Top 10 Mehndi Artist in Delhi for Your Wedding You Must Consider

Are You Confused? Which Mehendi Artist Should be Picked for the Wedding & Related Functions?

I’m sure all you brides out there are.

Don’t worry though. There are plenty you can choose from and I know that you won’t make a mistake while picking up a good one for you.

But in case you’re confused. I am here with a list of top 10 Mehendi artists in Delhi for your wedding. That is deft at what they do and you’ll probably end up falling in love with their designs.

…Let’s dive

List of top 10 Mehendi Artists in Delhi

Vijay Bridal Mehndi

Mehendi known as henna is an image of adoration and fondness. Holds unique and favorable importance for Indian ladies and even the men of the hour.

Vijay Bridal Mehendi is a group of 12 henna craftsmen. Who work innovatively with henna for all occasions. For example, weddings, engagement, photoshoots, occasions, and offer Mehendi classes.

They are situated in Delhi NCR and Vijay is a self-trained Mehendi craftsman with an encounter of more than 12 years.

Understanding the feelings of their brides-to-be. They are without a doubt outstanding amongst other decisions to recruit for your wedding.

Designs Offered:

  • Bridal Mehendi
  • Traditional Mehendi
  • Arabic Mehendi
  • Caricature Mehendi
  • Motif Mehendi
  • Portrait Mehendi

Raju Mehendi Artist GK

Starting Price-7,100

One of the most popular mehndi originators in Delhi. Raju Mehendi Art with its appealing and handpicked plans and styles of henna painting. Has embellished the hands of ladies as well as different VIP ladies such as Dia Mirza and Karisma Kapoor.

Their ability lies in ancestral plans, Arabic style Mehendi and current theme style Mehendi.

Designs Offered:

  • Tribal Motifs
  • Lotus Motif Mehendi
  • Bridal Mehendi
  • Arabic Mehendi
  • Fusion Mehendi
  • Pakistani Mehendi

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Kanha Mehendi Art

Starting Price- 7,000

Kanha Mehandi Art is one of the most persevering Mehndi architects and is based out of Delhi NCR.

He has long periods of involvement and is a specialist in various styles and plans of Henna like Arabic and Rajasthani.

He utilizes fine and quality material for henna glue. Which is without synthetic and skin benevolent and he has some expertise in marriage Mehendi.

He comprehends the significance of henna in a wedding. Henceforth, accomplishes his work with the most extreme exactness.

On the off chance that you like his profile, feel free to connect with him.

Designs Offered:

  • Bridal Rajasthani Arabian

Bashisth Mehendi Art

Starting price-7000

In Indian relationships, Mehendi is yet the energizing pre-wedding function.

Mehendi speaks to the obligation of marriage and is, subsequently, thought to be an indication of best of luck.

It implies the affection and relationship between the couple and their families.

What’s more, it’s significant for the ladies that their mehndi is exceptional and remarkable.

Also, that is the service Bashisth Mehendi art accommodates the lady-to-be.

Bashisth Mehendi Art services are situated in Delhi NCR.

They carry out conventional Indian workmanship with contemporary manifestations. To coordinate the magnificence of Indian weddings.

Designs offered

  • Bridal Mehandi
  • Rajasthani Mehendi
  • Arabic Mehendi

Prices offered

  • Bridal mehndi is charged for Rs. 5100
  • Family’s Mehendi per hand is Rs. 150

Abhishek Mehendi Art

Starting Price- 3,100

Based out in Delhi NCR, Abhishek Mehandi Art is the endeavor of Ranveer who is a star Mehendi craftsman.

They bring you the most imaginative fashioner. Which can cut excellent mehndi plans that impeccably suit with the fluctuating happy events. Regardless of whether it is a wedding service or some other custom.

Mehandi holds a critical spot in our custom, as it is accepted to get favorable luck in our life.

Their craftsmen have picked up specialization in plans of different kinds of mehndi designs.

Designs offered:

  • Rajasthani
  • Arabian
  • Marwari
  • Bombay
  • Silver/Golden

Anil Mehendi Art

Starting Price- 5,100

Anil Mehandi Art is a gifted mehndi craftsman who has some expertise in wedding Mehendi. He is situated in Gurgaon.

His plans are one of a kind and select, which are enjoyed and profoundly valued by the entirety of his customers.

He functions according to the requests and necessities of the customers to convey the ideal yield.

His plans are exceptionally altered and unique, to cause every customer to have an uncommon to feel on their significant day.

To make your exceptional day more noteworthy for yourself and your visitors, Anil Mehandi Arts.


  • Bridal Mehendi
  • Arabic Mehndi

Govind Mehendi arts

Starting Price- 3,100

Govind Mehendi Arts are one of the most persevering Mehndi artists and are based in Delhi.

Govind utilizes fine and quality material for henna glue. Which is sans compound and skin-accommodating and he has practical experience in marriage mehndi.

He comprehends the significance of henna in a wedding. And henceforth, accomplishes his work with the most extreme accuracy.

He works as indicated by the requests and prerequisites of the customer, to guarantee the most extreme consumer loyalty.

On the off chance that you like his profile, feel free to connect with him.

Designs Offered:

  • Bridal
  • Rajasthani
  • Arabian

Satish Mehendi art

Starting Price- 3,100

Satish Mehandi Art has added to Mehendi’s workmanship. With its capable use of unadulterated and skin-accommodating henna.

They have rich involvement in managing weddings in Mehendi.

The lovely examples made by them are novel as well as great.

The surface of the henna is finely framed to ensure it doesn’t gush out or influence the perfection during the Mehendi meeting.

The services of Satish Mehandi Art are reasonable and can be benefited on all events whether it is a wedding or some other service.

Designs Offered:

  • Traditional Designs
  • Bridal Mehendi
  • Arabic Mehendi
  • Rajasthani Mehndi
  • Marwari Mehndi


Starting Price- 5,100

Chandni is a gifted and expert Mehendi craftsman who has an encounter of around 15 years in this calling.

She is talented with pretty much every style of the Mehendi application.

She spends significant time in Indian wedding Mehendi and offers an assortment of different plans to look over.

Her ability and mastery are unmistakable from the work she has done.

She is situated in Delhi and is likewise open to outstation services.

She offers a bundle of services individually.

Designs Offered:

  • Traditional Designs
  • Bridal Mehendi
  • Arabic Mehendi
  • Zardosi Designs
  • Caricature Lotus
  • Motif Mehendi

Rathore Mehendi Artist

Starting Price- 11,000

Rathor Mehandi Artist is a mehndi specialist co-op in Delhi NCR.

He has the astonishing industry experience and is on top of the most recent plans and prerequisites mentioned by their customers.

He is in line with the most recent and progressing mehndi plans favored by the ladies nowadays and applies the best according to the lady’s longing.

The beginning cost for his wedding mehndi is Rs. 11000.

Designs Offered:

  • Bridal Mehendi
  • Rajasthani Mehendi
  • Arabic Mehendi


There are many mehndi artists that you’d come across but choosing the right one involves experience and skills.

I hope that going through this list of the top 10 mehndi artists in Delhi. You’ve got an idea of which ones are to be chosen and what their profile should be like.

That’s about it!

From ours to yours.

Happy wedding!

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