21 Best & Unique Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Props

Relive Your Love Story and Freeze it forever!

Pre-wedding shoots are turning into hype nowadays.

Couples are deciding to declare their selected dates by sending the “spare-the-date” cards. Or having a pre-wedding shoot while holding a few props, showing the time & date.

Other than this, couples additionally discover the pre-wedding shoot to be a badge of memory. Recollecting all the jokes that have gone ahead of their way. And how happy they’ve been through every last bit of it.

We present you with some idiosyncratic and cool props for your pre-wedding shoot. That will transform your shoot into a pleasant one!

If  you are one couple, I’m sure you’ll adore every one of these props. 

…Checkout the pre-wedding photoshoots props

List of 21 Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Props

  1. Go to the Picnic-Style
  2. Matching Tees or Pyjamas
  3. Balloons
  4. Jigsaw
  5. Bicycle Ride
  6. Bride & Groom Badges
  7. Couple Cushion Covers or Bedsheet
  8. Matching Mugs
  9. Boat & Water
  10. Flowers & Trees
  11. A smoke Bomb of Colors
  12. Party Bombs
  13. Dupatta
  14. Wooden Frames
  15. Horse Cart
  16. Parachutes
  17. Windows & Balconies
  18. Pets
  19. Pianos or Guitars
  20. Quotes Cards
  21. Fairy Lights

Go to the Picnic-Style

Beautiful set up of picnic props in a luscious garden. Where you and your spouse can lie down under a set of trees cherishing the moment.

This setup is beautiful for people who are outgoing and want to display their love like that.

The set up is easy and can be done with the mere help of the family or the photographer.

A bedsheet with some picnic related items are needed and tada! You have it all ready! 

Ask your photographer to utilise this pre wedding photoshoots props. To make it worth it.

Matching Tees or Pyjamas

Matching tees or pyjamas are such an amazing way of displaying what sync you guys are at.

Tees or pyjamas can be ordered from any website or can be customized as per the couple’s requirements.

There can either be a combination of matching print tee. And pyjamas, pyjamas and pyjamas, or tees and tees, but, and whatever suits you.


Beautiful balloons floating in the air while you and your spouse give a romantic pose as the photographer goes “cheese”!

Ain’t it beautiful?

Balloons are easy to handle props and would require less to no money at all!

The balloons can also be customized or themed according to the requirements of the couple.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles or bricks of crosswords can be used to either name the person next to you or say something like. “I love you”, “you’re mine”, etc.

These are easy to handle very easily available props. You’ll find it at any store or if you have a kid in the family then there you go!

Bicycle Ride

Bicycle rides with flowers in the front basket. And the lady in the front seat is so old school yet romantically perfect at the same time.

Bikes, cars, autorickshaws, and absolutely any vehicle that is used for conveyance can be used.

They are super cool and very easy to use bringing out the inner kid in your pre-wedding photographs.

Bride and Groom Badges

Bride & groom badges can be either pinned up to your outfits or held in your hands while getting clicked.

Such a cute prop showing on yourselves. While the photographer clicks a beautiful picture of the couple interacting.

A very mesmerizing way of getting clicked. And attaching the picture in the invitation card of your wedding

Couple Cushion Covers or Bedsheets

Couple cushions or bed sheets can be held in hands while the couple sits on the bed in their pyjamas.

Such subtlety that it will create a sense of happiness amongst everyone who gets a look at the photos!

Matching Mugs

Mugs! Such an old fashioned gift, right? Why not use it as a symbol of everlasting love and happiness in your marriage?

You can get a message engraved on the mug for your significant other and reveal it to them at the time of the shoot.

The happiness their face reflects will be captured by the photographer, right away!

Boat and Water

Want to get clicked on a beach or a riverside? Why not inside the river itself?

Get yourself a boat and get captured posing like love birds in that love ocean of yours!

An easy yet unique way of getting mesmerizing pre-wedding pictures.

Flowers and Trees

Wouldn’t it be beautiful if you and your spouse were standing under a tree and flowers were raining on you?

It is possible you know!

Get someone to shake a tree or shower some flowers on you as you dive into the eyes of your lover. And the photographer captures the beauty!

A Smoke Bomb of Colors

Have you noticed a smoke bomb of colors going here and there in movies like Ranjhana etc?

You can have it just like that if you’ve always admired the beauty of it!

Smoke bombs of colors in photographs are truly in and the most used props in pre-wedding or wedding shoots ever!

Grab your bomb now!

Party Bombs

Noticed how the party bombs burst? I’m sure you have.

Why not incorporate the same in your photographs and rock it up party style?


Admired Kajol and Shah Rukh’s Gerua?

The dupatta had made it unique and worthy of being noticed.

You can get the exact poses that Kajol has put out in the movie with King Khan!

Grab your dupatta ladies, it’s showtime!

Wooden Frames

Photo frames! Ah!

What another way of getting a photo in a photo frame?

Isn’t it beautiful?

Find out yourself and let us know how’d you like it.

Horse Cart

Are you the desi couple and not embarrassed to show it off?

Horse cart pictures are all for you!

Grab the nearest cart and hop on, the photographer will ride it!


What better way of starting a new life other than releasing a wish in the sky?

Parachutes are a wonderful way of capturing the couple as well as the lovely sky both for your pre-wedding pictures!

Anything that has the lovely sky in it makes it one hell of a moment!

Grab your moment too.

Windows and Balconies

Sneaky love? Was it?

Even if it wasn’t, get the Romeo Juliet tint in your pre-wedding photographs. By cutely sneaking from the window of your room to your significant other late at night!

Windows decorated with lovely roses and sandalwood will look more attractive. You can ask your pre-wedding photographer to suggest different poses.


Dogs! Perfect. Period.

Why not incorporate the love of your life, aka. Your little furry buddy into your pictures and make them much more loving and wonderful?

I’m sure your furry buddy also has some signature poses! 

Pianos or Guitars

Does he sing for you? Or plays?

If yes then what’s the wait for? Bring out the spirit of your love in those lovely pictures of yours by handing him a guitar or whatever instrument he plays!

Quote Cards

Something like” not single anymore”, “wifey up” etc are so in nowadays!

You will come across several cafeterias that have props like these, why not use them for your photoshoot too?

It will add more happiness to your pre-wedding photography.

Fairy Lights

Fairies and lights, both can make anyone look pretty, and fairy lights can do so!

A picture lit up by both, the love of your life and the fairy lights is super romantic.

Cheap and easy to handle, fairy lights are the liberation y’all! 


Aren’t these props amazing?

They’re cheap, affordable and who thought cushions could make a prop too?

Did you?

These were some of the 21 best and unique pre-wedding shoot props from my side

Looking forward to some ideas from yours too!

Incredible Pre wedding Shoot in Delhi Capt Parminder & Bhawna

Pre-wedding shoots for couples with high imagination

This is how it all started

I was on a Pre-wedding shoot in Delhi with my team.

During the day my phone rang 

I took the call

As usual, there was an inquiry for pre-wedding shoot

In very short I explained to her the details of the package which we provide.

But her concern was to get the pre-wedding shoot in Gurgaon.

I asked her to get back to her in some time as I was in a shoot.

Yes, she was none other than our prestigious client Bhawna.

Till that time she was not our client.

Later on in the evening when I was done with the shoots

I gave her a callback.

And I explained to her the package in detail.

She was fine with the package but her concern was the location.

She wanted to get the shoot done in Gurgaon.

But in the conversation suggested her to go with the paid location.

As explained she asked me the details of the paid location 

On her whats app no.

After the call dropped, in 5 mins I have sent the details 

With the best pre-wedding paid location in Delhi.

And they were as follows:

Photo Rachna Studio

The picture Destination

The picture town

The picture Ville

The perfect location

Your dream location

She asked me to suggest the best one among this and I suggested these four names

Photo Rachna Studio

The picture destination

The picture ville

The picture town

I got thanks and the conversation was over.



The deal didn’t turn out.

I couldn’t close the deal.

I was back at work.

The next day I received a message asking for the availability on 22nd of Nov 2019.

I checked my schedule and my team was available for the booking.

So after my confirmation, she booked the pre-wedding location in Delhi 


it was the picture destination.

Yes, she paid us the advance amount and the deal was closed.

Oh finally its the shoot day today.

I and my team headed towards the location.

After reaching there, I met the couple for the first time.

Till that time I wasn’t know anything about Captain Parminder. 

So while discussing the outfits 

Miss Bhawana told me that the last outfit will be the uniform.

So then I came to know he was the Indian Army.

And that would be easily perceived by his personality and the way he was talking to us.

A true gentleman with a pretty Fiance was ready for the wonderful pre-wedding shoot.

Their first outfit was Lenga and suit and it was an astonishing shoot.

So here I will share those beautiful moments captured for this beautiful couple.

Every Pre-wedding shoot is a special one for WEDUS.IN and in every shoot, we try to bring more creativity and uniqueness in the pictures.

And the best part for doing that is to keep on doing experiments and we did it well.

Now the love story began and they came more closure than earlier. 

Top 7 Place for Pre Wedding Shoots in Delhi Expert Approved

Pre-wedding shoots in Delhi is on high trends and the fad is spreading across the country. Why hide your love Story when you can Shower it. Because you are in love and the day is near to get Knot forever.

Before Getting married let’s present your Real love story in the reel love story. And yes you both are going to be the star cast of your love story.

Best of  Pre-wedding Shoots can be achieved with better location though there are other factors also, Which matters a lot.

And if you are in search of the best Pre Wedding shoot location in Delhi you are at the right place. Here in this article I have mentioned 7 places all according to the experience and are expert-approved.

Pre Wedding shoots are of two types One is pre-wedding Photography and the other is videography also know as the cinematic film.

Here are the 7 locations mentioned below:

  1. Lodhi Garden
  2. Hauz Khas Village
  3. Connaught  Palace
  4. Lodhi Art District
  5. Humayun Tomb
  6. Okhla Bird Sanctuary
  7. Garden of Five Sense
  1. Lodhi Garden:

Lodhi garden is the best place for Pre-wedding shoots in Delhi. It is a photography free zone. It is located in the center of Delhi. I will suggest this place in 1st place. This place is expert-approved and the reason to choose this place is:

It is located in the center of Delhi

It has a very large land area

It has multiple background option

It has got a very neat and clean environment

The place is lashed with trees and bushes

You will get lots of heritage architecture to use as background

Overall it is the best place in Delhi for a pre-wedding shoot for free location.

You can take a review of this place from your photographer but there is one difficulty in this place, you cannot change your outfits. It’s not allowed in the washroom.

But don’t worry visit there you make find some better option.

There are many paid location like

But these places are mostly on the outer skirt of Delhi.

2. Hauz Khas village:

Another free photography zone in Delhi, Where you can see photographers showing their talent all around the area.

This place is somewhere similar to Lodhi garden but it is not as big as that place. You can find a good background with a beautiful lake and swans swimming.

The Old style Architecture helps the photographers to use it as a part of the picture.

It is at the backside of the Hauz Khas party hub. Where at night it looks like a mini Bangkok.

You can choose this place for your pre-wedding videos and photography.

Again dress changing is a big problem for this place also.

And the best part of this place is you can use the Hauz Khas street also for creative pre-wedding pictures.

And it all depends on the wedding photographer.

3. Connaught Place:

How can you Skip this beautiful place when it comes to pre-wedding shoots.

As you know Connaught Place called C.P is the heart of Delhi. Here you will find unique building architecture on the street.

C.P is not a specified park or a photography zone it’s just like all other market places in Delhi.

But you can use this place to give a beautiful look in your pictures. Before you start shooting in C.P make sure you discuss the timing with the photographer as it is crowded place and the public may assume the couple as Bollywood star.

The inner and outer circle with those white pillars makes it beautiful and can be utilized as a part of the pictures.

4. Lodhi Art District:

Oh yes ! how can you miss this place when it comes to Pre-wedding Photography though many photographers do not use this place as a pre-wedding shoot location.

But I must say creative photographer will not miss this place. This place is a colony wherein every street the roadside walls of the buildings are a painter with creativity. Which gives a catchy look.

Well, this place is very close to Lodhi garden just about 500 to 1 km from there. And if you are with the active photographer then you can cover both the location in one day to create beautiful pictures.

Here again, you may find a dress changing problem if you are carrying more than one outfit.

5. Humayun Tomb:

Yeah, this is also among one of the places where many photographers do visit for pre-wedding shoots. This place is located in Delhi, near to Nizamuddin Railway station from the back side.

This place has a beautiful green space with park, trees, benches and old design architecture.

You can visit this place for some decent clicks.

Now the rest two place are paid zone but it has a very amazing environment to get your pre-wedding shoot done.

6. Okhla Bird Sanctuary:

This is basically a bird sanctuary, in the side of the river Yamuna in Delhi Noida border. You will get much beautiful landscape and background to make it as a part of your pre-wedding pictures.

This place is a paid location for the visitors and if you carry a camera they charge extra amount for that.

You can try this location as you will get many more option to show your creativity.

You can visit this location prior to your shoots as you will get a clear picture of what you are looking for.

7. Garden of five Sense:

The most beautiful garden you can say and if you like beautiful flowers than this place is for you for your pre-wedding shoots. Garden of five senses is located in Saket.

There is an entry fee for the visitors and for photography and videography they charge some amount.

You will get very colorful background and foreground for your pictures…!!!

So, these were few of the free and paid location for Pre-wedding Shoots but still if you are confused and want the best pictures and suggestion you can contact wedus for the same.

But when it comes to creativity there are many more locations, being a professional and innovative wedding photographer, pre-wedding shoots can be done anywhere in the street of Delhi. You just need to take the action.

And if you have any query regarding wedding photography and pre-wedding shoots feel free to ask me. I will reply to all of the questions.