Is Sunny Dhiman Best Wedding Photographer In Chandigarh?

Let the Pictures Speak for Themselves.

Sunny Dhiman is a Chandigarh-based Wedding photographer. Before wedding photography, he was into fashion photography. 

In a brief amount of time as he has managed to earn a good name for himself in the arena of Wedding photography.

He has worked with some exquisite photographers and has learned a lot from them.

He has an excellent group of people, who are committed to taking pictures of your unique moments and savoring them for eternity.

If you are searching for someone who has a clean take on wedding ceremony images and can convey your images, memories, etc beautifully for all time. Then Sunny Dhiman Photography is the precise choice for your wedding ceremony.

They convert your photos into stories and produce them to life. He is one of the Best Wedding photographers in Chandigarh.

Words from himself

To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in a commonplace… 

I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” 

“I like working with people, telling stories, and creating personality in my images. While I am taking care of regional clients. I keep working on various National/International projects. While offering turnkey outcomes to clients anywhere in the world.

Have achieved so much in such less time, I still feel that my journey has just started.”

Services Offered

Sunny Dhiman has a completely proficient and expert crew with him.

Because of this, they could provide several services to cover your occasion.

Some of the offerings that they provide are:

  • Wedding Photography
  • Pre-Wedding Photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Commercials & product Shoots and much more

Working Style

The group has very committed and passionate photographers who love what they do.

Wedding images to them are being witnessed to your stunning story and that’s how they capture it.

They listen to what you want after which they plan out a way of working for your big day.

Depending on the type of photography you want, they can customize one-of-a-kind packages for you.

They have contemporary equipment and work flawlessly in-sync with each other. To cover all your events without missing anything vital.

Open to Destination Weddings/ Weddings in Other Cities?

Wedding Photography is the sort of job that requires one to tour if the client so needs it.

They are well known for destination wedding photography and take clients all over the world.

The team at Sunny Dhiman pictures is happy to journey anywhere in India or abroad for weddings.

As is the norm, outstation journey and accommodation charges are to be borne by way of the customer.

Sunny Dhiman Social Profile


Choosing the correct wedding photography isn’t an easy job but Sunny Dhiman is the perfect choice for you.

He is skilled, experienced, and very much motivated to make your big day a bigger one.

Do not compromise when it comes to photography, capturing those moments is very much important otherwise what’s the point?

Check his social media handles and website out to know more about his expertise.

We promise you’d have a great time with him.

Happy Wedding!

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