Is Sunny Dhiman Best Wedding Photographer In Chandigarh?

Let the Pictures Speak for Themselves.

Sunny Dhiman is a Chandigarh-based Wedding photographer. Before wedding photography, he was into fashion photography. 

In a brief amount of time as he has managed to earn a good name for himself in the arena of Wedding photography.

He has worked with some exquisite photographers and has learned a lot from them.

He has an excellent group of people, who are committed to taking pictures of your unique moments and savoring them for eternity.

If you are searching for someone who has a clean take on wedding ceremony images and can convey your images, memories, etc beautifully for all time. Then Sunny Dhiman Photography is the precise choice for your wedding ceremony.

They convert your photos into stories and produce them to life. He is one of the Best Wedding photographers in Chandigarh.

Words from himself

To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in a commonplace… 

I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” 

“I like working with people, telling stories, and creating personality in my images. While I am taking care of regional clients. I keep working on various National/International projects. While offering turnkey outcomes to clients anywhere in the world.

Have achieved so much in such less time, I still feel that my journey has just started.”

Services Offered

Sunny Dhiman has a completely proficient and expert crew with him.

Because of this, they could provide several services to cover your occasion.

Some of the offerings that they provide are:

  • Wedding Photography
  • Pre-Wedding Photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Commercials & product Shoots and much more

Working Style

The group has very committed and passionate photographers who love what they do.

Wedding images to them are being witnessed to your stunning story and that’s how they capture it.

They listen to what you want after which they plan out a way of working for your big day.

Depending on the type of photography you want, they can customize one-of-a-kind packages for you.

They have contemporary equipment and work flawlessly in-sync with each other. To cover all your events without missing anything vital.

Open to Destination Weddings/ Weddings in Other Cities?

Wedding Photography is the sort of job that requires one to tour if the client so needs it.

They are well known for destination wedding photography and take clients all over the world.

The team at Sunny Dhiman pictures is happy to journey anywhere in India or abroad for weddings.

As is the norm, outstation journey and accommodation charges are to be borne by way of the customer.

Sunny Dhiman Social Profile


Choosing the correct wedding photography isn’t an easy job but Sunny Dhiman is the perfect choice for you.

He is skilled, experienced, and very much motivated to make your big day a bigger one.

Do not compromise when it comes to photography, capturing those moments is very much important otherwise what’s the point?

Check his social media handles and website out to know more about his expertise.

We promise you’d have a great time with him.

Happy Wedding!

21 Best & Unique Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Props

Relive Your Love Story and Freeze it forever!

Pre-wedding shoots are turning into hype nowadays.

Couples are deciding to declare their selected dates by sending the “spare-the-date” cards. Or having a pre-wedding shoot while holding a few props, showing the time & date.

Other than this, couples additionally discover the pre-wedding shoot to be a badge of memory. Recollecting all the jokes that have gone ahead of their way. And how happy they’ve been through every last bit of it.

We present you with some idiosyncratic and cool props for your pre-wedding shoot. That will transform your shoot into a pleasant one!

If  you are one couple, I’m sure you’ll adore every one of these props. 

…Checkout the pre-wedding photoshoots props

List of 21 Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Props

  1. Go to the Picnic-Style
  2. Matching Tees or Pyjamas
  3. Balloons
  4. Jigsaw
  5. Bicycle Ride
  6. Bride & Groom Badges
  7. Couple Cushion Covers or Bedsheet
  8. Matching Mugs
  9. Boat & Water
  10. Flowers & Trees
  11. A smoke Bomb of Colors
  12. Party Bombs
  13. Dupatta
  14. Wooden Frames
  15. Horse Cart
  16. Parachutes
  17. Windows & Balconies
  18. Pets
  19. Pianos or Guitars
  20. Quotes Cards
  21. Fairy Lights

Go to the Picnic-Style

Beautiful set up of picnic props in a luscious garden. Where you and your spouse can lie down under a set of trees cherishing the moment.

This setup is beautiful for people who are outgoing and want to display their love like that.

The set up is easy and can be done with the mere help of the family or the photographer.

A bedsheet with some picnic related items are needed and tada! You have it all ready! 

Ask your photographer to utilise this pre wedding photoshoots props. To make it worth it.

Matching Tees or Pyjamas

Matching tees or pyjamas are such an amazing way of displaying what sync you guys are at.

Tees or pyjamas can be ordered from any website or can be customized as per the couple’s requirements.

There can either be a combination of matching print tee. And pyjamas, pyjamas and pyjamas, or tees and tees, but, and whatever suits you.


Beautiful balloons floating in the air while you and your spouse give a romantic pose as the photographer goes “cheese”!

Ain’t it beautiful?

Balloons are easy to handle props and would require less to no money at all!

The balloons can also be customized or themed according to the requirements of the couple.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles or bricks of crosswords can be used to either name the person next to you or say something like. “I love you”, “you’re mine”, etc.

These are easy to handle very easily available props. You’ll find it at any store or if you have a kid in the family then there you go!

Bicycle Ride

Bicycle rides with flowers in the front basket. And the lady in the front seat is so old school yet romantically perfect at the same time.

Bikes, cars, autorickshaws, and absolutely any vehicle that is used for conveyance can be used.

They are super cool and very easy to use bringing out the inner kid in your pre-wedding photographs.

Bride and Groom Badges

Bride & groom badges can be either pinned up to your outfits or held in your hands while getting clicked.

Such a cute prop showing on yourselves. While the photographer clicks a beautiful picture of the couple interacting.

A very mesmerizing way of getting clicked. And attaching the picture in the invitation card of your wedding

Couple Cushion Covers or Bedsheets

Couple cushions or bed sheets can be held in hands while the couple sits on the bed in their pyjamas.

Such subtlety that it will create a sense of happiness amongst everyone who gets a look at the photos!

Matching Mugs

Mugs! Such an old fashioned gift, right? Why not use it as a symbol of everlasting love and happiness in your marriage?

You can get a message engraved on the mug for your significant other and reveal it to them at the time of the shoot.

The happiness their face reflects will be captured by the photographer, right away!

Boat and Water

Want to get clicked on a beach or a riverside? Why not inside the river itself?

Get yourself a boat and get captured posing like love birds in that love ocean of yours!

An easy yet unique way of getting mesmerizing pre-wedding pictures.

Flowers and Trees

Wouldn’t it be beautiful if you and your spouse were standing under a tree and flowers were raining on you?

It is possible you know!

Get someone to shake a tree or shower some flowers on you as you dive into the eyes of your lover. And the photographer captures the beauty!

A Smoke Bomb of Colors

Have you noticed a smoke bomb of colors going here and there in movies like Ranjhana etc?

You can have it just like that if you’ve always admired the beauty of it!

Smoke bombs of colors in photographs are truly in and the most used props in pre-wedding or wedding shoots ever!

Grab your bomb now!

Party Bombs

Noticed how the party bombs burst? I’m sure you have.

Why not incorporate the same in your photographs and rock it up party style?


Admired Kajol and Shah Rukh’s Gerua?

The dupatta had made it unique and worthy of being noticed.

You can get the exact poses that Kajol has put out in the movie with King Khan!

Grab your dupatta ladies, it’s showtime!

Wooden Frames

Photo frames! Ah!

What another way of getting a photo in a photo frame?

Isn’t it beautiful?

Find out yourself and let us know how’d you like it.

Horse Cart

Are you the desi couple and not embarrassed to show it off?

Horse cart pictures are all for you!

Grab the nearest cart and hop on, the photographer will ride it!


What better way of starting a new life other than releasing a wish in the sky?

Parachutes are a wonderful way of capturing the couple as well as the lovely sky both for your pre-wedding pictures!

Anything that has the lovely sky in it makes it one hell of a moment!

Grab your moment too.

Windows and Balconies

Sneaky love? Was it?

Even if it wasn’t, get the Romeo Juliet tint in your pre-wedding photographs. By cutely sneaking from the window of your room to your significant other late at night!

Windows decorated with lovely roses and sandalwood will look more attractive. You can ask your pre-wedding photographer to suggest different poses.


Dogs! Perfect. Period.

Why not incorporate the love of your life, aka. Your little furry buddy into your pictures and make them much more loving and wonderful?

I’m sure your furry buddy also has some signature poses! 

Pianos or Guitars

Does he sing for you? Or plays?

If yes then what’s the wait for? Bring out the spirit of your love in those lovely pictures of yours by handing him a guitar or whatever instrument he plays!

Quote Cards

Something like” not single anymore”, “wifey up” etc are so in nowadays!

You will come across several cafeterias that have props like these, why not use them for your photoshoot too?

It will add more happiness to your pre-wedding photography.

Fairy Lights

Fairies and lights, both can make anyone look pretty, and fairy lights can do so!

A picture lit up by both, the love of your life and the fairy lights is super romantic.

Cheap and easy to handle, fairy lights are the liberation y’all! 


Aren’t these props amazing?

They’re cheap, affordable and who thought cushions could make a prop too?

Did you?

These were some of the 21 best and unique pre-wedding shoot props from my side

Looking forward to some ideas from yours too!

Top 10 Professional Wedding Photographers in Chennai

Capture the moment before the moment captures you

Wedding photographs assume a unique position in a couple’s home – just as much as their parents’.

Chennai has plenty of photographers. Who will imprison your cherished moments and make recollections forever.

Chennai is home to the best wedding photographers in India.

We at Wedus, have gathered information and conceptualized. For quite a long time to get you beneath. The list of the top 10 wedding photographers in Chennai.

On the off chance that you are not from Chennai. Dont worry and do inquire, as the majority of them are prepared to venture out to areas over the world.

Let’s begin!

The wedding fellas

Checkout their wedding package first.

  • Photo package- 45,000
  • Photo and video package- 65,000
  • Delivery time- 30 days
  • Awards received- Best photographer award
  • Experience- 3 to 5 years
  • Pictures delivered- 300-500

The Wedding Fellas is a group of photographers situated in Bangalore. And has been in this industry for a long time. Their group works in both authentic and conventional photography.

They are available to go to various scenes. And offer their types of help for marriages at exotic locations also. It includes destination weddings and pre-wedding.

They ensure that they make a satisfying air for their customers. To catch their valuable moments in the most practical way.

They ensure that they offer their types of help in the absolute best manner conceivable.

The Wedding Fellas Social Profile

Rohan Mishra photography

Let’s checkout their wedding package.

  • Photo package- 80,000
  • Photo and video package- 1,50,000
  • Delivery time- 30 days
  • Awards received- Nikon Expertise, Nikon Wedding Photographer of the year (2016)
  • Experience- 7 years
  • Pictures delivered-500-700

Rohan Mishra Photography is a wedding photography service run by the engaged couple. Rohan and Puja. They are veterans in their work. Being among the genuine primary photographers in Chennai.

With all these valuable long periods of involvement. And an undying adoration for their art. Rohan and Puja at Rohan Mishra Photography. Expect to capture each snapshot of your special day.

Their camera reel is committed to snapping. Your delights, distresses, tensions, and hunger, all with identical eagerness.

Rohan’s order on cutting edge photography procedures. Joined with Puja’s involvement with publicizing, styling, and creativity. Prompted some astonishing pictures that the couple will love for a lifetime.

Rohan Mishra Photography Social Profile

Stories by Sudarshan Ravikumar

Lets check out their wedding photography package.

  • Photo package- 50,000
  • Photo and video package- 90,000
  • Delivery time- 30 days
  • Awards received – Top 6 photographers nominations in Sony’s Better Photography. Won the Wedding photographer of the year. In wedding story Category in Sony’s Better Photography 2019
  • Experience- >7 years
  • Pictures delivered- 300-500

Stories by Sudharsan Ravikumar is an expert wedding photographer offering bespoke services.

From tapping the photos to choosing them to alter them into shocking photograph collection. The group at Stories will help you at every single step.

From real-life photography to conventional photography. They have much information with different styles and methods. To give remarkable and shocking pictures for every one of your functions.

They show up well in time at your scene and will bend over backward. To comprehend your longings for the wedding pictures.

They have a few plans and packages that can be modified by your necessities and prerequisites.

Sudharsan Ravikumar Social Profile

iGlow Studioz

  • Photo and video package- 65,000
  • Delivery time- 30 days
  • Experience- 3 to 5 years
  • Pictures delivered- 700+ processed pictures

iGlow Studioz values their elevated level of client support, they will help you in any way they can.

They would try to offer the best types of assistance to you. And would not let even your single second abandon it getting chronicled.

Their services can profit at moderate costs. And they can give customized packages to each customer. According to their necessities and prerequisites, which can be redone.

iGlow Studioz Social Profiles

Studio 31

Let’s go through their wedding photography package.

  • Photo package- 1,00,000
  • Photo and video package- 1,50,000
  • Delivery time- 30 days
  • Awards received- Best photographer award
  • Experience- 3 to 5 years
  • Pictures delivered- 300-500

Studio 31 is one of South India’s most prominent wedding photography and videography companies. Established by Padmesh Padmanabhan in 2010. It has developed from a 1-part group to a group of more than 25 capable photographers and videographers.

Pranesh is an enthusiastic photographer who quit his vocation as a designer to seek his enthusiasm.

The group loves what it does. Wedding photography is their strong point. As they catch all the dramatization, love, tears, and everything else that makes a wedding.

Having captured more than 3000 weddings through their perspective. The group has aced the craft of wedding photography.

They are the leading ISO ensured wedding organization in India.

On the off chance that you are searching for somebody who can do equity to your wedding pictures and recordings. At that point Studio 31 is an ideal decision.

They will catch your crude feelings and safeguard them as lovely bits of workmanship to be respected by you and your family years down the line.

Studio 31 Social Profiles

Atlhea Wedding Portraits and films

Their wedding photography package.

  • Photo package- 60,000
  • Photo and video package- 1,50,000
  • Delivery time- 30 days
  • Awards received- International web awards 13 Times
  • Experience- 5-7 years
  • Pictures delivered- <300 processed pictures

Atlhea signifying ‘And they lived joyfully ever after‘. Is here with its in-house group of capable photographers, cinematographers, and editors.

Your one-stop aim for all your wedding photography and videography prerequisites. Their saying is to be superior in what they are giving you.

They spend significant time in real photography and wedding recordings. Yet more thus, they represent considerable authority in conveying joy!

Their photos mirror the genuine quintessence existing apart from everything else. And catch the wealth and energy that is an integral part of an Indian wedding.

Atlhea Social Profiles

Nura Photography

Check out their package.

  • Photo package- 45,000
  • Photo and video package- 85,000
  • Delivery time- 30 days
  • Experience- 3-5 years
  • Pictures delivered- 300-500 processed pictures

Nura photography by Arun Kumar is a brand that manages wedding photography. They have an encounter of approx 7 years in this field.

They are situated in Chennai yet offer their types of assistance everywhere in the nation.

They give more than 300 altered pictures to the customer, which is extraordinary.

They guarantee,” Nura photography gives Creative Candid Photojournalism an advanced vibe. We are causing photos to comprehend what our carries on with intent to us”.

Nura Photography Social Profile


Here are the basic wedding photography package.

  • Photo package- 55,000
  • Photo and video package- 90,000
  • Delivery time- 30 days
  • Experience- 3-5 years
  • Pictures delivered- 300-500 processed pictures

Kadhaigal is a photography organization situated in Chennai. They have practical experience in wedding photography and cinematography.

With more than 5 years of involvement. They pursue making your extraordinary day vital always through their perspective.

Their group guarantees that they catch each one of those short-lived feelings. That you can remember any day through your wedding collection.

They attempt to offer the best types of assistance to customers and clients. Who search for industry best quality photos for their own or expert prerequisites.

Kadhaigal Social Profile

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube


Check out their package.

  • Photo package- 45,000
  • Photo and video package- 75,000
  • Delivery time- 30 days
  • Experience- 5-7 years
  • Pictures delivered- 500-700 processed pictures

Chiaroscuro is a wedding and photography studio in Chennai.

They assume the liability of recording in pixels and pictures. The bizarre moments in your day to day existence/marriage. Those moments you cherished, those subtleties you missed, and the things you venerated.

They are similar, in fact, sound, genuine experts. Who have pledged to work to ensure your recollections are conveyed to you in a slick nothing (advanced) bundle.

Photography is more than a calling for them as they endeavor to make the energy in your wedding wake up in the photos.

Chiaroscuro Social Profile

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube

Out of focus photography

Their Package for wedding photography.

  • Photo package- 80,000
  • Photo and video package- 95,000
  • Delivery time- 20 days
  • Experience- 3-5 years
  • Pictures delivered- 300 processed pictures

Out of Focus Photography is a photography and videography administration situated in Chennai.

They are known to tempt you with beautiful representations.  Spilling bliss and sensational moments.

It is an undeniable studio with a group of young and dynamic experts known for their range of abilities.

The picture takers are very much qualified and all-around refreshed with patterns and innovation. To shoot your valuable minutes with exactness.

The group means to execute each progression. Remembering the minutest subtleties without intruding on the ceremonies.

Out of Focus Photography Social Profile

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Youtube 


Getting a good photographer for your wedding is not an easy task. Definitely agreed. But you can still go through the hundreds of them. Have a look at their portfolio and decide for yourself.

It all depends on the kind of pictures you would want for your big day.

Some might like simple pictures. While others would want fancily photoshopped or professionally taken photographs.

It all depends on what you and your partner decide for yourselves.

The list of 10 wedding photographers in Chennai. Will Help you out with your hunt and we’re hoping to see those pictures real soon.