Everything You Need to Know About Roka Function in Indian Wedding

What does the Roka Ceremony Have in Store? Let’s find out?

Roka Function is a traditional declaration of the fact that the bride and groom have agreed for the wedding. That they won’t search for another life accomplice now.

Back in the days. The function was impromptu and once the couple consented to marry. It saw the husband be’s mom who might give a nose ring or legacy ‘Nath’ to the lady.

The Bride’s family. Then again, would alternate applying ‘Tilak’ or vermillion on the forehead of the groom.

Shagun or blessings were exchanged by the two families. Which would incorporate dry natural products, saris, suits, and adornments.

No rings would be traded during the service. It would be considered as an informal declaration of a commitment and ensuing romance.

Roka ceremony, however, is not an essential service nowadays.

Throughout the long term. It has changed into an extravagant, expound issue, where the two families make declarations to the world!

It is additionally one of the greatest pre-wedding occasions for the bride and groom.

Thus, wearing a plain suit or sari won’t do the trick on this day.

You need a nitty-gritty, staggering outfit that can separate you from the visitors and set you apart in the group.

Attire Ideas for the Roka Ritual

One doesn’t need to run from column to post to find the ideal Roka outfit.

Various conventional and Indo-Western outfits are accessible for the occasion.

In any case, it is generally encouraged to go for something that isn’t too captivating or hefty. As one would have to move around a great deal during the function.

Nowadays ladies pick something agreeable yet up-to-date for the service.

Anarkali suits

Anarkali being one of the top choices is stylish and exquisite clothing.

With an assortment of cotton, net, engineered, rayon, and silk Anarkali suits accessible on the lookout. The lady can have whatever suits her body type.

On the off chance that the lady is tall and skinny, having a story length Anarkali with adorned weaving work is an ideal decision.

If one needs something light, an Anarkali with trim or gota work is adept.

Turning Anarkali with creased designs and a belt close to the waistline can help partition the body and make it look more slender too.

Bright shades like Red, Pink, Mustard, Fuschia are probably the most favored ones.


Sari, which is another record-breaking most loved. Is a stylish and coquettish method of looking captivating for the Roka occasion.

From zari to brocade, Silk, Cotton, and Bandhani, saris are in abundance. And one can pick any that would suit the event and the lady’s character.

Indo Western Outfits

Indo-western outfits and lehengas have gotten energy for an enormous scope over the most recent couple of years. And a few ladies have begun going for this choice too.

Indian variants of outfits can have expounded enumerating and frivolity of sequins on the shirt territory.

A mixture of brocade, ribbon, pearls, Kundan, and zari are very well known with this clothing and add to the general appeal of the wearer.

Shadings like blue, pink, yellow, white, brilliant, and dark look lovely with Indo-Western Gowns.


Men ordinarily settle on an agreeable yet snazzy kurta pajama that looks exemplary and traditional.

A front open fastened Sherwani with a frivolity of sequins and itemized weaving looks awesome for the Roka and tilak function.

Men normally choose shadings, for example, crème, gold, dark, maroon, light yellow, and light pink.


The roka tradition is a great beginning to a family bond. Other than the couple’s affirmation of never-ending affection and friendship.

This function has gotten incredibly famous all through India weddings and the past and a ton of cautious arranging go into its making.

I hope this article was informative enough for you to understand. What the Roka function means and what its significance is.

We’re looking forward to the amazing pictures of you and yours very eagerly.

Happy Wedding!

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