Wedding Photographer Discovered 7 Ways to Make The Bride Look Splendid

Even if the bride didn’t try to look beautiful 

she will look Astonishing on her wedding day…

This is the magic of this big day.

That’s way,

It is said that;

“ Every bride is beautiful”.

It’s just the mindset that makes you beautiful and happy. And every bride knows that they will turn up more beautiful on her special day.

Despite knowing all these things it’s natural that brides get conscious about their appearance on their wedding day. 

Now she looks like the best bride on her day.

But that looks will go once the ceremony is over. 

So that’s the reason photographers are hired to capture the essence of that day.

To freeze the beauty of the bride forever.

And that is only possible when you got the best wedding photographers in the town who knows it better, how to make you look even better.

Here are a few quick notes every bride should know.

The camera captures reality. What I mean is: if you are sad and want to smile in front of the camera. The camera will tell you, you are sad. If you are angry the camera will detect that you are angry.

So you need to be happy and present with your complete soul on your wedding day.

That’s why you should always hire a professional wedding photographer. Not the one who will just arrive to eat the wedding food and drink fine wines.

Not taking much of your time.

Here in this article after doing wedding photography for a long time, with my experience and experiments. I have discovered 7 most unique ways which will make the bride look splendid on her Wedding days.

1. Proper Sleep


Do you mean Sleep?

Yes, this question must have popped up in your mind.

Yes, I mean good sleep.

If you remember, when yesterday’s sleep was healthy. You felt smart and enthusiastic to take your day. 

Likewise when you take a healthy sleep. You be healthy and look fresh and that freshness makes you look more beautiful.

Suppose your day was hectic and went to bed very late. Again the next day was the same due to your busy schedule you couldn’t have a good sleep. Just look at your face in the mirror the very next day. You can find that tiredness, and glaze missing on your face.

This is not just for a bride to look beautiful on her wedding days but in general life also it’s the same we have to take care off, to look smart and work efficiently & effectively.

So this point is very essential for the bride and anyone who wants to look amazing on the wedding days.

2. Smile

Smiling is the key to any gateway. And that’s how on your wedding days too. It was long back when I first started wedding photography in Delhi. I was very passionate to capture all the emotions of the couples. 

Using all the photography skills and experience, I was covering the ceremony. But when I saw the camera screen I was missing something in the picture. There was the moment when I discovered this  factor. The key to make the wedding pictures look mind-boggling.

Those days I was very skeptical and I wouldn’t say anything to the bride. As I was taking care of candid wedding photography. Holding canon 5d mark iv with canon 70-200 mm IS II lens. And was running here and there for the best moments to capture.

We were done with the event and have collected a good amount of glorious candid wedding picture and the client was happy with the pictures and gave us amazing review.

She said, “ You guys rock, without any doubt you are the best wedding photographer in Delhi.”

I was Flattered, but not from inside as something was eating my head.

When my derrieres sat on the chair to edit and retouch those picture at that time I discovered what was the missing factor that day, which I couldn’t find. 

And yes It was the bride’s SMILE. It is magic, if you are going to be a bride or any bride you know, ask them to smile from inside. Then see the magic in the picture. They will love it for sure.

So to all going to be brides make sure you got those natural smile in your face throughout your wedding days. To look splendid in your wedding photos.

3. Being Fit

Have you gone mad? 

Is this thought came in your mind?

If yes, you need to hit the gym or the park.

Yes, I am the crazy head who will make you participate to get the best wedding pictures on your big blasting day. 

You know what, if you are fat, start running, start jumping, go do whatever you can just leave your comfort zone and if you are in the fitness zone, Carry on whatever you were doing.

When you are fit you have that energy to hold that day for long and avoid the fatigues. 

Getting tired is going to ruin your pictures.

When you are fit you look attractive, you look gorgeous, you look glorious, you look beautiful and if you remember, the camera captures the reality.

So to all the brides make sure before 6 5 4 or  3 2 months or even 1 month, start doing the workout. 

And in the next topic, we will see what more to add with the workout to add more energy in your looks.

4. Eat healthily

Let me eat everything I can before my wedding, who knows if my fiance doesn’t allow me after being a husband.

Mumma lets eat gold Gappa today…!

Let’s order a large pizza today!

Oh oh, Stop Stop!

Don’t worry your hubby will not stop you eating Gol Gappa after getting married.

Who in this world can stop females to eat Gol Gappe?

These days even boys love it as much as girls do.

Yes, I have one of my friends from Agra. though he is a lawyer in the supreme court.

I have never seen a water balls lovers like this freak lawyer.

Remember the mantra to stay fit is not just going to the gym or doing any shot of workout.

Diet is the main factor to stay fit.

So make sure you are having healthy food which is required according to your body types.

One more thing I want to share with you.

Girls think eating less will make them look more slim and pretty.

But it’s a big NO. don’t do this, eat your proper food and to look slim increase your exercise.

It’s very simple and easy to follow. Try it, wedding is a one-time event in your life, let’s make it memorable by getting the best wedding pictures.

5. Props

The brides are always beautiful, but to add on some more fun and creativity to the pictures we can use props. Props work amazingly to make a fun environment. Just imagine when everyone is in a happy mood. That will be a memorable moment and rest leave it to the photographers.

The wedding photographers freeze those priceless memories into the camera. And definitely, those wedding pictures are going to be the best one.

The different type of props you can use are : 



Typography Images these are fun

 Any objects you can use as a prop.

Try it and see you will get the addons in your wedding pictures.

6. Quick Research

Oh, don’t worry, it’s not about researching for your Ph.d. its a brief research which you will enjoy doing.

I hope you are active in social media. if not, try Instagram and Pinterest.

Let’s talk Instagram first, Go search for wedding blogs active on Instagram and check out how brides pictures are uploaded. You might like some pictures or a few pictures may inspire you. 

Save those pictures and pass it to your wedding photographer. But that’s not the main point. While you will hover different pages on Instagram make sure you notice how the brides poses and apply into your big days too.

Here are few Instagram Pages doing amazing work.
Shaadi Saga





Pinterest is different maybe you are new to it but not to worry just search for Best wedding bride pictures or best wedding groom pictures or best wedding pictures. And see you will find tons of pictures. 

Now save those pictures or you can download it, its your wish.

Easy to follow, isn’t it? Yes everyone loves to accessing Instagram this day.

This section is important to produce the best wedding pictures.

7.Candid Wedding Photography

I hope you know what is candid photography? If not check this

Or a brief definition “ A random pictures got clicked without your awareness”. Means when you are not asked to pose, all clicks are natural.

The magic here is candid wedding photography is just WOW thing. Have you got any candid photos? You love it right?

Yes, candid pictures had magical value to your photographs. These will make your wedding day memorable. 

So don’t forget to check whether your wedding photographer offers Candid wedding photographers or not?

I remember my 1st Wedding photography shoots. And you know I was hired as a Candid wedding photographer in Noida. Speaking truth I was flabbergasted when I delivered the final pictures to my clients.

They just loved my work. But they never knew it was my first assignment.

These above-mentioned points will make you stand out with your wedding pictures.

And if you have any questions regarding wedding photography you can ask me by commenting below. I will reply to all of the questions.

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