Why do They Call WEDUS The Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi?

The only Wedding Photographer in Delhi delivering Value to their clients.

Yes, it all started when Mr. Kapoor made a comment on us while having Coffee with Mr. Saxena.

A childhood friend of Mr. Kapoor, as Mr. Saxena was discussing for her daughter’s wedding and was having a big concern to hire the best wedding photographers in the country.

As her daughter was London return and wanted the highly professional and creative photographer for her wedding.

So why chance Mr. Kapoor praised Wedus in front of him tell our work was incredible on her daughter’s wedding function. 

It was around 9.30 pm when I received a call, a nice gentleman voice said Hello! AM I speaking to Mr. Arvind?

I said Yes ! then I came to know how Mr. Kapoor has given us the tag that we are the best luxury wedding photographers in Delhi.

On the phone call, we had scheduled a Meeting and the deal was finalized.

This was something comes well your motive is to provide customer delight to your customers.

Which eventually returns as a loyal customer.

Would you like to know the reasons why Mr? Kapoor was so impressed with our work.

Yes, it’s obvious because of the wedding Pictures and the films but do you think we are the only one who can click great pictures?

No, it’s not like that, there are many wedding photographers in Delhi who are doing well with the pictures but yes ours is uniques says Mr. Kapoor.

But other than pictures there are many more things which boosted us to be out of the box.

And while in the meeting with Mr. Saxena he asked us how you guys manage to be the best?

My answer was a smile on my face and saying just our dedication to being the best as we focus on each and every detail in the process.

And here are those few things we work on before going for any wedding shoots.

  • Meet the Couple & their families
  • Visit the location
  • Creative Pictures Research
  • Workshop with the team
  • Highly Professionals
  • Timing
  • Customer Delight

1. Meet the Couple & their families :

Is it necessary to meet the couple? Well, not really with other photographers but when it comes to WEDUS. Yes, it is one of the essential things we do to make a great teamwork.

Teamwork always produces a better result and that’s what we focus on. The team will be the couple, their families and the photographers.

Its help us to understand the couples and getting familiar with them and also it helps to know the couple’s expectations. 

Couples expectation is something in which we have more focus, after all, it is their big day but that doesn’t mean we ignore the families and their loved ones. Because  it the day for their family and loved ones too. 

The wedding couple is the star of the day and after meeting it makes them compatible with the camera and our team. There will be a kind of synergy leading towards producing great wedding pictures.

We explain the families and the couple about our process and the way we will roll in the wedding day.

So when you reserve Wedus make sure you note “ Meeting with Wedus “ in your checklist.

2. Visit the location:

The 2nd step is yet ignored by many expert photographers. But Wedus make it mandatory to visit the location prior to the event. This makes easy for our team to create some beautiful wedding pictures. 

It helps to understand the ambiance and we notice the framing and write it down. 

We check out what all background and props we can use from the location and what will be the lighting condition during the live event. After all, light is everything. 

After visiting the location it is all planned in the photographer’s mind how and where they can create the wow picture from the wedding. 

3. Creative pictures research

The best way to find innovative and creative ideas for wedding photography is by comparing your previous year’s work, which had marked the trend in the market. We go through our previous year’s works and compare it.

We sometimes repeat the fad after many years with some twist in the picture it becomes new and Trending. 

The second step is done by looking into the marketplace. Checking out what kind of picture is performing well in the market. It helps the photographers to create their own imagination to produce some beautiful pictures. 

Yes in third place we do check the competitors profile if they are producing any create picture for their customers. It again helps our photographers to create and showcase their creativity. 

4th we do an experiment, Yes we have a special team of photographers in our team who is well trained and are just asked to do an experiment to create some unique wedding pictures that can be the benchmark for many other wedding photographers. These photographers are the one who was once an expert photographer in our team. 

There are many more things we do. To give world-class luxury wedding pictures to our clients. 

4. Workshop With the team

Having a vision is a good thing, but a clear one. Wedus is not just a company its a team working towards a common goal. With a very loud and clear vision to be the best wedding photographers in Delhi

Before every event, we conduct a workshop, where every team member shares their suggestion to create some creative wedding pictures. 

And we discuss what innovative things can be done to achieve innovative wedding picture. 

After the final discussion, everyone gets a chance to showcase their talent whether it is from post-production or digital marketing team.

It helps to produce the creative part of every team member. 

We discuss the couple preferences and how we can roll out in that location. 

Thereafter a proper checklist is made with a timeline to be followed by every team member.

5. Highly Professionals :

Professionalism is what runs the company, but when it comes to wedding photography first priority we give to the quality in the work and then comes how professional our team is.

We believe in making experts and that’s how the professionalism comes in the entire team.

We have professional photographers working under one roof, other departments like marketing and finance also have a professional team.

Professional brings credibility in the market place and with the customers too. We love to work as an International company where customer delight is everyone’s role in the company.

This is one of the keys features Mr. Kapoor loved about WEDUS and said “ The highly professional wedding photographers in Delhi.

6. Timing :

Who so ever you are it doesn’t matter, until and unless you delivery the value on time.

Yes. it’s true that you are the best wedding photographer in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon or in all India. 

But you will fail if those beautiful pictures are not delivered on time.

If your said time for delivery was 1 month and you are giving out after 6 months it will create chaos and a feeling of nonprofessionalism. Which is not a good sign of pro photographer.

Here at Wedus, it’s our first priority to be on time let it be visiting the site or reaching the location on the event day.

Our timing focus strategy is what makes us different from the other photographers in Delhi. These were the words from Mr. Kapoor to Mr. Saxena.

7. Customer Delight

“It’s the base that makes the structure stronger”. A company is not run by the owner or the employees it is run by the customer. Wedus is based on customer satisfaction and delight.

If your customers are happy you need not to worry about the advertisement, there will more potential customers for you.

This is our value spot, our main priority to run this wedding photography company.

We will search for you and make you our happy client.

Yes, it’s true that every business runs for a profit because without profit it won’t sustain for long. And to make the company run for a longer period of time you should focus on customer Satisfaction first and then customer delight.

These are the few points I had mentioned to Mr. Saxena in a brief note about Wedus.

If you are getting married or looking for a wedding photographer in Delhi, India.

Feel free to contact us 

If you have anything running in your mind feel free to ask it on the comment section. I will answer all of them.

Thanking You

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