21 Best & Unique Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Props

Relive Your Love Story and Freeze it forever!

Pre-wedding shoots are turning into hype nowadays.

Couples are deciding to declare their selected dates by sending the “spare-the-date” cards. Or having a pre-wedding shoot while holding a few props, showing the time & date.

Other than this, couples additionally discover the pre-wedding shoot to be a badge of memory. Recollecting all the jokes that have gone ahead of their way. And how happy they’ve been through every last bit of it.

We present you with some idiosyncratic and cool props for your pre-wedding shoot. That will transform your shoot into a pleasant one!

If  you are one couple, I’m sure you’ll adore every one of these props. 

…Checkout the pre-wedding photoshoots props

List of 21 Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Props

  1. Go to the Picnic-Style
  2. Matching Tees or Pyjamas
  3. Balloons
  4. Jigsaw
  5. Bicycle Ride
  6. Bride & Groom Badges
  7. Couple Cushion Covers or Bedsheet
  8. Matching Mugs
  9. Boat & Water
  10. Flowers & Trees
  11. A smoke Bomb of Colors
  12. Party Bombs
  13. Dupatta
  14. Wooden Frames
  15. Horse Cart
  16. Parachutes
  17. Windows & Balconies
  18. Pets
  19. Pianos or Guitars
  20. Quotes Cards
  21. Fairy Lights

Go to the Picnic-Style

Beautiful set up of picnic props in a luscious garden. Where you and your spouse can lie down under a set of trees cherishing the moment.

This setup is beautiful for people who are outgoing and want to display their love like that.

The set up is easy and can be done with the mere help of the family or the photographer.

A bedsheet with some picnic related items are needed and tada! You have it all ready! 

Ask your photographer to utilise this pre wedding photoshoots props. To make it worth it.

Matching Tees or Pyjamas

Matching tees or pyjamas are such an amazing way of displaying what sync you guys are at.

Tees or pyjamas can be ordered from any website or can be customized as per the couple’s requirements.

There can either be a combination of matching print tee. And pyjamas, pyjamas and pyjamas, or tees and tees, but, and whatever suits you.


Beautiful balloons floating in the air while you and your spouse give a romantic pose as the photographer goes “cheese”!

Ain’t it beautiful?

Balloons are easy to handle props and would require less to no money at all!

The balloons can also be customized or themed according to the requirements of the couple.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles or bricks of crosswords can be used to either name the person next to you or say something like. “I love you”, “you’re mine”, etc.

These are easy to handle very easily available props. You’ll find it at any store or if you have a kid in the family then there you go!

Bicycle Ride

Bicycle rides with flowers in the front basket. And the lady in the front seat is so old school yet romantically perfect at the same time.

Bikes, cars, autorickshaws, and absolutely any vehicle that is used for conveyance can be used.

They are super cool and very easy to use bringing out the inner kid in your pre-wedding photographs.

Bride and Groom Badges

Bride & groom badges can be either pinned up to your outfits or held in your hands while getting clicked.

Such a cute prop showing on yourselves. While the photographer clicks a beautiful picture of the couple interacting.

A very mesmerizing way of getting clicked. And attaching the picture in the invitation card of your wedding

Couple Cushion Covers or Bedsheets

Couple cushions or bed sheets can be held in hands while the couple sits on the bed in their pyjamas.

Such subtlety that it will create a sense of happiness amongst everyone who gets a look at the photos!

Matching Mugs

Mugs! Such an old fashioned gift, right? Why not use it as a symbol of everlasting love and happiness in your marriage?

You can get a message engraved on the mug for your significant other and reveal it to them at the time of the shoot.

The happiness their face reflects will be captured by the photographer, right away!

Boat and Water

Want to get clicked on a beach or a riverside? Why not inside the river itself?

Get yourself a boat and get captured posing like love birds in that love ocean of yours!

An easy yet unique way of getting mesmerizing pre-wedding pictures.

Flowers and Trees

Wouldn’t it be beautiful if you and your spouse were standing under a tree and flowers were raining on you?

It is possible you know!

Get someone to shake a tree or shower some flowers on you as you dive into the eyes of your lover. And the photographer captures the beauty!

A Smoke Bomb of Colors

Have you noticed a smoke bomb of colors going here and there in movies like Ranjhana etc?

You can have it just like that if you’ve always admired the beauty of it!

Smoke bombs of colors in photographs are truly in and the most used props in pre-wedding or wedding shoots ever!

Grab your bomb now!

Party Bombs

Noticed how the party bombs burst? I’m sure you have.

Why not incorporate the same in your photographs and rock it up party style?


Admired Kajol and Shah Rukh’s Gerua?

The dupatta had made it unique and worthy of being noticed.

You can get the exact poses that Kajol has put out in the movie with King Khan!

Grab your dupatta ladies, it’s showtime!

Wooden Frames

Photo frames! Ah!

What another way of getting a photo in a photo frame?

Isn’t it beautiful?

Find out yourself and let us know how’d you like it.

Horse Cart

Are you the desi couple and not embarrassed to show it off?

Horse cart pictures are all for you!

Grab the nearest cart and hop on, the photographer will ride it!


What better way of starting a new life other than releasing a wish in the sky?

Parachutes are a wonderful way of capturing the couple as well as the lovely sky both for your pre-wedding pictures!

Anything that has the lovely sky in it makes it one hell of a moment!

Grab your moment too.

Windows and Balconies

Sneaky love? Was it?

Even if it wasn’t, get the Romeo Juliet tint in your pre-wedding photographs. By cutely sneaking from the window of your room to your significant other late at night!

Windows decorated with lovely roses and sandalwood will look more attractive. You can ask your pre-wedding photographer to suggest different poses.


Dogs! Perfect. Period.

Why not incorporate the love of your life, aka. Your little furry buddy into your pictures and make them much more loving and wonderful?

I’m sure your furry buddy also has some signature poses! 

Pianos or Guitars

Does he sing for you? Or plays?

If yes then what’s the wait for? Bring out the spirit of your love in those lovely pictures of yours by handing him a guitar or whatever instrument he plays!

Quote Cards

Something like” not single anymore”, “wifey up” etc are so in nowadays!

You will come across several cafeterias that have props like these, why not use them for your photoshoot too?

It will add more happiness to your pre-wedding photography.

Fairy Lights

Fairies and lights, both can make anyone look pretty, and fairy lights can do so!

A picture lit up by both, the love of your life and the fairy lights is super romantic.

Cheap and easy to handle, fairy lights are the liberation y’all! 


Aren’t these props amazing?

They’re cheap, affordable and who thought cushions could make a prop too?

Did you?

These were some of the 21 best and unique pre-wedding shoot props from my side

Looking forward to some ideas from yours too!

10 Famous Fashion Designers in Mumbai For Your Wedding Dress

Select Yourself How you Want to Look in Your Marriage?

A large part of the ladies these days need something remarkable as unique for their D-day.

Who doesn’t have any desire to look uncommon on their wedding day?

Everybody needs it…

There is an assortment of marriage dresses accessible all around India. With the blend of tradition and modernity. With various colors, designs, etc. The ladies have various chances.

Here we have handpicked the top 10 famous fashion designers in Mumbai for your wedding dress. Because that is the touch your wedding dress requires.

After good research and thought, we have made this list for you.

Try not to miss visiting these astounding wedding dress designers…!

Jade by Monica and Karishma

Jade by Monica and Karishma is a fantastically creative soul and an amazing brand…

Conceived in October 2008 by creators Monica and Karishma. Jade is today inseparable from luxury and dynamism.

Their energy for making extraordinary pieces addressing the standard Indian needs. In a specific and restoring manner makes them distinct.

Jade collections incorporate a world-class Couture Bridal Designers’ line. You can choose him as one of the best bridal fashion designers in Mumbai.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee

Sabyasachi Mukherjee technique is an essential and clear-‘Customised flaw of the human hand‘.

Deserts, whores, tramps, and traditional materials. And social traditions of where he grew up.

Kolkata is where he believes that “pieces of clothing should be a growth of one’s wisdom”

He uses extraordinary textures. A combination of ‘blend’ of styles, ‘fix worked’. With stunning embellishments in a fiery different concealing palette. To impact the conclusion of getting back to the ‘soul’.

His appearances gather pictures of old-fashioned and archaic ages.

He depicts his gatherings as ‘an International styling with an Indian soul’.

In his outfits, he tries to create a vigor that is acceptable by all sects of society. BridesofSabyasachi is one of the most famous bridal brands in India.

Which also makes Sabyasachi One of the best fashion designers in Mumbai.

Anita Dongre

Anita Dongre designs are inspired by Rajasthan’s rich heritage.

Showing Indian feel with front line reasonableness.

Offering bespoke marriage, couture, pret, menswear, and top-notch gold jadau gems.

Anita Dongre is a similarity for transcendent design.

Bespoke marriage linens that reflect the amazing quality of India’s specialties in gotta Patti hand weaving. Traditional gold thwarts and handspun Banarasi weaves.

Ritu Kumar

Ritu Kumar is the greatest and most respected wedding designer in India today.

Since 1969, she has developed one of her kind styles. Reflecting the old shows of Indian craftsmanship in contemporary jargon.

Mrs. Kumar’s understanding of the old culture and the creative usage of it for art has made her style.

Ms. Kumar is an ideal choice because of her specific usage of tints, textures, weavings. And a brilliantly rich Indian class.

Chamee and Palak

Chamee and Palak – their work is a crossroads of inspiration, identity, and femininity.

Each outfit is expected to compliment the inner beauty of the woman.

Their outfits play with all kinds of trends and traditions of the country. Taking care of the nity gritties of the same.

Wouldn’t you want to have a look at the astonishing designs when an occasion stops by?

Priti Sahni

The eagerness of sketching out something different has affected Priti Sahni. To take many captivating turns while creating her style.

Priti was a master in the field of data examination. But quit her comfortable corporate life to chase her dream of becoming a fashion designer.

Priti impelled her mark in the year 2011. And has transformed into the standard designer for the Indian fam.

Her strength has been in creating an intriguing mix of tints.  Textures that bring out the beauty in the greatest sarees and lehengas.

Shyamal and Bhumika

Gujarat based architects Shyamal and Bhumika’s designs reflect a want for creation and heritage.

Bhumika’s energy for materials. And Shape drove her to analyze the structure plan at the National Institute of Fashion Technology.

Shyamal explored these areas in London and Milan.

Chosen for best Indian wear in 2008 Shyamal and Bhumika work for a couple of clients worldwide.

They have also created pieces for stars like Esha Deol, Sonakshi Sinha, DiaMirza, Hema Malini and the list can go on.

Dolly J Bridal Collection

Dolly J things are designed with weaving and hand-woven materials. For instance, Banarasi Silk and Lucknowi Chikankari.

These textures are produced by various expert craftsmen in India.

Their Product design measure is set up in regular coloring and weaving frameworks.

Dolly J uses this material and techniques for the forte in a contemporary. And current manner by blending it in with western prints.

Everything displays their wonderfulness of strength. And the probability of a fresh method.

Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla

Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla’s pieces of clothing are exceptional combinations.

Using the best textures as canvases. Awakening the stunning weavings and embellishments to make what has been portrayed as present-day art.

Their fixation has been on the woman.

They are the ones who expect and justify the unrivaled quality. And feminine pieces of clothing.

Their style is Indian and draws significance from the royalty of India’s inheritance.

Most popular for their remakes of old procedures. And weavings include Chikankari, Zardozi, and Tharad.

The Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla name is known for its conventional elegance.

Disha Patil

Disha Patil is impeccable inclination of plan, vision, and marvelousness. Have helped her develop into various innovative endeavors all at one go.

Her style and workforce are foaming and clearing.

Depicting her style as fun, astonishing, basic, and restoring. The name centers around engaging point by point frameworks and rich colors.

She puts together her outfits with steaming love blended with tradition and modernity.

A must-try for all the brides out there!


Every woman deserves to be in her best on the big day. Hence the struggle is completely justified.

Why not go through the charade and come out perfect than not and end up spoiling it all?

These were some of the suggestions from our side on the 10 famous fashion designers in Mumbai for your wedding dress.

Mumbai is a brimming place for all your wedding needs. Though this list consists of only 10 designers. The list can be more comprehensive and we’d expect you to do the rest of the work!

Depending on your style and preferences you should make a list for yourself and ideate.

Hope this one helped you, looking forward to the twists and swirls real soon!

Happy wedding!

Top 10 Wedding Magazines in India You Must Know

Get Inspiration & Ideas from the Best Wedding magazines in India, for your Big Day!

Recollect the bookmarking the pages of wedding magazines?

Or when we put great patterns from these books all around our room?

Particularly for the ones who longed for the fantasy! Presently, the time has come to get our hands back on them and explore.

Throughout the long term. Our large fat Indian wedding has just increased and the patterns are ceaseless.

In this way, from hefty fashioner wear to the ideal stylistic layout. We have huge loads of wedding magazines in India to make you go for the enormous day.

Here is a list of 10 Wedding Magazines in India that you should get from the stands immediately!

List of Top 10 Wedding Magazines in India

Here is the list of the best magazines you should read for wedding ideas and inspiration.

  1. Wedding Vows
  2. Femina Wedding Times
  3. Wedding Affair
  4. Harper’s Bazaar Bride
  5. Vogue Weddings
  6. Mandala Weddings
  7. Ladies Today
  8. Wedding Sutra
  9. Khush Wedding
  10. Suhaag

Wedding Vows

In case you’re searching for a wedding magazine in India.  With all the more south Indian touch. Like how to shake that Pattu sari or pair up the correct gems then it’s Wedding Vows.

Apart from bringing to you a definitive south Indian wedding magazine. The magazine likewise proposes a ton of approaches to get your arrangement moving.

You could even get propelled by their genuine stories section.  Where they highlight accounts of different couples after a week.

The magazine has likewise got some combination marriage looks.  Travel and special first night tips, subjects for weddings. And some popular wedding notes from Bollywood and around the globe too.

Femina Wedding Times

This magazine as of late grabbed our eye. Because of the many other intense symbols from entertainers quite a long time after a month.

Hence, Femina Wedding Times is one of the top wedding magazines in India to get.

From subtleties of Bipasha Basu’s Bengali wedding to florals. And bringing the Nath (nose ring) back stylish. Their many issues are your book of scriptures for everything.

We additionally cherished their Yami Gautam issue. Which is for those of you who might want to leave the container for the enormous day. And make note of ethnic subtleties as well as get the super stylish completion also.

Likewise, on the off chance that you’re thinking this one is only for the ladies, hang on. They have a few style proclamations from Rajkummar Rao and a ton of our #1 man also, for the spouse’s wedding symbol.

Wedding Affair

In case you’re searching for the correct brands to pick for your wedding. Wellbeing items to keep the gleam. And the ideal goal to whisk away and get married, Then the Wedding Affair is the wedding magazine for you.

With looks from the incline, Superstar motivations, and generally unpretentious subtleties. The magazine is about the tips and tricks to prove the enormous day.

A look at the Wedding Affair and you will discover all you need.

From moderate marriage looks, hairdos for the lady of the hour, subtleties from excessive weddings around India. And loads of charming accounts of our venerated images.

Harper’s Bazaar Bride

Bazaar Bride is what we call restless and impressive.

Also, similar to what they say, you would need to crop out each image from their issue.

From bridal inspirations from Sonam Kapoor to some tasteful impacts from Salman Khan. Bazaar Bride is a standout amongst other wedding magazines of India for both the ladies and the spouses the same.

Likewise, it doesn’t simply stop at brilliant covers. Bazaar Bride has additionally got some ‘When Art Weds Fashion’ issues. And has set some extraordinary vintage patterns.

Like when Aishwarya Rai gave us some major goals as a cutting edge and a definitive modern bride.

Vogue Weddings

Presently, Vogue probably won’t have a wedding issue.

But, the magazine realizes how to nail it, with regards to introducing big name weddings.

From Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja’s service to Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ stunning promises. Vogue Weddings presents the glamourous world like none other.

Also, in case you’re a film aficionado and all of a year ago’s weddings surprised you, at that point Vogue it is.

We realized Vogue was our go-to magazine when they dropped the Sonam issue a year ago. Which got us over 150 some selective shots/subtleties of the most classy wedding of the year.

From complex subtleties of the wedding dress to wonderful adornments. Mangalsutra patterns and wedding looks of the lady of the hour/groom yet additionally the companions/family. There is something other than one takeaway with Vogue’s marriage segments.

Mandala Weddings

Mandala Weddings is one of those wedding magazines that abandons. All the stars and brings to you sections from genuine Indian weddings around the globe.

Not simply Rajasthani picturesque marriages or promises along the seashores of South India.

In any case, they likewise catch significant Indian weddings abroad and present it to us.

In case you’re hoping to know how one of us did it. How they approached their enormous day and made it picture-great. Mandala Weddings may be the book you need to make notes from.

They additionally give basic and lovely style tips for Lehengas. And a few searches for the husband too.

Ladies Today

Ladies Today is about the current happenings in the Big Fat Indian Wedding world.

On the off chance that you need to remain snared. To who is getting hitched to whom and in particular in what style, Brides Today may be the wedding magazine for you.

From Mehendi and Haldi service patterns to the most recent couture. Feature by our #1 planners and huge loads of big-name wedding gatherings. This is your one-stop point, for all the subtleties that there is from the stars who got married most as of late.

Wedding Sutra

Wedding Sutra is the thing that we might want to call the advanced adaptation of the A-Z of weddings.

Genuine Wedding Stories, Celebrity wedding documents, Bride tips, Groom motivations, objections to considering. And even close to home sites, and so on and the site has you covered.

This wedding magazine is not like the other wedding magazines. Thinking of it gives you the upside of being easy to understand and especially in a hurry.

They have pail heaps of wedding journals from around India, for your marriage inspo. What’s more, the list of takeaways from this site is endless!

Khush Wedding

When you enter the official website of Khush mag. You will not enter a website but a world of wedding magazines and Beautiful brides.

From sangeet to the reception, Khush mag has got you covered.

Do not shy away from going through at least one edition of theirs. Though I already know you won’t after you have a look at their covers.

The magazines aren’t appealing, they’re mesmerizing and will hit you to the core.

Grab your copy, now!


Aside from leading glamorous wedding shows. Suhaag is likewise known for being an exceptional South Asian wedding magazine.

You have excellent tips from something other than one nation. There are Indian wedding stories from the provinces of Santorini. And some inspirational segments too for the lady and husband to destress.

Besides, on the off chance that you’re on bridesmaid obligation. All the tips and other things you require to gather for your BFF are arranged. Also with their different wedding segments.


In this way, if your wedding day is drawing closer or you have quite recently put the ring on it. Get the above top 10 wedding magazines in India, bury yourself in them and you’re sure to rock the day.

In case you’re stuck, Wedus is here to support you.