How to Make Wedding Pictures more Beautiful? Tested by Iconic Photographer

How to Make Wedding Pictures more Beautiful? Tested by Iconic Photographer

Wedding Photography Made easy in 3 steps

Are you a photographer ?


Than this blog is written for you


If you are not a photographer than who are you ?

Are you the one Looking for a wedding photographer ?

If Yes, Than this blog will help you in hiring the best wedding Photographer in the city.

This piece of information is basically for the Wedding photographers but at the same time it is significant for the people looking for Wedding Photography.

Yes Those days are gone when photography was just a traditional term in Indian weddings.


Wedding Photographers become the part of the family

So that in the best possible ways the one time special day will be captured in the Time Machine AKA Camera as a picture.

For Beginners or Professionals?

Whether you are professional or a beginner. This experienced and tested piece of information will be beneficial for both.

If you are a professional enough it will help you to improve your pictures to make the bride look more beautiful and to make all the other pictures look adorable.

To make it easy and simple to understand i have divided this section into three parts.

The 1st part will tell you about what to do before clicking the wedding pictures.

The 2nd part will explain you what to do During the wedding day.

The 3rd part will tell you about post production means what to do after the wedding photography is completed.

  1. Pre Production
  2. Production
  3. Post Production

1. Pre Production:

Making wedding pictures beautiful is just a “State of your mind”. You you think and want to make it happen.. Than you are going to work according to that.

But these three points will help you to save your time.

Which is tested by the expert photographers.

In this part you will learn everything you need to do before the wedding days.

This are the list of things you have to focus prior to the shoot day to make the wedding photography more creative and beautiful :

  • Visit the location:

After the deal is closed and you have received the advance. Ask the client for the location and visit there. And note down few point in your mobile or in your diary whatever suits you.

Look over the ambience, area and space, you will get an idea how to make good picture out of that location.

You can analysis your framing n perception.

But remember the wedding day will be different so plan everything according to that.

Why I am saying these things because sometime clients expectation is high but technically you will not get enough space to click the picture you want. So it’s better to visit the location and plan whatever possible things can be done.

Note Down much time it take to reach the location and share this information with your team mate.

  • Planning & organisation:

After visiting the location you will get a idea how you and your team have to perform.

Now make a plan which will start by asking few questions to the client.

How many guests arriving for the ceremony?

Ask something about the decoration and ambience?

Ask the client to make you coordinate with the other vendors?

Communicate about the Timing?

When the function will start?

At what time we have to reach?

Where will the bride get makeup?

There should be space to click picture in the bride makeup room?

Timing of the entire event?

According to these few plans you need to plan what all necessary equipments will be required. Carry them with you.

Organise whatever you have planned by. Coordinating with the client, your team and the vendors.

Please note down: coordinating with the vendors will be the most important factor to make you wedding photography the way you want.

Because sometime other vendors do create problem by coming in between the picture.

So there should be a proper space and zone to click and record the moment.. But remember this is Indian wedding…

So it your talent to face the crowd and come up with beautiful wedding pictures.. Then only you will be called a professional wedding photographer.

  • Customer demands:

The most crucial point to be noted before the wedding day.

Ask the client as much as question you can with different parameters.

What types of pictures they are looking?

Show them few trending clicks?

Ask them few they have any pictures or concept in their mind?

Ask them to collect some picture from the internet or from social media like Instagram and Facebook.?

This will help them to be comfortable and they will know the types of pictures they are looking for.

Ask they to be prepared for the wedding day photoshoot and as everyone wants to look more beautiful on that day.. So ask them to look after this picture to get the idea how to hold the expression…

Sometime few people fake expression ruins the picture.

One very important thing. Discuss the list of creative pictures you have planned to click in the planning section.

This will help you to make your job easy.

2. Production:

Well this is the wedding day when you have to be in full action.

Till now you have done lot of preparation so what to do now.?

Don’t think anything just executive whatever you have been planned in the earlier parts.

Wedding is a very moment once gone mean it will never come back..

So you need to be on time

With the entire team and equipments.

The event starts you just need to give your best.

Now the most important things.. This will not be easy easy as you have planned.

So be active and creative…

Being as a photographer you have to do you camera setting according to the light condition…

I hope you and your team are expert doing such things.

Like to be active in wedding photography.

Wedding photography is not just holding the camera clicking the shutter.

You should know the Best camera setting for wedding photography.

To execute it whenever it is needed.

Now you just need to capture the best pictures.

Still few things you have to keep in your mind like.

Always keep battery and memory card back up.

Check it whether you are taking the pictures on RAW or JPEG file type.

While taking the picture always try to take creative shots.

Use different perspective.

Run for great frame and composition.

These are the few things which will help you in making your wedding pictures more beautiful.

Once the ceremony is over save all the data in 2 different hard drive..

If you miss one data you will always have a back up.

This are very sensitive things you should always follow.

Now in the next part you will make the difference in the pictures.

3. Post Production:

Post Production is the working  time after the wedding is done and you started working in the computer.

Whatever you do after the event to accomplish a desired goal is called post production.

Things you need you do in post production:

  • Make a backup of all the data:

Save all the datas in two hard drive. To avoid any keep of data loss.

People generally take this very lightly but thing few you lost all the data. How will you answer the customer.

It will be a nightmare situation.

So it better to make backup of data.

  • Selection and rejection of photos:

Now the main role of post production team starts.

Ask all the respective photographers to select the pictures and make a organised folder.

Once the picture are selected and the unnecessary pictures are rejected.

Make the selected of top final pictures on which the editing and high end retouching will be done.

Once the top wedding pictures are selected hand over the picture to the editor.

  • Editing wedding pictures:

Now here comes the role of the editor.

There should be a proper integration between the photographer and the editor. This is one of one the most important factor to make a beautiful pictures more beautiful and unique.

As the pictures are clicked according to the editors term.

He will do some basic editing and make the pictures look better.

  • High end photo retouching:

The most vital factor to bring more business to you wedding photography business.

A proper high end retouch will create magic in the pictures.

As said in the just above point, there should be a high integration among the photographer and the editor.

The editor will select the best pictures out of the top final pictures and start retouching those pictures.

Keeping all the factors and customer demand in mind.

Check this picture to understand the importance of high end wedding photo retouch:



Doing all these things will bring huge difference in your work and finally your customer will be delighted.

You can do few more things to make the pictures look more beautiful like:

  • Digital arts
  • Wedding photo manipulation

That’s all for now.

I hope you like the blog.

Still if you have any question. You can ask me by commenting below.

I will answer all the question.

Thank you

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