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Best Wedding Photography in Delhi, India

Oh it looks you are getting married

Are you?

If it’s you than congratulation. it’s once in a lifetime achievement, this day won’t repeat again because it’s your wedding… Cheers …!!!

Congratulation to you ,the couple and their families.

From the day child is born parents make so many plans and talks for their child wedding days.

Wedding is one of the most important day of the couple and their love ones.
This day is full of so many emotions, love, happiness, sadness, fun, crying, masti and what not.

Every single member of the family and all invited guests are involved in the occasion carrying lot of memories with themselves.

The bride and groom are the stars of the wedding days. This is the day when two soul get together forever. This is the day for which the couple has been waiting for.

Wedding days has a magic which makes the bride look more beautiful and the groom more smarter than ever.

And at the end this day become such a memorable day.

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The day has gone will never come back but the memories will always be there with you.

And now comes the role of WEDUS(the Best Wedding Photography in Delhi, India) who will act as a time machine for you.

Because we are the one who will freeze your wedding event with our professional equipment to make you travel in the time and recall those beautiful memory again.

From the 1st smile of your to the last cry of the bride we focus on each and every details happening all around in your wedding day to make it more magical in future.

“ Since the day i have started wedding photography i have learned and improved with every events and it is a long way now standing with the best Wedding photography team in India.”

Wedus has worked with full dedication considering to be the best in the world of wedding photography and has worked with 100 of clients across India and Abroad.

Our Mantra for standing different is like :

  • Focus on details
  • Provide value
  • Timing is our 1st priority
  • Innovative and creative
  • Processed with Standard system

Wedding photography is very sensitive job but we as a wedding photographer handle this so professionally and systematically taking all the factors into consideration that it looks like a butter floating in the hot pan.

Wedus don’t believe in our first meeting we believe in the last words after delivering the final picture to you.

Yes, our only motto other than earning money is to see that smile in the couples face.

I have synergized this company for the customers to provide customer delight in any term and condition.

We give value time to each and every client of Wedus and we never book many clients for the sake of money. We have a very selective client and work with our full dedication and experience.

We don’t say we are the best wedding photographer in Delhi India.  who has so much love for us.

And Our next target is “YOU” from whom we want to hear that WEDUS is the best Luxurious wedding photographer in Delhi.

Hold on,

Enough of Wedus… You will find such Wedding photographer anywhere in your market.

But before that

Have a look to the time machine of our happiest clients.

You Must Have Seen Us on

Candid Wedding Photography


Wedding Photography is meaningless without a Candid Wedding Photography in Delhi, India. Candid Wedding photography is not when you are asked to pose or get active to get clicked. Candid is when you got captured and you have no idea about it. When all the clicks are natural and all the emotions are very well captured in its nature way is something called candid wedding photography.
It cannot be attained by the Photographer standing at one place and clicking pictures. For this he need to be like a marathon runner who keeps of running here and there to chase a beautiful candid picture and not to miss any  moments.
Wedus always has specific Candid Wedding Photographers in all events which we cover. They are highly professional holding years of experience in candid photography. Our packages always includes candid wedding photography. But you can only book for candid photographer also.
You would love to check out our previous work for candid wedding  picture.

Destination Wedding Photography


Memories can be created from anywhere but destination wedding has a different level of masti and memories to capture. Nowadays weddings do not take place at home only, it’s the time where people love to travel beautiful place around the world to make their marriage happen in the most happening way.

Indian wedding means lot of emotion, drama , masti, romance, dance, khana pina and what not . It’s definitely the day for the couples but families and close ones do participate to make it more memorable. When it comes to destination wedding families and close one are more excited along with the couples .

If you love beach side, beautiful landscape, beautiful resort and all the facilities at one place for your relative and friends to enjoying the wedding. Feeling the rich ambiance with lots of emotions, music, dance, cocktails, party, romantic views etc, then you are the one made for destination wedding.

You can travel anywhere you want for your wedding. Wedus the best Destination Wedding Photographers in Delhi, India will capture the entire wedding in the best possible ways to make it more memorable and deliver you more than your expectation.

Before you book us I would like to say you that we haven’t covered any Destination Wedding Photography till now. But that doesn’t mean we are less than any one in the market. Our priority is to deliver value to the customer and the best in the International level market. So just book us rest your pictures will be the fad of that era for sure.

Pre Wedding Photography


Pre wedding shoots are the fad of this era for the wedding couples. What can be more beautiful than being romantic and capturing your love story in the camera. It makes the couple feel their love story and enjoy the moment before marriage.

This is a part of wedding photography where couple love to show there chemistry in front of the people.

Wedus understand your demands for the pre wedding shoots and our team of expert fulfill it with being more professional and creative towards their work.

We are based in Delhi but travel all around the world for Pre Wedding Photography according to your choice of location.

You would love the concepts we create in our every new projects. Have a Look to our previous work.

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