Top 5 Wedding Points in Dehradun You Must Consider For Your B-Day

Who said that fairytale weddings aren’t real? These snow-capped hills have seen all the fairytales you’d desire!

When the date is set and the wedding arrangement begins, the chase for the ideal wedding spot is to start.

Truth be told, a large number of us have reasonable thoughts of where we need to get hitched even before the subtleties are chalked out.

While some need to get hitched. Where they grew up and some pick an outlandish spot. Many couples need an exotic marriage settled between the slopes and mists.

Hill stations make for wonderful wedding scenery all around the year.

Apart from giving relief from the warmth and the city’s clamor. There are countless reasons why you should consider getting hitched on the slopes.

What’s more, these delightful retreats in Dehradun give us quite a few reasons.

A little above Dehradun is Mussoories. Which also is close to be clubbed together and gives a similar wonder of a hill station wedding.

Here in this Article you will find the top 5 Wedding Points in Dehradun that you must consider.

…let’s dive in

JW Marriott Walnut Grove Resort & Spa

With an uncommon area and exceptional assistance. JW Marriott Walnut Grove Resort & Spa is a five-star resort by JW Marriott must be highlighted on top of this list of resorts in Dehradun!

Beginning with the staggering views on the Himalayas from the property to the submerging class. You can have confidence that each function you hold here will be important and excellent.

The lavish inn gives premium rooms making for the best in class convenience.

Facilities: With 4,198 sq. ft. space committed to five rooms, an immense porch, and excellent mountain views.

This guarantees that you can have an alternate service at another setting being in a similar lodging. As opposed to picking different resorts in Dehradun.

They can oblige a small wedding of 100 individuals to a limit of 400 visitors. While they have 115 rooms with the beginning charges of Rs 14,000.

The beginning cost per plate is 2,200 for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

So, JW Marriott Walnut Grove Resort & Spa is one of the best Wedding Points in Dehradun.

Welcomhotel The Savoy

Renowned for facilitating dignitaries and sovereignties from India and abroad. Welcomhotel The Savoy is a class separated from different resorts in Dehradun. With regards to their warmth, cordiality, and excellent stay.

The property is all of regal and sumptuous as you’d wish from a widely acclaimed property making it a fantasy to get hitched here!

Standing tall against the snow-covered mountains the property has everything you’d need from the ideal scene.

Facilities: The illustrious hotel’s ballroom is popular for being the last real ballroom in India. Not to mention resorts in Dehradun making for a remarkable assertion.

Their yards and banquet halls can oblige up to 1,200 visitors. Their per place cost is 2,600.

You can definitely consider this as the best wedding resort in Dehradun.

Jaypee Residency Manor

Another five-star property set against the slopes yet different is the Jaypee Residency Estate.

Jaypee Residency Manor famous property offers a 360-degree view of the amazing slopes.

The property with the best of services will guarantee getting hitched here amid this magnificence to make for the greatest day of your life.

Facilities: Of the relative multitude of wedding resorts in Dehradun. This one has 90 recognized and two distinct spaces for functions that can have 2,000 visitors.

While there is the porch for open-air occasions. The indoor banquet hall is the other reason which can hold up to 500 visitors.

Their cost per plate is 3,000.

Seyfert Sarovar Premiere

Of the multitude of resorts in Dehradun. Seyfert Sarovar Premiere must be the least complex yet the exquisite decision.

Situated in the core of the city it offers open yet sensible arrangements.

Away from the extravagance. This retreat exhibits effortlessness and makes for the ideal setting. To feature your style and wedding with no obstacle.

Facilities: With three spaces including the poolside you can have every one of your occasions in this property bother free.

The premises can oblige up to 1,000 visitors all at once making it ideal for excellent festivals.

While their cost per plate goes between 1,000 to 5,000.

Fortune Resort Grace

One of the hotels in Dehradun away from the city is this Fortune Resort Grace property. Which joins the best views on pine-shrouded slopes and the remarkable Doon valley.

This Victorian-style resort is encircled by some tourist spots. For an extraordinary area alongside characteristic magnificence.

This little property likewise makes for the ideal escape for a late spring engagement. Or a gathering with your companions to celebrate fresh starts.

Facilities: While the retreat offers a dinner lobby for occasions. It compensates for but the 74 very much adorned rooms out of which the majority of them have unhindered views on the slopes.

The retreat can oblige up to 250 visitors and the per plate cost here is about 1,200.

You can consider this also as one of the best Wedding venues in Dehradun.


Every one of these hotels while offering a similar view is yet diverse. As far as their style and design are concerned, which will constitute the entire feel of your wedding.

Regardless of whether you need a mansion concealed in the slopes or lavish service or even a basic resort. To let the hills blow your mind, there is something for each couple in this list of resorts in Dehradun.

I hope you have made your choice for the wedding points in Dehradun.


Make certain to visit their pages and discover different subtleties you need to make the pick for. For your fantasy marriage at an exotic location! 

We’re looking forward to wonderful pictures from your side.

Happy Wedding!

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