10 Romantic Cheap Honeymoon Destinations Outside India

Best places for you to celebrate your love at!

Not each person has the luxury of a budget to spend on a honeymoon.

Although that being said, every newly married couple would still want to have a good honeymoon at a cute destination.

To assist the couples who might be on a low-budget plan but seeking a wonderful honeymoon. We have done plenty of research to provide you with this list of some top-notch cheap honeymoon locations out of India.

We have indexed all of the extraordinary places that couples can head to on a romantic honeymoon with a low budget.

Have good research on the locations and note them down.

Let’s explore the 10 most romantic yet cheap honeymoon destinations outside India.


Bali may be a luxurious location for a honeymoon. If you do a piece of research on the same, you’ll find that different islands in Indonesia can be pleasant for honeymoons.

On these islands, there are many motels to be had between Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 5,000 a room.

Airfare will cost you around Rs, 40,000 and going out isn’t always that expensive too.

Visa: Visa is to be had on arrival in Indonesia for Rs. 2,000.

Things to Do: Romantic drives, Thai massages, beach activities, swimming, exploring the islands on a boat.

Approximate Expenses for a Couple: Rs.46,000- 50,000.

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Vietnam is a pleasing place for a honeymoon for couples on a low budget.

Flights to Vietnam from India are pretty affordable in case you book earlier, you can buy tickets for around Rs.25,000.

When you examine Vietnam to its luxury opposite numbers. The location is quite reasonable for journey and entertainment.

Honeymooners will find accommodation reasonable too, rooms can be rented for as little as Rs. 2,000 a night.

Visa: Visa is available on arrival in Bali for a fee of Rs. 2,000.

Things to Do: Boat rides in Hoi An, Explore Ho Chi Minh, Camping at the Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park

Approximate Expenses for a Couple: Rs. 44,000-50,000.


The first-class prerogative of journeying to Nepal is that flight isn’t the only alternative you’ve got. You could cross by train and even with the aid of the road.

Visas are not required for Indians, you’ll be saving on Visa fares.

It is very well known that Nepal is a budget-pleasant region for a vacation and a honeymoon is not any distinctive.

There is a lot to do in Nepal, especially outdoor stuff.

Trekking, journey sports activities, and exploring are the top things to do in Nepal.

Hotels are reasonable and people who are really on a decent budget can choose homestays that are reasonably-priced.

A honeymoon in Nepal can price you something among Rs. 30,000 – 75,000.

Visa: Visa is not required for Indian citizens, but you do want to show a valid Indian passport

Things to Do: Visit cultural websites in Kathmandu. Shopping in Nepal, Trekking at Nagarkot

Approximate Expenses for a Couple: Rs. 35,000-40,000.


A serene and calm location, the atmosphere and environment in Bhutan are right for a honeymoon at low costs.

It is near to India and the flights right here are pretty reasonable.

A different way to get to Bhutan is by road.

On average, you will spend no less than Rs.30,000 on your honeymoon here, this includes airfare, resort rentals, and visiting in Bhutan.

There are lots to do in Bhutan for couples and one of them is being awestruck by the amazing nature Bhutan holds.

Explore the soothing meadows and peaks as you reignite your love.

Visa: You do not want a visa, but you want to carry a legitimate Indian Passport and an Identity Card, issued by the Election Commission of India.

Things to Do: Visit cultural sites in Kathmandu. Shopping in Nepal, Trekking at Nagarkot

Approximate Expenses for a Couple: Rs. 38,000-45,000.


Cambodia is probably acknowledged for its temples, however, the region is ideal for a honeymoon.

Besides being climate sensible, the region is likewise a first-rate choice for those on a budget.

Airfares fee between 25k-30k and lodges are reasonable too.

Expect to spend around Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 60,000 for every week-long trip to Cambodia.

Visa: You can follow for a Visa at the Cambodian Embassy.

Things to do in Cambodia: Visit the Angkor temples. Go on a nature path and explore the lovely natural and scenic spots in Cambodia, Go Kayaking, Trekking and visit the Monkey Forest.

Approximate Expenses for a Couple: Rs. 45,000-50,000

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the final location in Asia for a honeymoon.

Located across the coast, it Is blessed with scenic spots, Buddhist temples, and lots of exquisite food to enjoy.

The beauty of Sri Lanka as a honeymoon vacation spot is that it can be perfect for low-budget travelers.

There are plenty of priced accommodations available in Sri Lanka. And journeying through public transportation is reasonable.

Visa: You can get a 30-day visa online for a cost of $ 20 per visa.

Things to do in Sri Lanka: Relax on the Trincomalee Beach. Trek up the Sigiriya mountain, Explore tea estates in Nuwara Eliya, Go seaside strolling in Arugam Bay, Spot Leopards on the Yala woodland.

Approximate Expenses for a Couple: Rs. 60,000


Seychelles is yet to be declared absolutely as a honeymoon or even a vacation spot.

Holidaying right here isn’t always that high-priced, it will no longer set you, again, greater than Rs. 50,000 to 60,000.

The beaches here are quite a few laughs and you can enjoy lots of romantic sports too.

Visa: No visa is required, but you do need legitimate Indian ID proofs and visiting documents.

Things to Do: Cycle at the seaside, Go on a safari at the Morne Seychellois National Park, Rent a car and explore Mahe, Dive with Whale Sharks

Approximate Expenses for a Couple: Rs. 80,000


The most pricey element about a holiday in Hawaii is the airfares, however, if you plan earlier, you may get a good deal on the tickets.

Besides flight fares, Hawaii is a quite reasonable location for a honeymoon.

Accommodations are available at low charges too, you may e-book an Airbnb for as little as $ 500 for four days.

There are many decent eating places and bakeries around Hawaii. That provide appropriate, sumptuous food at affordable costs.

Visa: You will want a travel or travelers visa for the United States to get entry into Hawaii

Things to Do: Enjoy a romantic picnic on the seaside, Go on a cruise, enjoy an ocean facet couples rubdown, stargazing at Mauna Kea.

Approximate Expenses for a Couple: Rs. 1,00,000


Taiwan won’t be a popular desire for a romantic getaway. But if you do visit, you will find that it offers tremendous vacation views for couples and honeymooners.

The area is affordable and you can do many things at no cost like exploring and enjoying the historical locations. And soaking in all of the lovable herbal places the metropolis has to provide.

Hotel rooms are quite reasonable and meals aren’t that costly too.

Visa: You can apply for an unfastened visa and your passport must be there.

Things to Do: Sightseeing, Explore Wildlife, Shopping, Visit Hot Springs and Cultural Tours.

Approximate Expenses for a Couple: Rs. 80,000


A suitable region for a honeymoon, some numerous virgin islands and seashores are exceptional to visit, if you are on a budget.

If you are taking your first experience as a couple. You may experience exploring all of the appropriate places around the Philippines.

Stay in excellent and managed rooms which are priced and enjoy the delicious avenue food in the Philippines.

Visa: You can apply for a visa at the embassy.

Things to Do: Visit the beaches, bask in adventure sports for couples.

Approximate Expenses for a Couple: Rs. 36,000-45,000.


There you have it, those are our pinnacle 10 great cheap honeymoon destinations outside India.

We love these locations due to the fact they are no longer the handiest. They are financially pleasant, they provide fantastic experiences too.

And we’re hopeful that you’ll like them too.

Happy Honeymoon!

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