Top 10 Wedding Choreographer in Delhi [Value Provider]

The Best Wedding Choreographers in town, at Your Doorstep!

Dancing is a quintessential part of Indian culture and about weddings, no occasion is complete without dancing.

However, the present-day trend illustrates that there must be solo and combined performances. Mainly via bride, groom, and close circle of family members.

For many, those performances aren’t a big deal. However folks that aren’t molded for this art discover this tradition stressful.

The scenario turns into an embarrassment whilst the coordination is going haywire during group performances.

So, the best way to get out of a state of affairs is to look for an answer, an alternative solution.

In this case, you need a choreographer, you have to make sure that the one you hire is the best of all.

A desirable choreographer will train you with a few smooth steps . And make your performance appearance praiseworthy.

Additionally, they’ll choreograph the group dances in a way that each one you can perform without any significant problem.

In this article. We are going to look at a list of the Top 10 Wedding Choreographer in Delhi NCR area. So that you don’t have to undergo the hassle of all the research.

Beats on Feet

Starting Price- 10,000/- for 10 songs

Experience- 3 to 5 years

Megha Bajaj is a professional choreographer. Who has been doing wedding ceremony choreography for more than five years now.

She is a skilled and gifted dancer and choreographer who’s able to pull off more than one dance form.

Her hit mission, Beats on Feet offers unique wedding choreography services for you and your family.

If you want to amaze your visitors together with your dance performance, Beats on Feet is the precise choice for you.

You can choose beats on Feet as a wedding choreographer in Delhi

Divya & Meghna

Starting price- 10,000 for 10 songs

Experience- More than 5 years

Based in Delhi, Divya & Meghna is determined to present you the most memorable dance experience in your wedding ceremony. And are your one-stop destination for that Sangeet Choreography.

From desi thumkas to dream-like performances, they’ve got all of it included.

Whether you’re seeking out an easy dance performance or just some quirky enjoyment. They put in their coronary heart and soul to make sure the choreography and ideas are fresh and specific.

They put in efforts to apprehend you, your own family, and your picks before they layout theirs for your Sangeet.


  • Sangeet Choreography
  • Bride and Groom Entry
  • Regular Classes
  • Events
  • Dance Performance

Wedding wala dance

Starting price- 21,000 for 10 songs

Experience- More than 5 years

Dance and Music are a huge part of each Indian wedding. Despite everything, we have an event entirely dedicated just to dancing and music.

Wedding Wala Dance is a Delhi-based choreographer.

He can choreograph all types of performances, bride and groom entries, group dances of relatives, and plenty others.

His clients describe him as an expert and flexible choreographer.

If you are seeking a person to make your performances memorable and joyous at the same time, contact them.

Specialization in dance genres:

  • Hip-Hop
  • Contemporary Popping
  • Salsa Bollywood


Starting price- 60,000 for 10 songs

Experience- More than 5 years

Team Encore is a group of dedicated and authorized dance teachers to include dance and happiness into your celebrations.

Shubham Munjal (Director) is a graduate from Shiamak Davar Institute of Performing Arts. And has done in Iifa, Filmfare, Lux Golden Rose, Radio Mirchi, and different award shows.

He choreographed a part of Isha Ambani’s sangeet performances too.

They are choreographing for more than 5 years now.

They concentrate on various dance styles and are inclined to choreograph for all your wedding and pre-wedding functions and shoots.

They also provide background dancers, props, and units to enhance and glorify your dance performances.

Specialization in Dance Genres

  • Hip hop
  • Bollywood
  • Ballroom
  • Salsa
  • Disco
  • Rock and Roll
  • Jive

Ashi Bajpai

Starting price- 20,000 for 10 songs

Experience- More than 5 years

Ashi Bajpai is a choreographer and offers her services in wedding ceremony dance performances together with sangeet choreography and so forth.

She is primarily based in Delhi and has experience of about three years.

She has worked for diverse weddings as a choreographer.

She offers props that might be required in the performance.

Lets Nacho

Starting price- 10,000 for 10 songs

Experience- More than 5 years

Let’s Nacho based in Delhi is a wedding choreography group led by Gaurav and Vanya. Who was educated in various dance styles like Bollywood, Hip hop, House, Locking, Popping, and Krump.

They have been one of the finalists in DID Championships in Delhi auditions.

The group is passionate and loves to provide every customer with a rejoicing heart and the best of their work.

Make sure to provide them the privilege of choreographing the sangeet on your unique occasion if you have a good feeling about them!


  • Sangeet Choreography
  • Bride and Groom Entry
  • Regular Classes
  • Events Dance Performance

Sangeet Wale

Starting price- 25,000 for 10 songs

Experience- More than 5 years

Sangeet waale based out of Delhi NCR is a wedding choreography group led by Jyoti. Who were trained in various dance styles. Like Bollywood, Hip-hop, House, Locking, Popping, conventional, and Krump.

The team is passionate and loves to give each customer a good tap on the music along with a joyful and rejoicing heart.

You just can’t say no to them.

Services Offered:

  • Sangeet choreography
  • Backup dancers Props

More Than Thumakas

Starting price- 90,000 for 10 songs

Experience- More than 5 years

More Than Thumkas is one of the leading wedding ceremony choreographers of India. Who hold the credential of teaching excellence and swish wedding choreography of all the prestigious families of India.

They punch in a lot of grace, style, love, and laughter in each choreography which gives a new life to your sangeet function.

They understand that track and dancing is the essence of Indian weddings and they fill that area through their choreographed songs.

Specialization in Dance Genres:

  • Indian Dance
  • Western Dance
  • Bollywood
  • Contemporary
  • Aerobics
  • Zumba
  • Other dance paperwork

Sangeet Mantra Choreography

Starting price- 25,000 for 10 songs

Experience- More than 5 years

Dance and Music are a big part of each Indian wedding ceremony, despite everything we have an event dedicated simply to dancing the sangeet. Sangeet Mantra Choreography is a Delhi-based Choreographer.

He can choreograph all kinds of performances, bride and groom entries, family performances, and lots extra.

His customers describe him as a knowledgeable and flexibly experienced choreographer.

If you are searching for someone to make your performances memorable, contact them.

Specialization in dance genres:

  • Hip-Hop
  • Contemporary
  • Salsa
  • Bollywood
  • Jazz
  • Indian Folk Dance

Happy Feet

Starting price- 30,000 for 10 songs

Experience- 3-5 years

Happy Feet is a dance studio based totally in Delhi NCR.

They say, ‘We at Happy Feet positioned our satisfactory ‘toes’ forward and persevered to make your unique day an unforgettable one. You are not our customer, you’re our buddy’.

With an experience of 3 – 5years, Happy Feet makes all their clients dance out their hearts, grooving to the beats of the songs.

From children to oldies they can make all and all dance to the rhythm of the songs.


Dancing isn’t tough if you choose the right choreographer.

This list has all the ones you’d desire the most for your wedding day. And i hope you select the best wedding choreographer in Delhi.

Be it sangeet or mehendi, dance toh banta hai!

We wish you a very beautiful dance performance!

Happy Wedding!

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