A flight from Saudi to India Every Week: Niyati & Abhishek Interesting Wedding Love Story

Love has no definition. It can happen any moment

Are you in love with someone? 

Or how do you want your partner to enter your life?

It is very well said that couples are made in heaven. You will never know when and how you will find your life partner.

This is what happened to Niyati the bride and Abhishek the groom. They both are from different professions.

They don’t even have any link to each other. Both of them were entirely from different worlds.

But when it’s written by God himself no matter wherever you live whatever you do. You will find the source for each other.

This couple will inspire you to love each other beyond the boundaries. And also how to make it a successful wedding for yourself and the entire family.

Let’s see Niyati & Abhishek interesting wedding love story.

The Bride and The Groom

The Bride: Niyati Prakash Arora

The Groom: Abhishek Grover

Niyati is an engineer by profession and works for the Ericsson company, India. Where Abhishek is a Solution Architect in Saudi Bank, Saudi Arabia

So here’s the boundary: They were working in different professions, different companies, and in different countries. 

The Wedding Love Story

When you fall for someone it doesn’t matter if your partner is 1km away or work in a different country. There is no barrier to stop them. Not even the distance. 

The Groom flies from Saudi to India every week to take her on a coffee date. 

Crazy guy!

Yes, Love has many names and one of them is craziness. 

When your time comes your family starts looking for your life partner. And you never know through which source they step into your life.

Here the couple’s meet through a matrimonial website. That was the time they both fell for each other and decided to get Knott for life long.

They used to plan for the entire wedding on that coffee date. About the functions, outfits, makeup, dance, wedding music, and everything.

“We have experienced arranged marriage, and love marriage both”. Apart from that, we have also experienced long-distance love.” Says the bride.

The Roka, Mehndi & Sangeet Ceremony Images

Some of the beautiful images of roka, mehndi and sangeet ceremony.

Bride mehendi wedus
Photo by Abhinav Suyal
Photo by Abhinav Suyal
Bride proposing groom
Photo by Abhinav Suyal
Indian Bride groom Wedus
Photo by Abhinav Suyal
Niyati Abhishek Wedding
Photo by Abhinav Suyal

The Engagement Images

Here are some of the photographs from Niyati & Abhishek Engagement.

Engagement ring -wedus
Photo by Abhinav Suyal
Niyati The Bride
Photo by Abhinav Suyal
Romantic couple - wedus
Photo by Abhinav Suyal
Niyati & Abhishek engagement
Photo by Abhinav Suyal
Photo by Abhinav Suyal
Romatic indian couple on engagement
Photo by Abhinav Suyal
Photo by Abhinav Suyal
Photo by Abhinav Suyal

The Wedding Outfits

Let it be any profession. When it comes to fashion and beauty girls are a born talent. Niyati the bride being an engineer her love for designing and fashion, couldn’t stop her to choose the best wedding outfit for herself and the groom.

Niyati had this outfit in her mind so discussed her outfit ideas with “Bride & Beautiful’s” owner & their team implemented her idea in such a pretty way.

Abhishek’s outfits were also Niyati’s ideas. The Indian outfit was from Jodhpur- Abhi Pri designer & the other one Western tuxedo was from Amaare.

The wedding Pictures

Here are the Wedding images. The Indian Wedding has its own rich look.

Beautiful Bride Niyati -wedus
Photo by Abhinav Suyal
Make up Indian bride - Wedus
Photo by Abhinav Suyal
Bride showing Indian wedding jewelry -Wedus
Photo by Abhinav Suyal
Bride with bride maid's - wedus
Photo by Abhinav Suyal
The groom entry indian wedding
Photo by Abhinav Suyal
Niyati and Abhishek vermala wedus
Photo by Abhinav Suyal
indian wedding pehras wedus
Photo by Abhinav Suyal
Indian wedding sindur ritual wedus
Photo by Abhinav Suyal
Happy Punjabi wedding couple wedus
Photo by Abhinav Suyal
Punjabi wedding Niyati Abhishek wedus
Photo by Abhinav Suyal

The Wedding Memories 

The wedding functions will get over. The wedding vendors, the makeup artist, the family member, the photographer, and everyone related to your wedding will go home. 

The only thing that will remain with you is “ The wedding Memories”. That you will collect from your big fat day. And if it’s an Indian Wedding. Then there is an abundance of memories to freeze.

If you are an aspiring bride or a groom. Make sure you make it the most memorable day of your life.

Here are a few memories from Niyati & Abhishek wedding: Bride’s say:

  • Our dance practices
  • Our shopping time
  • Brainstorming about the decoration during our wedding days.
  • Since Abhishek was living in Saudi Arabia, he used to travel to India every weekend to prepare for our wedding, so yes we experienced a long-distance love & then meeting & going on our little coffee dates amidst all the wedding preparation.

Suggestions to the Future Couples

The bride and groom have some words for all future couples.

  • Trust ur future partner
  • It’s okay if you people fight, fighting makes you understand each other better.
  • Marriage is not just between a couple, it is between two families so, love & respect each other’s family as well.

Weddings are not all about couples only. It is a connection of love between two families.

This is a purely arranged marriage, but needless to say. It’s not less than a love marriage. So, it’s a marriage for them. They don’t want to name it as a Love or arranged marriage. 

They love & respect each other so much that the couple wants their relationship to blossom over time.

Final Words

If you are getting married shortly. Then you have got a better wedding idea, plan, and inspiration from Niyati and Abhishek Wedding’s story. 

They have inspired you with their aesthetic beauty, decoration, outfits, makeup, photography, and many more things.

Wedding Team
Wedding Photographer: Abhinav Suyal Photography
Bride’s outfit: Bride And Beautiful, Shahpur Jat, Delhi
Groom’s outfit: Amaare, South-ex, Delhi
Makeup Artist: Nidhi Talwar
Engagement rings: Hazoorilal Legacy Jewellers, South-ex, Delhi
Roka Venue: Solitaire Inn, MuzaffarNagar, UP
Engagement Venue: Manohar Heritage, Hapur UP
Wedding Venue: Solitaire Inn, MuzaffarNagar, UP