Complete Wedding Planning Guide at JW Marriott Mumbai

A Dreamy Palace, a Dreamy Wedding!

The wedding services can look very easy. However every individual who has been a piece of some intricate wedding arrangement knows that. There’s a considerable amount of exertion that goes into them.

From picking the correct setting dependent on pleasure. And accommodation to picking the right menu. And ensuring that each visitor has a good experience. The planning really ends up being a serious problem.

The one who’s dealing with every one of these subtleties may wind up not getting an opportunity. To appreciate the wedding at all in light of the steady work that continues coming their way.

Who might want to be in an upsetting place like that?

This is the reason why we’ve picked the ideal scene. That likewise plans your weddings in a hassle-free manner. And makes things smoother for you – JW Marriott Mumbai.

Best of all, Marriott has two branches in Mumbai, making it even more simple for you to pick the one nearer to you.

Both JW Marriott Mumbai. JW Marriott Sahar and JW Marriott Juhu are identical in pleasantries. And ensure that your wedding is a flat out success.

From food, views, and rooms to shocking stylistic layouts, they offer everything to assist you with the wedding under one roof.

Lets checkout the Wedding Planning Guide at JW Marriott Mumbai.

JW Marriott Mumbai, Sahar

JW Marriott Mumbai, Sahar offers 11 modern wedding venues including indoor and outdoor spaces.

Every one of these scenes is richly made and can together oblige around 500 individuals.

There’s likewise a fabulous assembly hall for you to have your mixed drink or gathering there.

They deal with the extravagance side as well as ensure the accommodation. There are huge loads of parking spots accessible alongside valet services.

You can likewise pick the alternative of a terrace scene with them.

JW Marriott Mumbai, Juhu

The ideal setting for dream weddings. JW Marriott Mumbai, Juhu offers 13 selective occasional venues that can oblige up to 1000 visitors on the double.

They also have an assembly hall and the alternative to have your wedding on the porch.

Aside from everything else. Their more USP is that they are situated on the edge of the seashore. And will permit you to have a wedding with colorful seashore sees.

The exquisitely of this palace is described as below:

The welcome area

An extraordinary welcome territory may appear to be pointless however trust us, it is the main thing that visitors notice.

While strolling into the primary lobby. This region tells the story of greatness and shows the beginning of the rest of the luxurious festivals that are yet to come.

JW Marriott Mumbai, the experts of their specialty, ensure that there’s a shocking welcome region for the visitors.

You can likewise alter the welcoming process if you so wish to.

The wedding arena

People who are getting hitched consistently have an image of their ideal wedding. In their psyche – perplexing style, an exquisite setting, delicious food. And JW Marriott Mumbai ensures that they coordinate with those fantasies.

From illustrious settings to other subject weddings. They have the ideal lighting, blossoms, guest plans, and more which ensure that you have the wedding you wanted.

A stunning wedding this way

Next comes the evening gathering. From alleviating outlines like this with everything in white and gold. They can likewise up their feasting lobby in extravagant and stunning ways.

You should simply examine your inclinations. And tastes with them and they’re certain to concoct something that you’ll adore.

Flame lights, pixie lights, and an elegant color palette, what’s not to like?

Amazing views

In the middle of the wedding services. Your visitors will meander around the setting. And what’s better than getting them views like this one?

They can unwind by the pool or even take a dip.

You can likewise design a pool party for your visitors and give them an experience like this.

Have confidence, JW Marriott, Mumbai is loaded with amazing perspectives like this that are a treat to sore eyes!

The elegantly done rooms

While JW Marriott Mumbai, Sahar has 588 rooms the Juhu one has 355 rooms.

The rooms have incredible perspectives. Comfortable beds, 24*7 room services, and all things considered extravagance feels to them.

Your visitors are certain to appreciate staying in the sumptuous rooms offered by JW Marriott, Mumbai.

These rooms will likewise give them access to lounges, parlors, wellness community, dining areas and the sky’s the limit from there.

The food wins the show

No wedding is finished without the food and here also, JW Marriott Mumbai wins hearts.

In addition to the fact that they serve flavorful and extraordinary food. They likewise mastermind the food buffet such that it catches the eye.

Here is a rundown of cooking styles that they offer at weddings:

  • Indian
  • Italian
  • Mainland
  • Chinese
  • Thai
  • Japanese
  • Jain explicit menus
  • Fusion food menus
  • Gluten-free menus
  • Vegan menus

A spa treatment for your visitors

On the off chance that you need to give your visitors a bonus while they go to your wedding, you can generally book spa arrangements for them.

They have first-rate spa conveniences that will loosen up your visitors.


This Wedding Planning Guide at JW Marriott Mumbai. Facilitating a wedding at JW Marriott Mumbai is certainly. A little glimpse of heaven is likewise justified, without any sort of trouble.

From productive planning to brilliant services, they ensure that you and your visitors have a great time.

What are you sitting tight for?

Book JW Marriott Mumbai for your wedding immediately!

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