Top Discovered Wedding Resorts in Patna You Must Consider

5 lovely Resorts You Did Not Know About!

Patna doesn’t sound like a place to get married, does it?

I’m sure none of the Gen Z couples might’ve imagined that Patna does have something to offer but indeed. we’re quite wrong here in our endeavor.

Patna does have a lot to offer. Not as much as some metropolitan city would. But if you want a decent wedding and you’re adamant about having it in Patna then do not worry. We have it all right here for you.

Resorts and hotels are the best choices for having a wedding at and Patna has some resorts you might have never heard of.

We have an entire list of the top discovered wedding resorts in patna that you might want to consider for your D-day.

So what’s the wait, let’s dive into the world of what Patna has to offer.

Let’s begin!

Palm Marriage Garden

Pricing Info

  • Veg price- 500 per plate
  • Non-Veg price- 600 per plate

Palm Marriage Garden is a beautiful resort situated in Patna and is ideal for a grand issue like your wedding.

Outfitted with top-notch facilities, the setting is extensive and beautiful.

They offer total support for all your matrimonial functions and occasions.

With their group of services, you are guaranteed that each agreement with them is one of a kind, without fail.

This setting is an ideal spot for your wedding as it can hold luxurious as well as a simple and unobtrusive wedding.

Energetic and reformist, Palm Marriage Garden holds the glow and soul of India while offering a yard and lobby.

The services go far and beyond the regular ones and provide different food cuisines.

Every one of these services would be done and redone as per your requests, needs, and budget.

You can choose this as the best wedding resorts in patna.

Bhagwat Banquets

Pricing Info

  • Veg price- 650  per plate
  • Non-Veg price- 800 per plate
  • Seating- 1200

Bhagwat Banquets in Patna offer an enormous area and several services you’ll need all through the occasion.

They offer an extraordinary staff for your services. Ensuring the couple is treated as a main concern and facilitating the wedding cycle. Without any inconveniences so that the occasion runs easily.

They give you faultless assistance and a broad menu offering various kinds of cooking styles.

The cost for their vegan menu begins from Rs. 650 for each plate and the cost for their non-vegan menu begins at Rs. 800 for every plate.

City Lounge Resort

Pricing Info

  • Veg price- 550 per plate
  • Non-Veg price- 650 per plate
  • Seating- 180

If you are searching for a peaceful hotel for all the occasions of your big day, you must consider City Lounge Resort Patna.

City Lounge Resort, Patna is an inn that has gained fame for its hospitality. And has been recognized for offering top class services to its visitors and customers.

They have been in assistance since 2013 and they help you make the best of your wedding or any occasion with their services.

The sumptuous retreat would make certain to make your wedding a critical one for you alongside your visitors.

The setting can oblige up to 100 individuals easily making it an ideal scene for gatherings and occasions.

You can have parties outside just as inside dependent on the style of the occasion.

City Lounge Resort Patna has got 11 spaces for your visitor’s convenience with all the significant necessities.

The scene has indoor spaces for your visitors from outstation to remain in near quarters to the occasions and capacities.

They additionally have indoor providing food services and DJ to make your occasion paramount to you and every one of your visitors.

Also, the gifted in-house design group can change the setting to your fantasy with their abilities.

City Lounge Resort offers an unmistakable feasting experience. With probably the best Indian and global foods. serving conventional and contemporary top picks to the visitors dependent on their inclinations.

Manya Resort

Pricing Info

  • Veg price- 650 per plate
  • Non-Veg price- 850 per plate
  • Seating- 250

Manya Resort, a beautiful scene situated in Patna is ideal for wedding occasions.

Furnished with elite offices, the scene is roomy and comfortable.

They offer total occasion support for all your matrimonial services and occasions.

With their group services, you are guaranteed that each involvement in them is interesting, without fail.

The services are more than just a  traditional space and food cuisines.

Every one of these administrations would be altered by your requests, needs, and budget.

Avasar Marriage and Banquet Hall

Pricing Info

  • Veg price- 450 per plate
  • Non-Veg price- 550 per plate
  • Seating- 400

Avasar Marriage And Banquet Hall in Patna is quite possibly the most pursued banqueting halls in the city.

It was set up with the end goal of giving a rich and better banqueting space than oblige the changed necessities of their customers.

Whatever the festival might be, huge or small, it is their undertaking to make every festival a great achievement.

They are wonderful with regards to facilitating wedding functions. As they offer great perspectives joined with luxurious neighborliness.

Their warm inviting nature and hospitality make your wedding experience exceptionally uncommon.

The area adds another degree of want to this scene as it is arranged on the edges, away from the clamor of the city.

The scene has indoor spaces that can oblige up to 600 individuals.

They have adaptable cooks and related services.

They likewise give abundant parking spots to the visitors.


The options can be many, but you need to make sure which one of them suits you and your preferences.

Patna is full of resorts and halls like these that you can consider for your big day.

Don’t forget to discover some more and then select the one that sounds the best to you.

Though these were the top discovered wedding resorts in patna, that you should consider.

We’re looking forward to a wonderful experience from your side.

Wedus wishes you all the very best!

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