Things You Should Know About Saat Phere in Indian Wedding

What do These 7 Simple Sacred Rounds Mean? Let’s find out!

A quintessential Indian wedding is three things – convention, ceremonies, and loads of fun and masti.

Furthermore, discussing conventions, nothing can depict a Hindu wedding. In a way that is better than the delightful custom called the Saat Phere or the seven holy vows.

Exclusively after the bride and the groom have finished the Saat Phere they are viewed as a couple.

In South Indian weddings they are known as Saptapadi and keeping in mind that the noteworthiness stays as before. The significance of each Phera is somewhat unique in Saptapadi.

In Sikh weddings, there are just four Pheras, and they are known as Laavan.

All things considered, more on that later, yet for the present. I should move our concentration back to the seven pledges or Saat Phere of a Hindu wedding.

The Significance of the Saat Phere

These Saat Phere or seven pledges are not simply ‘adjusts around a blessed fire’.

Each Phera implies a promise that the lady of the hour and the husband will be made to one another.

Their importance is profoundly established in our rich Indian culture. And the implications are excellent.

Even though the Saat Phere is exceptionally huge for a Hindu wedding. Much the same as with nearly all the other things in a wedding service. From outfits to stylistic layout. Millennial couples have now begun blending a trace of advancement in with convention.

Subsequently, in any event, with regards to the seven holy pledges, they have their promises that they make to one another.

They accept that they need to move away from the deep-rooted conventional pledges, which as per them can be old and impossible.

That is the motivation behind why most couples nowadays need to think of their practical marital promises. Guarantees that they make to one another and keep, consistently.

Yet, before we proceed to mention to you what the Saat Phere connotes for most millennial couples. Let us first disclose to you the conventional implications of each promise of the Saat Phere.

These pledges have been holding individuals together. In the power of profound devotion and regard for ages and they will never lose their importance and centrality. Here you go:

The first vow is a prayer to the Lord for provision and nourishment

In the primary promise of the Saat Phere. The man of the hour and lady look for the celestial favors of God by requesting that. He gave them enough for a sound and prosperous living.

They ask that they never miss the mark concerning food or cash.

The man of the hour pledges to consistently accommodate his significant other and family. And the lady vows to impart the heap and duties to him similarly.

They promise to pursue this objective together and with deference for one another.

The second vow stands for strength and togetherness in all situations

In this circle, the couple implores God to favor them with mental, physical, and otherworldly prosperity.

The lucky man vows to remain by his significant other in all circumstances, be it affliction or wellbeing.

The lady vows to be his solidarity and requests his unified love and consideration consequently.

The Third Vow is for Prosperity

In this Phera, the couples request that the Almighty favor them with all that they require to carry on with an agreeable and prosperous life.

The couple additionally guarantees their reliability to one another with this Phera.

The Fourth Vow is for Families

The lucky man thanks to his lady of the hour for coming into his life and finishing it while the lady vows to satisfy him inside and out.

They additionally promise to consistently regard each other’s families.

The Fifth Vow is for Progeny

This is the Phera in which the man of the hour starts to lead the pack.

In this promise, the couple petitions the Almighty for solid and respectable kids.

They likewise guarantee to be acceptable guardians. Who will give their children an honorable childhood.

The Sixth Vow is for Health

In this Phera the couple guarantees God that they will carry on with a fair and respectable life.

They likewise appeal to God for a solid and infection-free life.

They appeal to God for strength with the goal that they can satisfy their obligations towards one another and their families.

The Seventh Vow is for Love and Friendship

In the remainder of the Saat Phere, the couple vows their affection, trust, and friendship to one another, eternity.

They pledge to be companions forever and remain by one another through various challenges.

They appeal to God for a relationship improved with heaps of affection.


In this way, these were the genuine and customary implications of the seven hallowed pledges or Saat Phere of a Hindu wedding.

The pledges and how they are performed are distinctive for various societies and religions. Yet the importance stays as before.

While the center implications of these Pheras have stayed unaltered throughout the long term. Trendy couples are exploring different avenues of a lot of thoughts to make their wedding fun. And that incorporates making the 7 promises eccentric and fun also.

Not exclusively are brides and grooms composing their marital promises nowadays. However, they are additionally adding slight adjustments to the current ones.

We trust you take some motivation from this article and think of something stunning for your enormous day.

The very best!

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