Every Bride Dream for this Sabyasachi Lehenga Design

Charbagh – The Devi Collection’s Mystery that every bride want to wear on her wedding days

Something traditional with a touch of style…

…isn’t this something that all us women desire?

Wouldn’t you want something for your wedding. That is traditional yet contains a hint of modernity to it, everyone wants to look Indian and pretty. But at the same time, no one wants to look like a ‘behenji’, as they say!

Sabyasachi Mukherjee is the icon of bridal style. He has brought back to life what was long forgotten by the young generation of the country, i.e. traditionalism. 

He has played with both the culture and modernity. Mixed the two of them in equal proportions, and has come up with style people now go around giving precedents of.

Bhaiya Kuch Sabyasachi jaisa dikhana” isn’t what we go about ranting on the streets of Chandini Chowk and Sarojini?

Well, the next time you do so. We don’t want you to waste your time by not knowing what you want which is why. 

We, at Wedus, have brought you the best lehenga design by Sabyasachi for the upcoming wedding you’ve got to attend. And who knows, you end up marrying someone for the lehenga too? This is the one of the best Sabyasachi Lehenga Design.

Charbagh – The Devi Collection by Sabyasachi Mukherjee

How did we know what lehengas and sarees are?

Did someone dream about the same one night and came up with such brilliant ways of wrapping the cloth around our bodies? 

No. lehengas, sarees, jewelry, everything has been taken from the Indian scriptures. Hindu goddesses like Laxmi, Durga, and Saraswati are all seen wrapped up in exquisite sarees and pieces of jewelry. 

The idea of different colors has also come from the idea of what these heavenly women wear. White personifies knowledge and wisdom, and hence, is worn by Saraswati. Yellow & Gold epitomize wealth and prosperity. So, they are worn by Laxmi. 

Last but undoubtedly the most important. The color Red, personifies power, purity, and all the other qualities of a married woman, beautifully worn by Maa Durga.

Red, being our favorite when talking about lehengas, is also a symbol of love, prosperity, respect, joy, and power. 

Sabyasachi, keeping all of it in mind, has come up with a design called “Charbagh- the Devi collection”.  The most profound Sabyasachi Lehenga Design.

Beautifully praising all the women for their womanhood. While simultaneously celebrating the wedding season with a little more color, vigor, and joy.

What Does the Theme Charbagh Mean?

Charbagh is the Urdu term for a Persian and Indo-Persian quadrilateral layout of gardens mentioned in the Quran

Sabyasachi, in his theme, has been inspired by the four different aspects of history. And has incorporated four different themes in the said project, i.e. Devi, Nargis, Chowk, and Isfahan. 

Something different has been used in each of the designs to suit each kind of bride. 

Mukherjee has not only taken inspiration from the Hindu culture of India. But has also made sure to consider almost all the others to create a mix of different cultures and styles to come up with the same.

When asked about the idea and intention of creating such an exquisite piece of art. 

Mukherjee’s sole reply was that he wants to cater to the needs of all kinds of brides. Some brides want a royal goddess look while the others want to keep it simple and tie the knot with and around their family. 

Sabyasachi did not want to let any wedding go to waste. And so he came up with a rather appealing yet gorgeous idea keeping in mind. What women would love and that was somewhat red. 

Sabyasachi has a prominent place for women in his heart. He never considers his brides as random young women planning to wear his piece to their big day. Instead, he thinks of them as Queens whose services he is catering to. 

Which is why he makes sure that whatever it is that he is doing. Should not be for the sole purpose of just an event, but to give the women what they want, exactly how they would like it.

The Devi Collection by Sabyasachi

Considering women to be goddesses. Sabyasachi has named his entire collection “The Devi collection” which is very well suitable for the women out there.

If you look closely in the feature video. Sabyasachi has made sure to include all kinds of body types. Be it someone who is overweight or someone who is underweight. 

Sabyasachi has made sure to imply that the lehenga isn’t just for the goddess-like ones. Still, the lehenga will make all kinds & types of bodies to like one. Since each woman, in herself, carries with her the qualities of Maa.

Sabyasachi’s charbagh collection is not just a collection. It is an emotion. If you look closely. He has worked on the very intricate details of the wear and made sure that the lehengas are not just red, but more from that.

He has enhanced the look of these beautiful dresses. And the gorgeous brides by pairing them with gold and Kundan chokers, matha patties, jhumkas, nose rings, and bangles.

The heritage jewels he has brought to life, again, are drool-worthy and straight-out ravishing.


If the first thing that pops up in your head whenever someone says the term “wedding” is red. And you are someone who just can’t imagine parting their way with the color, Sabyasachi’s Devi collection is just the right fit for you.

The is one of the best Sabyasachi Lehenga Design for Indian Wedding outfit.

Go, grab on yours now, be one of “Sabyasachi’s Brides” because the Devi he is talking about, is no one, but YOU.

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