Everything You Need to Know About South Indian Wedding Culture

திருமண வாழ்த்துக்கள்

(Happy Wedding!)

India is loaded with various societies. A combination of various dialects, the way of life which follow various customs, and so forth.

It resembles you going to a nation where individuals of various races, ranks, religions, and dialects live in agreement and harmony.

In any case, here we won’t talk about how truly Extraordinary India is!

South Indian and North Indian weddings are not just socially unique, rather extraordinary in all viewpoints.

Regardless of whether it be about ceremonies, customs, wedding clothing, and above all, food.

So without further babbling. How about we simply head directly to the part. Where I tell you everything you need to know about a south Indian wedding

Making you experience the customs and services that occur around the same time and how you can spruce up for that. Being a lady of the hour or visitor going to a South Indian Wedding.

Mangala Snanam

Presently as the name would sound to many, it tends to be improved to mangal snanam, that is, cleansing shower.

It turns out to be the primary custom performed upon the arrival of a wedding. Wherein a paste of turmeric, sandalwood, and kumkum is set up by Sumangalis or wedded ladies.

At that point, some oil is applied on her hair with the glue later being applied all over, feet and hands.

After this custom, the lady washes up in heavenly water to decontaminate her body and soul for the wedding ceremony to be performed later.

This can be viewed as a South Indian adaptation of the North Indian Haldi function. Aside from the way that it is performed at the beginning of the day. And there’s oil everywhere on the lady’s head and not simply Haldi paste.

Presently being a bride as you’ll be spread in oil and turmeric and kumkum and afterward water additionally. There’s no point in wearing a rock-solid kanjeevaram saree for this occasion.


You can go for anything you wish to which wouldn’t cause discomfort as you’ll be sitting for a long while and will be soaked in water.

As this isn’t that custom wherein you really should be specific about the thing you are wearing. You can go for a lehenga, straightforward and calm saree, or even like a piece weaved crop top with a skirt.

Indeed, even a suit would work.

Concerning the tones, picking a light tone as excessively brilliant as it is the first part of the day probably won’t be a smart thought.

Concerning the frill. Floral gems are the best as it will look great with your outfit for this specific function. And you additionally won’t fear destroying any of your other adornments with turmeric marks.

Gauri Puja

Presently this custom is just performed at the lady of the hour’s end. Wherein after preparing, she plays out a little puja and offers supplications to Goddess Gauri. Who speaks to immaculateness, sameness, and prudence.

This is viewed as one among the most strict and prosperous customs. To look for favors and godlikeness from the Goddess for a prosperous marriage life ahead.


Concerning this occasion you’ll be prepared. The outfit will include a Kanjeevaram saree with a parcel of adornments like Kamar bandh, accessory, hoops, part on hair and wrist. Even arms with hefty cosmetics.

Yet, why pick traditional as usual?

There are a ton of ways by which you can venture out of your customary range of familiarity. And be a boss lady while as yet remaining attached to the conventions.

You may be a customary lady of the hour with conventional shadings and hairdo. Or an advanced time lady who picks an absolutely strange shading with a shifted haircut. Bnd distinctive cosmetics decision.

Note: However one can decide to wear a less difficult saree for the puja and afterward change into a substantial. Weaved and sumptuous Kanjeevaram is otherwise known as Pattu saree. Since the more the choices, the better it is 

So we should perceive what all choices you can need to browse according to your sort and style in a South Indian Wedding:

Moderation is the key

On the off chance that being OTT isn’t your style. At that point having a moderate look is likewise something. That will cause you to feel similarly decked up and wonderful on your big day.

This wonderful and upbeat lady of the hour decided to wear a peach shaded saree with red outskirt and insignificant adornments. And a basic jargon her hair as extra hair for the principal work.

Attempt a non-conventional shading for an additional oomph

Why select conventional red as it were?

Orange and green are the new reds around. Many South Indian ladies have selected to not go for red for the fundamental function. Rather select some other shading like green, orange, pink, or even purple for the quintessential look in a South Indian Wedding.

Tip: Go for strong lips and substantial eyes with a shading unique about red since it will pop your face more.

On the adornments, however, more is less for South Indian ladies. Yet if you don’t wish to go for substantial gems for your hair, botanical hairdos would work best. It would likewise cause you to feel new more.

Conventional and substantial adorned sleeves rock the wedding

Presently the South Indian weddings are about Kanjeevaram sarees. A significant piece of a saree accounts for the pullover. These days, ladies are going for contrast shaded pullovers, vigorously adorned shirts. And even quarter sleeved pullovers to mirror the genuine conventional side of theirs.

Cap sleeves, network sleeves, and what not will not be in a pattern for a current touch to the in any case head-to-toe conservativism.

This all-gold decked up a lady of the hour in quarter sleeves is, in any case, more than a fantasy of any South Indian lady.

Precious stone take away your heart if not gold

Truly, however, customarily ladies like to go with gold yet on the off chance that you’re not somebody. Aho loves gold that much, at that point jewel, is it your salvage.

Tip: On the off chance that you’re wearing a little more straightforward saree. At that point go all insane with the pullover plans.

Yet, on the off chance that there’s a ton of weaving, themes, and prints going on your saree. At that point, an easier pullover will remove the best out of you else it would feel as though you wore all that you got your hands on!

Strangely long hair for a more slender look

With the haircut, you can do a ton. Either go for meshes with blossoms in the middle of or long interlace. With an all-out South Indian bun and the plait having gajras and naga jadai both.

Bloom is the only thing that is in any way important

Kashi Yatra – South Indian

Man of the hour needs to pack for this Yatra. Which an umbrella, snacks for the way (normally coconuts and some rice), a mobile stick, and an extra Dhoti.

This is an astonishing custom in South Indian weddings where both the families have loads of fun and chuckle.

Be it a Kannada wedding, or a Tamilian wedding, or the Andhra Reddy Wedding service function. “Kashi Yatra” is a great custom that everybody appreciates.

Pada Puja

In a South Indian wedding. This service is being performed by the lady of the hour’s family once the groom arrives at the wedding scene (or command sometimes).

Brides’ family washes the groom’s feet with rose water, blessed water, milk, sandalwood, and kumkum. In the wake of washing the feet are washed, it’s being cleaned with bloom petals to let dry.

It is the regard that the lady of the hour’s family offers to the groom.

Malai Maatral

This is the fifth capacity in fact after Kashi Yatra and Pada Puja. Wherein the lady of the hour and the lucky man trade blossom laurels. 

The custom is rehashed threefold with some fun-loving nature. In the middle of both attempting to dodge from being the festoon put around their necks.

South Indian rendition of North India’s varmala.


Kanya implies a young lady and Danam implies Dakshina or a blessing.

In this South Indian wedding service, the groom is seen as an agent of Lord Vishnu.

To tie the bride and groom in a daily existence kept going bond. End of the lady of the hour’s saree is attached to the furthest limit of the husband to be’s angavastram.

Mother of the lady of the hour washed husband’s feet and applied kajal (kohl) to the groom’s eyes.

At that point, Lady’s dad gives the hand or his little girl and gives them a coconut on which lady of the hour’s mom pours heavenly water.


In this South Indian wedding function, Spouse clasp hands and circle ashore the hallowed fire multiple times.

Vedic mantras are recited and pledges are traded.

Contingent upon the different societies, this pooja can last from 1 hour to 5 hours.

South Indian Wedding Gathering

When all the services and ceremonies are done. A stupendous gathering is tossed for the most part from the lady’s side (yet Indian livings these days in US and Canada, they share the costs of gathering).

Here astonishing South Indian food is served. Which is typically a veggie lover and to come clean with you. If you each go to a South Indian Wedding, at that point the food there is out of the world.

Food alongside some customary music completely epitomizes the entire climate.

Generally, no liquor is served in the wedding, not at all like Punjabi Wedding.

South Indian Wedding – Marriage Wear Tips

However, whatever may be the customs. Whatever may be the capacities and howsoever you may follow all. What makes a difference the most is that. 

Each bride has the option to look, feel and have confidence in their excellence on the main day of their lives.

So to not feel restless and be cheerful, follow a portion of the significant hints underneath.

Although these are the overall ones yet should be remembered:

Being a South Indian bride with just the Kanjeevaram saree being the primary clothing, plan it way in advance.

Pick one which will mirror your style and get the pullover sewed according to the plan and shade of your saree.

Guarantee that it fits you well.

As adornments and different frill structures are a significant piece of the general look of a South Indian bride. Guarantee that you have everything set up.

Do whatever it takes not to go too over the edge with the frill as recall. The occasion will be a day long and you probably won’t have the option to convey a ton the whole day.

Plan your cosmetics route and your haircut also to be in finished sync with your general outfit as nothing should look excessively.

If you are one such lady or realize one. At that point you should be realizing how hard-hitting it tends to be to have the best outfit on your greatest day being customized a lot. According to your necessities, needs, and wants.

However, if you intend to go with one as opposed to getting it. At that point a group of astounding designers and experts are people you can trust to give the best to you.


Weddings can be fun, and south Indian weddings can be more than fun.

Loaded with lots of amazing food items and distinct rituals you have a lot to learn at a south Indian wedding.

We hope that you enjoy your south Indian wedding experience and we’re looking forward to beautiful pictures from your side!

Happy Wedding!

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