Don’t Miss These Things While Planning a Beach Wedding In India

Beach Weddings are a tedious affair, let’s find out some potholes you need to take care of!

Weddings on the seashore, whether or not held at a distinguished destination or your summer getaway home, can be an extremely good get-out for each couple and their respective visitors. 

After all, it’s like a mini-excursion for anyone. 

However, pulling off a wonderful occasion on the shore isn’t without any demanding situations. 

Let’s look at the 6 most crucial things to understand about how to devise a beach wedding ceremony with ease.

Have a Daytime Ceremony

The ocean gives one of the most beautiful settings, so you must keep in mind to have a wedding at some stage in the daytime.

Once the solar drops under the horizon, the water goes black—and until you have got a complete moon, the sea is misplaced.

But while having a daylight wedding ceremony approach you want to consider some things. 

SPF 50 is sexy, You don’t need to get a loopy sunburn on your wedding day.

Flowers also do not just like the warm sun and maybe intricate to deal with. 

Choose a good plan with flowers that can be maintained in the warm.

A few alternatives that work properly are freesias, calla lilies, orchids, and succulents. 

Steer far from hydrangeas and roses, which will wilt away very quickly.

Have a Sound System

Between the wind and the waves, there may be a whole lot of background noise at a seaside wedding, 

We recommend the use of microphones for the ceremony. 

Also, make sure you operate a windscreen cover for the microphone so that your guests aren’t pissed off by the truth that all they hear is the wind and no longer your vows.

Public vs. Private

Many seashore accommodations are anchored via stunning seashores, but unless you’ve bought out the property, you might have to accommodate your wedding guests in hotels. 

If the possibility of having little Sally splashing around and yelling in the course of the ceremony worries you, make sure that you ask the motel if privatizing the beach on your wedding ceremony is an available option before you book.

Dress Appropriately

Not all attire, fabrics, and veil styles work for a seashore wedding ceremony. 

An airy sheath is most sand-pleasant, however, if you want to put on a gown or a Lehenga with a fuller skirt, make sure you select a dress made of a lighter material that gives you space for extra movement. 

Also, do not be scared of trying out a colored set since we’re personally quite partial to light red and faded blue outfits for the seashore. 

Lastly, keep in mind, a veil is like a sail within the wind

The much less fussy your veil, the prettier your pictures will appear.

If you wear heels…

A barefoot beach wedding ceremony is fabulous, but it’s not a sensible approach to ask every bride or expect every one of them to ditch their Louboutins. 

One technique to get you down the aisle or the mandap in heels is to bury a timber or woody walkway that leads you to the ceremony under the sand.

If it still seems like a sandy seaside, try to make it possible to have a stroll in heels once and get acquainted.

Have a Wind Plan

As much as you thought that the rain is your enemy at a beach wedding, it’s the wind you need to worry about.

Windy afternoons and evenings may be cold, sandy, or absolutely out of the plan for the ceremony.

Take time to learn about the typical climate of your specific wedding spot and subsequently have a backup plan. 

Choose a hotel that has multiple areas that work for the ceremony so that you have an integrated Plan B. 

If you choose to marry on a beach, it is not associated much with a motel but you ought to reserve a backup area, whether or not you come to use it.


Beach weddings can be a handful, both literally and metaphorically.

Even though they are, they’re still worth tons when you’re completely done with them and go through those amazing pictures.

The pictures are the best part of having a wedding at the shore 

Though the common conception of having a beachside wedding is that only Christian weddings ceremonies can take place there, yet, we are positive that your colorful Indian wedding can also be a success if you can take care of the above pointers completely.

The rest of it, we must leave on the angels of marriage.

Happy wedding!

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