeping our story intact.

Also outfits for two of my event outfits, the welcome lunch and sangeet were from papa don’t preach and Shantanu and Nikhil.

Talking about the jewelry, all my jewelry was selected by my sister Pia, mom, and me.

The main wedding set was custom made for me by the house of MBJ. who made me realize that my choice was worth it. As they made me and my outfits look even more beautiful with the kind of pure and authentic jewelry they provided.

My other jewelry was from Raniwala, Birdhichand Ghanshyam das for my main events. A lot of my jewelry like for my trousseau, my heavy diamond set were pieces that my mom and sister have been buying and designing for almost 10 years now.

Since they have been all bought so patiently with no rush in the head. We were very clear with the kind of pieces I would want which made it very easy for me to pick what I felt were evergreen pieces and the best for me.

Your advice for brides-to-be, and recommendations of any bridal service providers with whom you had a great experience?

We had a great team on board for every minute thing. which was a blessing and because of the work they did for months from the start till post the wedding was commendable.

Thus I do have a few strong recommendations for all the brides to be. I’ll be really happy to take their names and their work was worth appreciating and recommending others. So here I go,

  • Altair decor (by Janki Desai): Did an amazing job at my events. They understood every kind of aesthetic I am into and the story of my outfits so well to convert them into the aesthetic of the event as well.
  • Enjay events (by Nidhi Sahni): who was our event planners. Out of 750 guests, none of them had a complaint post the wedding and nor did we. Their input, their coordination, and detail in communication was great from the very start.
  • Naman Verma: He is an artist and a very humble and a great photographer. Very clear with what shots would be great and takes absolutely no time to achieve them.
  • Gautam soni from House of MBJ: The person who was behind my main wedding set. As it was a custom made one, we shared many drawings with details in mm and it was all achieved with great professionalism and communication.
  • Bhagwati weddings from Jaipur: They did a good job with decor production at my wedding.
  • I would like to give a great and very strong recommendation for Mini Pradhan. Our choreographer, the person who planned all of our wonderful entries. At the events and planned the sangeet, she displayed great creative skills with clarity.
  • Amaal Malik: The music artist who gave life to the sangeet night with all his performances.
  • The last but not at all least is the venue recommendations. Suryagarh is a perfect venue for someone who is planning their wedding, their hospitality is a deal worth the money you put in.

Another thing that I would want to mention is my experience throughout the entire wedding.

As a bride what I enjoyed the most is designing with my sister all the events outfits. Every outfit that PhD designed was so customized and so personal to me.

Now when I happen to look back at my wardrobe. It feels so good, a glimpse of the garments and the outfits would reveal the true story behind it. The wedding lehenga for that matter, if you go open my wedding lehenga you can see all the blessings that my family has written out there for me.

It is something that is going to stay with me throughout, it feels so good to revisit them anytime. PhD has made the entire story of mine come true, it has truly made each and everything so memorable for me.

During my wedding, I for PhD was more of a customer than the second face behind it. It was the PhD team who achieved all my requirements. My story and above all, I as a bride was kept in mind all through the time to come up with something that is deeply related to me.

Wedding Team
The Ring Ceremony
Venue : Chamara Vajra, Bangalore
Designer of Grooms Outfit: Govinda Mehta
Designer of Brides Outfit: PhD by House of PiaDeeksh (Brides label)

The Haldi
Venue : Lalit Ashok, Bangalore
Designer of Grooms Outfit: Anita Dongre
Designer of Brides Outfit: PhD by House of PiaDeeksh (Brides label)

The religious start
Venue : By the Gadisar Lake, Jaisalmer
Designer of Grooms Outfit : Qbik
Designer of Brides Outfit: PhD by House of PiaDeeksh (Brides label)

The Welcome Lunch
Venue : JW Marriott, Jaisalmer
Designer of Grooms Outfit: TiSa
Designer of Brides Outfit: Papa don’t preach

The Sangeet
Venue : Suryagarh, Jaisalmer
Designer of Grooms Outfit: Amaare
Designer of Brides Outfit: Shantanu & Nikhil

The Royal Brunch
Venue : The Tao Dunes, Jaisalmer
Designer of Grooms Outfit: Shantanu & Nikhil
Designer of Brides Outfit: PhD by House of PiaDeeksh (Brides label)

The Wedding
Venue : Suryagarh, Jaisalmer
Grooms Outfit: Amare & Stole designed by PhD by House of PiaDeeksh (Brides label)
Designer of Brides Outfit: PhD by House of PiaDeeksh (Brides label)

The Wedding Photographer: Naman Verma

List of English Wedding Songs you Must Consider

English Songs add romance to your big day

Do you know? 

English Wedding Songs 

Can make your most special day fill up with love and romantic memories. 

It’s a day to cherish for a lifetime. And you cannot imagine it without romantic English wedding songs.

Making it easy for you. Here in this article, I have searched for the best English wedding songs. To make your day full of love, romance, emotion, and dance with beautiful ambiance and chicks.

Let’s check the complete list

List of English wedding Songs

Thinking out loud

  • Singer: Ed Sheeran
  • Writer: Ed Shreen, Amy Wadge


  • Starring: Ed Sheeran & Zoey Deutch 
  • Director: dp Jason Koenig
  • Writer:: Jason Koenig, Ed Sheeran, Jenny Koenig, Andrew Kolvet, Murray Cummings

A thousand Years

  • Artist: Christina Perri
  • Album: A thousand Years
  • Writers: Christina Perri, David Hodges

From this moment

  • Artist: Shania Twain
  • Writers: Robert John “Mutt Lange, Shania Twain

(Everything I Do) I Do It For You

  • Artist: Bryan Admas
  • Writers: Bryan Admas, Michael Kamen, Robert John “Mutt” Lange


  • Artist: Lonestar
  • Writers: Aimee Mayo, Marv Green, Chris Lindsey

Because you loved me

  • Artist: Celine Dion
  • Writers: Diane Warren

You are the Reason

  • Artist: Calum Scott, Leona Lewis

Endless love

  • Artist: Lionel Richie
  • Writer: Lionel Richie

Just the way you are

  • Artist: Bruno Mars
  • Album: Just the way you are

Say you won’t let go

  • Artist: James Arthur

Truly Madly Deeply

  • Artist: Savage Garden
  • Writers: William Joel

You and Me

  • Artist: Lifehouse
  • Writer: Jude Cole, Jason Wade

Marry Me

  • Artist: Thomas Rhett
  • Writer: Thomas Rhett

Take my Hand

  • Artist: Emily Hackett
  • Writer: Emily Hackett


Artist: Caroline Noel


  • Artist: Michael Buble
  • Alum: Everything
  • Writers: Michael Buble, Alan Chang, Amy Foster-Gillies


  • Artist: Dan+Shay
  • Album: Speechless

Love me as you do 

  • Artist: Ellie Goulding
  • Writers: Tove lo, Max Martin, Ali Payami, Savan Kotecha, Ilya

Crazy in Love

  • Artist: Beyonce

I wanna grow old with you 

  • Artist: Westlife
  • Album: Westlife- The Lovesongs
  • Writers: Shane Filan, Kian Egan, Brian Mcfadden

For a Lifetime

  • Artist: Rayann Darling
  • Writer: Rayann Darling & Sky Miller

Your song

  • Artist: Elton John

I like me Better

  • Artist: Lauv
  • Album: Party vibes

Best day of my life

  • Artist: American Authors
  • Writers: Sanchez, Shep Goodman, Zac Barnett, Aaron Accetta, James Adam Shelley, Dave Rubin

Come Away with Me

  • Artist: Norah Jones
  • Writers: Norah Jones

A sky full of stars

  • Artist: Coldplay
  • Writers: Jon Buckland, Will Champion, Guy Berryman, Tim Bergling, Chris Martin

How deep is your love

  • Artist: Calvin Harris, Disciples

Best Part

  • Artist: Daniel Caesar
  • Album: Freudian & H.E.R

Always and forever

  • Artist: Heatwave
  • Writers: Rod Temperton

I could fall in love

  • Artist: Selena
  • Writers: Keith Thomas

Wonderful World

  • Artist: Sam Cooke
  • Album: 101 hits from Rock N Roll Hall of Fame
  • Writers: Lou Adler, Herb Alpert, Sam Cooke

Happy Turtles

  • Artist: The Turtles
  • Album: Happy Together
  • Writers: Garry Bonner, Alan Gordon


  • Artist: The Beatles
  • Writers: George Harrison

Happily ever after 

  • Artist: Case

Like a star

  • Artist: Corinne Bailey Rae


  • Artist: Musiq Soulchild

Don’t let me wrong

  • Artist: The Pretenders
  • Album: Don’t Get me Wrong
  • Writer: Chrissie Hynde

I just can’t stop loving you

  • Artist: Michael Jackson
  • Writers: Anthony Jackson, Leon Huff, Kenneth Gamble

Forever And Ever, Amen 

  • Artist: Randy Travis
  • Album: Forever and Ever, Amen


  • Artist: Miguel
  • Album: Adorn
  • Writers: Miguel Jontel Pimentel

A moment like this

  • Artist: Kelly Clarkson
  • Writer: Jorgen Elofsson, John Reid

The only expectation

  • Artist: Paramore

You are still the one

  • Artist: Shania Twain

Everything has changed

  • Artist: Taylor Swift
  • Writer: Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift

All of me

  • Artist: John Legend, Lindsey Stirling
  • Writer: Toby Gad, John Legend

I’m yours

  • Artist: Jason Mraz
  • Album: I’m yours
  • Writers: Jason Mraz

The way I am 

  • Artist: Ingrid Michaelson
  • Album: Girls and Boys
  • Writer: Ingrid Michaelson

(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman

  • Artist: Aretha Franklin

That’s the Way Love Goes

  • Artist: Janet Jackson


These are the list of English wedding songs you will love to play on your big fat day. Let’s make the day full of love and romance. 

Best Punjabi Wedding Songs Playlist to download in 2020

Punjabi Song is an Essential Ingredient to Indian Weddings

Punjabi Wedding Songs!  Wow!

It is going to be a function full of 
emotion and beautiful chicks. 

Yes, You know what happens when a Punjabi song is on the track. You cannot stop yourself to fit in that color wedding environment. Whether it is an Engagement, Roka, Mehndi, Sangeet, Cocktail party, or a reception.

Whether the moment is romantic, emotional, or to rock the dance floor. It has songs for all genres of modes. It plays an enormous role in making a marriage house into an entertainment house. 

You do know? Which Punjabi wedding songs do you need for your big day? Here in this article, I have made an essay for you by collecting all the best Songs on a list.

Checkout to download on your playlist.

List of Punjabi Wedding Songs 

Morni Banke

  • Movie: Badhai Ho
  • Singers: Guru Randhawa & Neha Kakkar
  • Music: Tanishk Bagchi
  • Lyrics: MellowD

Punjabi Wedding Song

  • Movie: Hasee Toh Phasee
  • Singer: Sunidhi Chauhan & Benny Dayal
  • Music: Vishal & Shekhar
  • Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya

Din Shagna Da

  • Movie: Phillauri
  • Singer: Jasleen Royal
  • Music: Jasleen Royal
  • Lyrics: Neeraj Rajawat
  • Music: T-Series

Jaani Tera Naa (Mummy Nu Pasand)

  • Song: Jaani Tera Naa (MUMMY NU PASAND)
  • Singer: Sunanda Sharma
  • Lyricist: Jaani
  • Music: Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz
  • Film: Arvindr Khaira

Nai Jaana

  • Singers: Tulsi Kumar, Sachet Tandon
  • Music – Tanishk Bagchi
  • Programmed and Arranged by – Tanishk Bagchi
  • Lyrics – Nirmaan

Suit Suit

  • Movie: Hindi Medium
  • Singer: Guru Randhawa Ft.Arjun 
  • Lyrics: Guru Randhawa and Arjun
  • Composer: Guru Randhawa, Rajat Nagpal 


  • Genre: Punjabi Folks Song
  • Singer: Neha Bhasin
  • Directed by – Prayrit Seth

Charkha Channan Da

  • Singer: Sunanda Sharma, Harshdeep Kaur

Sadi Gali

  • Movie: Tanu Weds Manu
  • Singer: Lehmber Hussainpuri
  • Movie: Tanu Weds Manu
  • Music Label: T-series

Wakhra Swag

  • Artist: Navv Inder ft. Badshah
  • Album: Wakhra Swag

Oh Ho Ho Ho

  • Movie: Hindi Medium
  • Song: Oh Ho Ho Ho (Remix) 
  • Singer: Sukhbir
  • Rap (Sung & Written): Ikka
  • Music: Sukhbir, Abhijit Vaghani 
  • Lyrics: Kumaar

Baari Barsi

  • Movie: Band Baaja Baaraat
  • Singers: Harshdeep Kaur, Labh Janjua & Salim Merchant
  • Music: Salim-Sulaiman
  • Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya


  • Album: Seasons Of Sartaaj
  • Singer: Satinder Sartaaj 
  • Female Lead: Rajdip Shoker
  • Lyrics: Satinder Sartaaj
  • Music: Jatinder Shah

Gal Ban Gayi

  • Music – Meet Bros
  • Singers – Meet Bros Ft. Sukhbir & Neha Kakkar
  • Rap – Yo Yo Honey Singh
  • Lyrics – Kumaar


  • Album: Lamberghini
  • Artist – The Doorbeen Feat Ragini
  • Starring – Harshdaa 
  • Compose / Music – The Doorbeen 
  • Lyrics – The Doorbeen

Laung Gawacha

  • Genre: Punjabi Folks song
  • Singer: Neha Basin
  • Lyrics: Addendum by Kusum Verma & Akshay Verma 

Dhol Jageero Da

  • Artist: Master Saleem
  • Music: Panjabi MC (PMC)
  • Album: Dhol jageero da

Laung gawacha 

  • Singers: Brown Gal, Millind Gaba, Bups Saggu
  • Music: Bups Saggu
  • Lyrics/Composition: Ullumanati
  • Director: Ashish Rai
  • Choreographer: Deepak Taggar

Mehndi Ni Mehndi

  • Album: The great big Punjabi wedding
  • Singer: Harshdeep Kaur

Proper Patola

  • Singer — Diljit Dosanjh
  • Music — Badshah and Sachs
  • Director – Gifty
  • Lyrics — Badshah

Patt Lai Geya

  • Singer: Jasmine Sandlas
  • Directed By – Rosleen Sandlas
  • Lyrics & Composition: Ranbir Grewal
  • Music: Sukhjind

Hulle Hullare

  • Album – Hulle Hullare
  • Singer – Rajeshwari Sachdev
  • Music – Amar Haldipur
  • Lyrics – Naqsh Lyallpuri, Mumtaz Nikhat & Israr Ansari

Bhootni Ke

  • Movie – Singh Is Kinng
  • Cast – Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Neha Dhupia, Javed Jaaferi, & Ranveer Shorey
  • Singers – Daler Mehndi
  • Lyrics – Mayur Puri & Bhimal Oberoi
  • Composer – Pritam

Jee Karda

  • Singers – Labh Janjua and Suzie Q
  • Lyrics – Mayur Puri
  • Composer – Pritam
  • Director – Anees Bazmee
  • Producer – Vipul Amrutlal Shah

Latthe Di Chadar

  • Singer: Farhan Saeed & Quratulain Balouch
  • Album: Coke Studio Season 10 Episode 4

Laung Laachi

  • Movie: Laung Laachi
  • Singer: Mannat Noor
  • Composition: Aman Jay
  • Mix & Master: Sameer Charegaonkar
  • Music: Gurmeet Singh
  • Lyrics: Harmanjit
  • Star Cast: Ammy Virk, Neeru Bajwa, Amberdeep Singh, Veet Baljit, Amrit Maan & Others 

Chitta Kukkad

  • Singer: Neha Bhasin 
  • Music Producer: Sameer Uddin 
  • Label: 5am Audio
  • Percussions – Nilesh Parab

Kya Baat hai 

  • Artist: Harrdy Sandhu
  • Starring: Harrdy Sandhu, Carolina Moura
  • Lyrics & Composition: Jaani
  • Music: B Praak 

High Rated Gabru

  • Singer/lyrics/Composer: Guru Randhawa 
  • Music: Manj Musik 
  • Programmed By: Vee Music 
  • Video: DirectorGifty 


  • Artist – Mankirt Aulakh 
  • Lyrics – Maninder Kailey
  • Music – Desi Routz
  • Video – Sukh Sanghera

Banja Tu Meri Rani

  • Singer and Lyrics – Guru Randhawa
  • Music – Guru Randhawa, Rajat Nagpal
  • Original Music – Haji Springer
  • Re-Arranging, Programming, And Production – Aditya Dev
  • Mixing And Mastering – Shadab Rayeen
  • Music Label – T-Series

London Thumakda

  • Movie: Queen
  • Singer Name: Labh Janjua, Sonu Kakkad, Neha Kakkar
  • Starcast: Kangana Ranaut, Raj Kumar Rao, Lisa Haydon & Others
  • Music Director: Amit Trivedi
  • Lyrics: Anvita Dutt
  • Music on: T-Series


  • Singer: star
  • Rap: Yo Yo Honey Singh
  • Album: International Villager

Veer Ji Viyohn Chaleya

  • Singer: Jassi Sidhu
  • Movie: Speedy Singh

Gur Naal Ishq Mitha

  • Singer: Malkit Singh
  • Music: Bally Sagoo

Kangana Tera Ni

  • Artist: Abeer Arora 
  • Additional Lyrics: Abeer Arora  
  • Music: Hardbazy 

Dil Chori

  • Remake Recreated by YO YO HONEY SINGH

Saddi Rail Gaddi Aai

  • Artist: Chirag Pehchan
  • Album: The Greatest Hits

Kudi Gujarat Di

  • Singer – Jasbir Jassi, Sonia Sharma, Akasa Singh
  • Rap By – KD
  • Music – Jaidev Kumar
  • Lyricist – Dr. Devendra Kafir
  • Music Asst. – Durgesh Rajbhatt, Love Shankar
  • Mixed And Mastered By Bhanu Thakur
  • Music Label – T-Series

Kala Shah Kala

  • Singer – Navraj Hans, Rabica Wadhawan  
  • Female model: Anushka Luhar 
  • Male model: Ricky Aulakh
  • Lyrics – Kumaar 
  • Music – Sushant – Shankar 

Bolo Tara Rara

  • Album – Bolo Ta Ra Ra
  • Singer – Daler Mehndi
  • Music – Jawahar Wattal
  • Lyrics – Daler Mehndi

Tutak Tutak Tutiya

  • Movie Name:- Tutak Tutak Tutiya 
  • Singer: Malkit Singh, Kanika Kapoor
  • Produced by Sonu Sood. 
  • Co-produced by Sonali Sood, Deepshikha Deshmukh.
  • Directed by:- Vijay
  • Starcast:- Prabhudeva, Sonu Sood, and Tamannaah.

Enna Sona

  • Music: A. R. Rahman
  • Lyrics: Gulzar
  • Singers: Arijit Singh
  • Guitar & Bass – Keba Jeremiah
  • Flute – PMK Naveen Kumar


There are thousands of Punjabi wedding songs available over the internet. But the above-mentioned list has captured more hearts around the world. 

The most special day of your life will be memorable with these beautiful Indian wedding songs. Download these Punjabi Wedding songs in your playlist.

If I have missed any of your favorite songs do mention. I would love to hear it from you in the comment section.