Everything You Need to Know About Marwari Wedding Rituals & Traditions

What do you know about Marwari Marriage? Do you know why Indian weddings are popular?Everything you must know and still didn’t! 

Marwar, the chronicled place where there are the Royals. Actually has rich vibes in its way of life and conventions. 

With their vivid wedding clothing types, excellent music, and outlandish cooking styles. You get the sensation of going to a great wedding

From Byaah Haath to Jua Khilai a Marwari Wedding is a bunch of customs decorated with feelings. 

Great, energetic, rich, and glamorous-these are the terms that characterize a Marwari marriage. 

Rajasthan is known for its rich culture and bright conventions. 

Hence, it’s characteristic that their weddings are an unadulterated presentation of those components. 

Regular Marwari weddings have expound pre-wedding, wedding, and post-wedding customs. That is intriguing and fun. 

Thus, in case you’re going to get hitched in a Baniya or Marwari family. It’s a smart thought to get acclimated a tad to the Marwari Wedding and its traditions. 

Peruse on to get a more critical glance at the wedding customs and ceremonies. 

We should take you on a selective visit through wedding ceremonies and conventions. Marwari style with the goal that you can get familiar with everything to know about Marwari Weddings.


Roka Ceremony 

A Roka function is one of the first Marwari wedding customs. That happens a couple of months before the wedding date

A Marwari or Baniya Roka is like a Punjabi Roka function. When it is the official association of both the families. 

Guardians from the two families perform Tilak as a gift to the bride and the groom. And afterward they exchange gifts. 

It’s normally a friendly issue, yet a few families likewise like to make a major festival out of the day. 

Byaah Hath and Bhaat Nyotana 

Byah Haath as a rule begins 7 to 10 days preceding the Marwari Wedding. 

When the wedding date is concluded. All the ladies in the two families sing Mangal Geet while planning constructed desserts made of lentils and jaggery called Mangodi. 

That is Byaah Haath

The mother of the lady/groom at that point welcomes everybody in the family. Remembering her kin’s for laws and their families or as they call it, performs Bhaat Nyotana. 

This is an official wedding greeting custom that starts with a Naandi Ganesh Puja to guarantee a problem-free wedding. 

Master Ganesha and other family divinities are revered at Naandi Ganesh Puja to guarantee an issue free wedding. 

Raatri Jaga and Mudda Tikka 

Raatri Jaga is a custom performed to avoid detestable powers. 

In this, all heavenly images like the Swastika or Om are hand-painted on the dividers and floors. 

According to Marwari wedding customs. The lucky man and his family visit the lady of the hour’s home for Mudda Tikka or Sagai service. 

During this event. The two families exchange blessings and desserts while the couple exchange wedding rings

Now and then a Roka and a Sagai are consolidated to one major event. 

Pithhi Dastoor 

Pitthi Dastoor (Haldi function) and Mehndi are commended in Marwari weddings. Pretty much along these lines as the remainder of the nation. 

A paste of Haldi and sandalwood is applied to the bride/groom to be. And they’re not permitted to venture out of their homes after that until the wedding. 


The lady of the hour and the husband to be are each given a heavenly shower. After applying turmeric paste, mustard oil, and curd. 

At that point, they are offered to eat unique jaggery desserts called Ghungra

From that point forward, the maternal uncle gives the lady/groom Shagun for best of luck. 

Mehndi Ceremony 

The Mehndi ceremony is considered as a Shagun (propitious token) for the lady of the hour. 

One exceptional Marwari wedding custom (particularly in Baniya weddings). Is that alongside the bride it’s required for the groom to apply Mehndi on his hands as well. 

Mahira Dastoor 

According to Marwari wedding customs. The part of the maternal uncle (Mama) and auntie (Mami) is critical. 

In a Mahira Dastoor. The lady of the hour and husband to be Mama-Mami favor them with endowments, token cash, and garments. 

The mother of the lady of the hour invites the mom by serving him home-cooked suppers. 

The fundamental idea behind this specific custom is that a lady’s sibling needs to deal with her and her family even after she gets hitched. 

So, Mahira Dastoor is praised in a Marwari or Baniya wedding

Palla Dastoor 

According to the Palla Dastoor. Delegates from the groom’s family blessing the bride and her family. With garments, adornments, desserts, products of the soil. Like enclosed by a lovely linen plate. 

The lady should wear similar garments and gems at the wedding. 

This convention is very like the wedding Tatto gifting custom in a Bengali wedding. 


According to the Marwari wedding conventions. The Mehfil is an all-men Bachelor’s gathering and an all-ladies Bachelorette party, happening. 

The husband to be, his groomsmen, and the wide range of various men share jokes, drink, appreciate Rajasthani society music. And dance exhibitions throughout the night before the D-day. 

Likewise, the lady of the hour makes the most of her last evening of singlehood with her ladies. 

The Mehfil has combined into current forms of single men and mixed drink parties. These days with Bollywood songs alongside traditional tunes. 


Marwari wedding customs consist of various ceremonies that are fun and vivid. 

So we should discover the wedding conventions now: 

Thamb Puja 

A Thamb Puja is where the man of the hour’s family priest plays out a Puja. At the lady’s home aimed at the mainstays of the house. 

The representative thought behind loving the structure columns is to guarantee a solid establishment between the two families. 

This is one of the Marwari wedding traditions which is very remarkable. 

A Havan includes making a pit to light a holy fire where the pandit plays out an expanded Puja. 

After the Havan is over, 11 brahmins are served food and offered Dakshina (token cash). 

A Gharva is performed at the lady of the hour’s family where Goddess Parvati is revered. 

The symbol is decked up with garments and gems that are offered by the lucky man’s family.

Korath and Ganpati Puja 

Korath is a Marwari wedding convention. Where a part of the male individuals from the lady of the hour’s family. Alongside their family pandit, show up at the husband’s home to welcome him and his family to the wedding mandap. 

The lucky man’s family then offers them food and some symbolic cash to the pandit. 

Korath is trailed by a Ganpati Puja that is performed by the lucky man’s family just before he starts his excursion towards the setting. 

This Ganpati Puja is additionally called the mandap service and is performed to look for the favors of Lord Ganesha for an issue free wedding. 

Nikasi and Baraat 

According to Marwari wedding customs. In Nikasi the spouse of the husband to be sister decks up the lucky man by tying an extravagant Sehra on his head. 

Man of the hour’s sister at that point applies a kajal dab all over and attaches a brilliant string on the horse to avoid evil. 

The female horse is likewise decked up with adornments and the minister plays out a Puja. 

The mother of the husband then feeds him a combination of lentils, rice, sugar, and ghee which is considered promising. 

The Baraat or the husband’s parade is then prepared to head towards the wedding setting. Individuals move and chime in with the female horse going with the husband to be to the mandap. 

The wedding scene entrance is finished flawlessly with Toran (enriching curve hanging). That the man of the hour needs to contact before entering. 

Not long before his passage, the lucky man hits a Neem tree with a stick. 

This is one of the Marwari wedding customs that is performed to project away from all negative energies. 

The lady’s mom then invites the man of the hour by taking care of his desserts, blossoms, and performing Aarti. 

Jaimala and GathBandhan 

When the lady is brought to the mandap, she needs to put seven Suhalis (sort of tidbits) on the husband’s hands. 

This is the point at which the couple trade floral Jaimalas or Varmalas with one another. 

Just after the Jaimala service, Granthi Bandhan or Ganthbandhan is performed. 

As per Marwari wedding customs. One finish of the lady of the hour’s cloak or Churni is attached with a finish of the lucky man’s waistcloth to make a bunch. 

This material is then positioned at the husband ‘s shoulder. 

This entire custom connotes the association of the couple. 


A Kanyadaan custom. According to the Marwari wedding conventions are like the Kanyadaan ceremonies in most Hindu cultures

This is the second when the dad of the lady of the hour parts with his little girl to the lucky man. 

He discloses their family ancestry to the lucky man and inquires whether he can vow to assume her liability. 

Also, the lady of the hour is inquired as to whether she will acknowledge the husband to be’s family and his last name. 

The couple at that point makes a vow to help and be with one another through various challenges. 


Pani implies hand and Grahan means acknowledgment. 

After the Kanyadaan. The lady of the hour’s dad puts his little girl’s hand over the lucky man’s hand. And requests that he acknowledge her as his significant other. 

This specific Marwari wedding convention speaks to the association of two spirits.

Saptapadi/Phere and Ashwaroham 

Much the same as other Hindu wedding conventions. The couple takes seven rounds around the blessed fire many times in a Saptapadi or Saat Phere while reciting mantras together. 

With each round, the lady needs to push a granulating stone with her toe which connotes the warding off difficulties from their lives. 

This custom is called Ashwaroham. The lady likewise needs to contact Mehndi paste after each round. 

Vamang Sthapana 

The Vamang Sthapna is the point at which the lady of the hour’s sibling gives her a small bunch of puffed rice. And she needs to toss it into the consecrated fire along with the lucky man. 

This custom is performed multiple times and is equivalent to the Khoi Fela custom in a Bengali wedding

Sindoor Daan or Sumangalika 

The subsequent stage is the Sindoor Daan where the man of the hour applies vermillion on the lady’s hair mid-split. 

The couple at that point stands confronting the North star. During the Sindoor Daan custom. The mother of the husband gives the lady of the hour a Nathni or a Nath. which she’s required to wear once the Havan is finished. 

Aanjhala Bharai 

Aanjhala Bharaai is accepted to be one of the main Baniya or Marwari wedding customs. 

The dad of the man of the hour drops a sack of cash at the lap of the lady. 

The lady is then expected to separate the cash & disseminated it among her sister-in-law, and her significant other. 

This custom connotes the monetary duty that a lady should deal with effectively. 


When all the Marwari wedding customs are finished. According to a Paharavani. The lucky man needs to sit on another material and the lady of the hour’s family gives him blessings. 

Both the families and the pandits favor the new couple for a prosperous future. 

The lady of the hour offers appreciation to her dad’s home and plays out a Puja at the edge. 

At long last, she breaks an earthen light with her feet at the exit.

Joota Chupai 

Joota Chupai is one of the best Marwari wedding conventions. That is performed at North Indian weddings and now pretty much every wedding in India. 

When the wedding is finished and the man of the hour is going to leave. His shoes are being taken by the lady’s sisters and siblings. 

A measure of token cash is requested in return for the shoes. 

This in the end turns out to be a seriously fun wedding game among the group lady of the hour and group groom! 

Sir Guthhi and Sajjan Goth 

Following a long tiring day of the wedding. An older woman of the house brushes the lady of the hour’s hair and cleans her face to spruce her up. 

That is Sir Guthhi

An expound Marwari customary supper is orchestrated by the lady’s family. 

This feast is served by the lady’s dad and other male individuals from the family. 

Dal Baati Choorma, Ker Sangri, Gatta curry, Lal Maans, Gatta Pulav are a part of the must-add Rajasthain delights in the menu. 


Jua Khelai and Bidaai 

Jua Khilai happens the following morning at the lady’s home. 

It includes loads of fun wedding games that normally the Mami of the lady masterminds. 

During these games, everybody cheers the couple. 

The games are planned in a style that tests the similarity between the recently married couple. 


Before the Bidaai service, the couple is taken to the kitchen and a Thali Puja is performed.

A half-dried coconut loaded up with coins and sugar is given to the lady which she later provides for her relative. 

Everybody says goodbye to the lady with sorrowful eyes. 

A coconut is broken by the vehicle wheels which is considered as a hint of something better over the horizon. 

Griha Pravesh/Bahu Agaman 

The lady of the hour is invited to her new family according to Marwari wedding customs. 

To start with, her sisters-in-law watch the passageway jokingly and request a few presents and pay off to give the couple access. 

The lucky man’s auntie at that point performs Aarti and invites her home. 

The lady needs to overturn down a container loaded with rice with her foot, plunge her feet into a red color. And stroll inside the house leaving red impressions. 

The lady is then approached to contact ghee and jaggery and afterward a sack brimming with cash implying thriving. And concordance in the family. 

The couple is then approached to light a light in their home sanctuary and offer desserts. 

Pagelagni and Chura 

At long last, an old woman removes the lady’s shroud and that is when everybody favors the couple. 

The lady is acquainted with all the relatives and she contacts their feet for favors. Which is known as Pagelagni. 

The lucky man’s mom at that point embellishes the lady’s hands with excellent lac Choodas as an image of conjugal Shringar. 

Pag Phera 

Following a day or two, the lady visits her fatherly home alongside the lucky man and the recently married couple is generously invited. 

The youthful kin and cousins bother the lucky man and tell cheerful wisecracks about their first night! 

They all partake in a good feast together. Invest some quality energy and the couple at that point re-visits the lucky man’s home at night with heaps of endowments from the lady’s family. 


The Marwari Groom 

A Marwari groom spots either an Achkan over a Jodhpuri or a sherwani matched with a Churidar pajama. 

A red Bandhani printed turban held together by customary gems called Sarpech upgrades the imperial look. 

Furthermore, much the same as a Rajput, a Marwari groom wears gold or a pearl neckband or a Jadau piece and wears a Kamarband with a Sword wrapped up. 

The Marwari Bride 

The conventional Marwari lady wears a weaved marriage lehenga with stone and gem embellishments. 

The lehenga is matched with a similarly hefty Odhni covering the lady of the hour’s face. 

Stronghold the pheras notwithstanding, she may wear a Pavri ki saree, which is a blessing from her parents in law. 

On the off chance that it is joined with the lehenga, at that point she may decide to wrap it like a dupatta over her current marriage clothing

Rakhri, Borla (Maang tikka), Timaniyaan (precious stone studded choker), Choodiare (bangles), Bajuband (armlet), Bichhiya (toe-ring) and Nath (nose ring) are a portion of the required Marwari gems to be decorated by a lady. 

Most gems are made of gold with expanded Jadau, Meenakari, and Kundan work-a forte of Marwar locale. 


Presently you know how dazzling and exciting a Marwari wedding is. 

In case you’re arranging a Marwari wedding for yourself. Or for your companion, talk with the Wedding Planner to add a bona fide territorial atmosphere to the wedding. 

Recruit Mehndi specialists or society artists from Rajasthan to have a staggering Mehfil. 

Also, remember for a taste meeting of that uncommon Laal maas before concluding the cook.

We hope that you loved our article and got to know everything about marwari weddings and rituals.

Happy wedding!

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