Everything You Need To Know About Sikh Wedding Rituals & Traditions

ਵਿਆਹ ਦੀਆ ਵਧਾਇਆ

(Vi’āha dī’ā vadhā’i’ā)

In Sikhism, The Sikh Wedding Service Is Known As The ‘Anand Karaj‘ Signifying ‘Euphoric Association’.

The Four Lavan, (The Psalms Which Are Sung During The Service) Were Formed By Master Smash Das.

The Function Itself Was First Presented By His Archetype Master Amar Das.

Sikh Weddings Pre And Post Wedding Services Can Range More than A few Days.

Let’s understand how and what to expect from Sikh wedding ceremonies when attending one or expecting one for yourself!

Pre-Wedding Ceremonies


Be it an arranged marriage or love marriage. The assent of the two arrangements of guardians is significant in all Sikh weddings.

To show that he gives his assent. The bride’s dad as a rule visits the husband to be with a couple of individuals of the family. And gives his full help by applying a tilak on the groom’s brow. And giving him endowments of desserts and garments and now and again a kara or ring.

A similar custom is then performed by the lucky man’s dad towards the lady of the hour either. Later around the same time or a few days preceding the commitment function.

Chunni Function

This is the official commitment function while the roka is a casual service. Where both the young lady and the man are perceived by the two families as destined to-be-married.

The lucky man and his family members and dear companions take a propitious red outfit, adornments, basic chunni, and cosmetics. As endowments to the lady of the hour with the goal that she could wear them on the wedding day.

It is typically the female relative who presents the lady with the outfit and extras.

They would take her to a different room and dress her up in the outfit. And adornments at that point take her back to where the remainder of the assembly is accumulated and is situated close to the lucky man.

The groom’s mom would then wrap a straightforward red chunni across the Bride’s head. And bear and apply some mehndi on the palm of her hands and feed her some Indian desserts.

A few families would request the man of the hour to put a squeeze from the sindoor between the lady’s temple.

After this, the bride & the groom would trade the wedding bands and close this official commitment service.

The guardians of both the lady of the hour and husband to be would then take care of them both with Indian desserts.

The remainder of the visitors and family members will follow with this shagun custom.


This is a function that happens either at the husband’s home. Or at the Gurudwara with close loved ones welcomed to celebrate.

The granthi would generally be the one to begin the function by offering a short petition (Ardas). After which the husband to be’s sisters will put a palla (wedding scarf) around the lucky man’s shoulders. For when the lady’s dad places a modest bunch of dry natural products into this palla and puts a kara on his wrist.

The service for the most part finishes with the dads of the lady of the hour and husband to be trade festoons.

Shagun and Sasha Patr/Chithi (Wedding Greeting)

The lady of the hour’s family would set up an extraordinary wedding greeting that would be sprinkled with saffron.

After this, a couple of the vital individuals from the family would take it to the husband to be home.

They would convey the greeting with endowments. Typically various types of sweet treats, dry organic products, new organic products, garments, and a coconut.

The reason for this is to officially welcome the man of the hour’s family and to tell them to begin the wedding preparations.

Akhand Way

For the most part, the family peruses the whole Master Granth Sahib inside 48 hours constantly before the wedding date is set.

The two families hold these petitions independently.

The entire reason for this is to clarify the significance of religion and the lessons from the Master Granth Sahib laying out the method of living.

After the petitions are done, kirtan is held where strict songs are sung. An ardas is then offered to stamp the finish of the supplications and Karah Prasad is then disseminated among the families and visitors.

Ladies Sangeet

This a significant occasion in Sikh and Punjabi culture.

Punjabi society tunes are sung which is a strategy for narrating that is gone down through ages.

Weddings are commended by singing Punjabi society tunes and hitting the dance floor with the new family.

Initially, sangeet was an occasion explicitly for women yet as times changed, so did the convention.

Presently, men have become a piece of this occasion to appreciate the modernized form of singing and moving to DJ music.

This occasion happens in an assembly hall that is picked to oblige the number of visitors welcomed with supper served toward the end.


A square rangoli configuration is first made on the ground utilizing shaded powder.

The plan could be as inventive as you need or as basic as well. And it is made by hand by family members of the lady and lucky man from the maternal side.

Next, a peeri (stool) is put toward the finish of one side of the design(usually east — confronting). Which is the place where the lady of the hour and husband to be would sit.

The lady of the hour and husband to be are then brought to the ground. While holding an improving plate loaded up with the maiyan basics that will be utilized for the custom.

A scented turmeric mixture blend (vatna). That is made of grain flour, turmeric powder, and mustard oil, is applied to the man of the hour first by his loved ones. After which it is applied to the lady by her loved ones.

A fatti (a bit of beautified wood) on which the lady and husband generally place their feet while sitting on the stool.

A lot of gaaney (a favorable red string with dabs or here and there plain). Are given out to all the women and a red chunni that is held over the lady and lucky man by four ladies from each corner.

The family members and companions at that point rub the vatna . Everywhere on the lady and husband to be until they are completely covered with it.

Whenever everybody has gotten their opportunity to apply this on the lady of the hour and husband to be. The mother endeavors to take care of rice and sugar blend to the lady or lucky man. While a sister-in-law energetically smacks the moms hand away to keep her from taking care of the combination.

This is an amusing element of the maiyan custom.

After this, the lady of the hour and lucky man are taken inside while holding the plate and all the maiyan basics utilized.

The mother at that point hops over the rangoli plan multiple times . And afterward by pouring a touch of water and gathering the batter together framing a paste. After which she tosses the glue over the house. And afterward she leaves the impression of the glue on the front side of the house to show that it is a wedding house.

Later during the day. After the blend has gotten dry, the lady and man of the hour are showered with milk and water finishing up the finish of this custom.

This custom is led multiple times (when daily more than three days) before the wedding day.


In a real sense meaning ‘Wake up’. Jago is where the family members of the lady and man of the hour would circumvent the town moving and singing with designed pots with diyas on them.

This was an approach to welcome all the residents to the wedding on more established occasions.

Nowadays, Jago is a teamed up occasion with sangeet night.

The lady and lucky man and every one of their family members and companions typically spruces up in customary Punjabi clothing.

The whole motivation behind the Jago is to make commotion and gathering. Not only are pots carried on the heads. Yet long bamboo sticks are beautified and slammed against the floor and chaj (bamboo plate) is hit on until it breaks.

As they arrive at the party floor. The maternal and families take part to sing naughty people tunes to one another.

The night continues with bunches of singing and moving and initiates with supper.


This generally happens two days before the wedding.

Quick female family members and dear companions of the lady are welcome to participate in this custom. Where henna is applied to their hands in different plans.

The lady’s henna, however, is nitty-gritty and more than different women’s henna. It is concerned with her hands and feet to demonstrate that she is the lady of the hour.

When the henna is applied. It is let to dry after which a lemon squeeze and sugar combination is applied with a cotton ball. To develop the shading once the henna is rejected off.

The following morning. To extend the shading more, mustard oil is applied as it produces heat whenever it is scoured into the skin. Warmth is the fundamental factor to extend the shading.

Choora Function

This takes place the night before the wedding day. Where the lady of the hour is taken to sit under a tent in the nursery. Where she is encircled by her maternal uncles and aunties.

Put before her is a major, profound plate loaded up with milk and water.

The maternal uncles will at that point open a bunch of the wedding bangles (choora). And place them in the milk and water combination.

At that point, turn by turn, each maternal uncle will get the opportunity to put these bangles on the lady of the hour. Until she has a set on each hand.

The maternal aunties would give a hand if the uncles need it.

When every bangle is put on, a kara or bangle that has coconut molded enhancements held tight is put on (kalire).

To close the choora function. The maternal uncles at that point place a red chunni over the lady of the hour’s shoulders and giving her gems.

This is a blessing from the maternal side of her family. After this, the maternal uncles and aunties are offered milk to drink.

The Wedding Day: Section One

At the woman of the hour’s home. The woman stirs and showers after which she has her hair and beautifying agents done by a close relative/friend or a specialist.

She is then led to the Gurudwara in a vehicle by her family and dear mates. As she is needed to be at the Gurudwara before the spouse to be.

At the spouse to be\’s home. After he has showered and gotten into his wedding garments. He is given a Kirpan (a sharp edge). Which he would keep hold of the entire day to speak to that he would guarantee his significant other to be all through their marriage.

This custom is one that was started from a practical need during the Mughal rule in India.

It was during this time when women of the hour\ ‘s were gotten during the wedding services. The spouse to be\’ began to pass on a sharp edge to make sure about both the woman and their honor.

After he is given the edge. He is assigned a sarwalla (best man) who may go with him for the length of the day and help him where basic.

They are both dressed with haar (trims) and dealt with Indian sweets by the spouse to be people. The man of the hour\’s sisters will by then wrap a palla across his shoulders.

The palla is a basic segment of the wedding capacity at the Gurudwara.

After this, the spouse to be\’s sister-guardians in law put Surma (kohl) on the man of the hour\’s eye line halting any threatening gazes.

Finally, the sisters by then re-visitation stick the sehra (improving globule strings to cover the fortunate man\’s face from smell eyes). On his turban and pin a Kalgi (grand diamond) on the turban in the middle.

The real thing by then leaves his home with his friends and family (baraat) to go to the Gurudwara.

The Wedding Day: Segment Two

The baraat is received by the lady\’s family and guests at the Gurudwara.

The lady’s sisters and dear associates would be before the woman of great importance. Holding a red stripe starting with one completion then onto the next of the path passage which the spouse to be would have to cut.

He would not be given up the scissors until he or his father placed a proportion of money into a glass stacked up with water.

This whole could be as less as a penny anyway. The sisters acknowledge this open way to goad their sibling by union with being and demand a greater aggregate.

The woman, presently, is kept separate in another room until the essential capacity. This is to keep up the desire to see her.

The two families by then accumulated in a colossal and open region before the Gurudwara for the Milni services.

Milni is the best possible introduction of the basic people from both the families with the exchanging of wreaths.

To start the milni. The priest at first examines a little appeal by then calls the names of the looking at relations from either side. Beginning from the most seasoned, that is the granddads of the woman and spouse to be.

They would in the trade-off of the enveloping gathering and exchange trees and a gift. This is the families wish to either give while exchanging or later by then grasp and stance for a picture.

The baraat is then crashed into the langar passage where they would eat and thereafter head into the darbar (essential entryway). Where the service, Anand Karaj, would occur. Anand Karaj is the happy relationship of the woman and fortunate man with the Sri Expert Granth Sahib (Wonderful Book). Being the eyewitness to this affiliation.

The relatives and guests from either side of the family go into the darbar and offer gratefulness to the favored book. By bowing down and a while later plunking down in the live with ladies on the left side and honorable men on the right.

The fortunate man and his people would be the last to enter. While everyone is offering their gratefulness, a trio of priests is singing shabads (exacting hymns).

The spouse would enter holding a rumalla. A rectangular/square silk decorated material for the sacrosanct book. As a commitment and offer his gratefulness and plunk down.

After he has sat, the sisters of the main event would incorporate him from the back and dispose of his sehra and kalgi.

Not sometime before the woman of great importance is referenced to enter the darbar. The fortunate man is coordinated to sit in the front of the holy book.

The woman would go into the hallway by her kin and sisters-in-law.

This is meaningful considering the way that kin are seen as the protectors of the sisters in the Indian culture.

This particular show has made it through the draw where the lady\’s people would in like manner go with her close by the kin.

The woman of great importance too. Like the fortunate man. Would enter in holding a rumalla and would offer it and offer her gratefulness after which she would plunk down near the spouse to be.

Sisters and sister-in-law of the woman of great importance would sit behind her for help. While the sisters and sister-in-law of the fortunate man would sit behind him.

The priest then demands the gatekeepers from the woman and groom and the woman and fortunate man to speak to an ardas.

Every other individual would remain arranged.

After this, at whatever point they have plunked down. The father of the woman of great importance is drawn closer to go to the front and play out the palla rasam. Where he would take one completion of the palla of the spouse to be and either tie or give it his little girl’s hand to hold.

This speaks to the father leaving behind his young lady.

The kin of the woman would then stay around the uncommon raised territory. With the Sri Expert Granth Sahib Ji in the middle. For the laavan (marriage hymns) where the priest would talk about a melody for all of the four laavs.

The four laavan are directed to take the woman and fortunate man through the periods of the trip. That prompts a relationship with God and the relationship of a couple.

These are the two exercises and vows that they take to seal their marriage affiliation.

After the minister talks about a song for each laav. The woman and spouse would bow down. And start walking around the extraordinary ventured territory clockwise.

This is where each kin would continue to hold and guide her while the spouse is led.

This is a significant show where it shows that her kin will be there for her at whatever point she needs them.

They would do this walk around all the four laavs.

The first laav weights on the commitment towards the family and the organization.

The second laav refers to the period of yearning and love for each other.

The third laav loads on the period of division from the world.

The last a lot laav implies the last period of congeniality and relationship in marriage. When love between the couple blends into the warmth for God.

After the fourth laav is introduced. Another tune is sung to check the intimate affiliation. and a last ardas is performed by the pastor with the entire gathering, including the affection fowls.

This would wrap up the Sikh wedding services…

After this, everyone would plunk down. While the gatekeepers of both the woman of great importance and fortunate man would put a shrub around the woman. And fortunate man and give them shagun (money as a blessing).

The rest of the get-together would substitute in doing this too.

So to mark the completion of this. The priest would proclaim that Karah Prasad would be passed on, henceforth everyone should plunk down again.

They would then set out toward lunch in the langar hall.


After lunch, close relatives and associates of the woman and groom. And the woman and fortunate man would rush toward the lady\’s caring house for the doli (a trip of the woman of great importance to her new home).

The man of the hour\’s mother would not be significant for this custom.

Exactly when they are at the lady\’s home. Both the woman of great importance and fortunate man would be sat together in the receiving area with everyone around.

The gatekeepers of the woman would  give a gift to the couple (for the most part a watch). And feed them some more Indian pastries.

By and by the woman of great importance and fortunate men are allowed to go to their home.

Right, when they are standing up and walking. A bowl of rice is held before the woman and she takes a humble pack. And throws it behind her, over her head, in each edge of the house.

This signifies the woman of the hour’s certification that she is leaving her protective home and taking nothing with her.

As they are walking around the wedding vehicle. Each relative of the woman takes a go to bid farewell to her and wish her karma close to the beginning of another piece of her life.

The father of the spouse to throw money (commonly little change) before the vehicle while the vehicle starts to move.

Presently, the kin of the woman would push the vehicle for a little distance.

In the more prepared events, the woman would be passed on by her kin in a truck to her new home.

Paani Varna

As the love birds show up at the husband’s home, his mom would be remaining at the entryway to invite her daughter-in-law and son.

She would hold a garvi which is loaded up with half water and half milk.

She moves the garvi clockwise and endeavors to taste each turn. While the husband attempts to prevent her from tasting.

She does this multiple times and after the seventh turn, he allows her to drink it.

This is a method of giving the lady and lucky man.

The mother at that point continues to pour a touch of oil on one or the other side of the entryway at the base.

This wedding custom is both wicked and represents the satisfaction in the wedding house. With the appearance of another relative and it likewise eliminates any evil eye from the lady of the hour and husband to be before they venture inside.

Once inside, the lady of the hour and the lucky man are given a glass of milk to share.

The sharing of food and beverages is considered to expand the adoration in a relationship.

This is the night’s end for the lady of the hour and the lucky man as all customs are finished.

Different individuals from the loved ones would remain longer to party.


On more established occasions. The lady of the hour’s family would be the one to give the husband to be’s family and visitors a gathering supper. As they would be the visitors in the lady’s old neighborhood or town.

Nowadays, it is the husband who holds the gathering supper. And it is not as basic as it uses to be because many couples have begun to make it a stupendous festival. That includes different amusement highlights like dance gatherings, live groups. And afterward finishes it with supper and dance.

This festival is done differently. However the most famous method of beginning the festival is with a mixed drink hour. That generally keeps going 30 minutes to an hour relying upon the number of visitors you have.

At that point, the visitors would be approached to sit down for the proper program of the night to start.

This would begin with the proper presentations of the lady of the hour’s folks and kin and any bridesmaids (if there are any). Trailed by the lucky man’s folks and kin and any groomsmen (assuming any) lastly the love birds.

Talks and exhibitions are important for the diversion that follows.


So this is the finish to the guide of Sikh Wedding Customs and Conventions.

I trust you have thought that it was educational and fascinating.

We’re looking forward to beautiful Anand Karaj pictures of you and your family from your side…!

Happy Wedding!

Here are few of the other wedding cultures of India.

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  2. I have read your article carefully and I agree with you very much. This has provided a great help for my thesis writing, and I will seriously improve it. However, I don’t know much about a certain place. Can you help me?

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