10 Outdoor Wedding Mistakes You Should Avoid

All you need to know about what need not be done! 

While an outdoor wedding may appear to be a calm approach. No need for huge loads of embellishments. No palatial assembly hall rental, we realize that the fact of the matter is the exact inverse.

Many couples end up stuck without a heatwave or downpour plan. Short on fundamentals to cause the visitors to feel comfortable outside. With vendors incapable of taking care of their responsibilities in light of calculated messes.

It tends to be a bad dream.

All things considered, Mother Nature can be the most awful wedding crasher of all.

Here, we will disclose to you the warnings that couples neglect. And how to maintain a strategic distance from them before it’s past the point of no return. 

Checkout these 10 Outdoor Wedding Mistakes you should Avoid…

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Ensuring Your Grass is as Level as Could Reasonably be Expected

Sounds ludicrous?

Well, less when you imagine that any transitory structure being raised in your field. Should have the option to withstand visitors strolling. And moving throughout the night and likely terrible climate.

Overdeveloped grass, borderlines, profound openings, huge stones, and so forth. Makes it hard for any transitory structure you decide to be put there.

Just as how you decide to style it, nobody needs their food sliding off a wonky table

To dodge any likely trouble or the direct outcome imaginable your setting provider won’t deal with the ground you give. Converse with the field proprietor first.

Or so, if it’s your territory pick level open ground and cut the grass!

If all else fails, book a site visit and converse with your providers to perceive what they prompt.

Not Having a Wet Climate Back up Arrangement

We can’t pressure how significant this is!

We as a whole realize an unexpected climate can be to some degree capricious. Even in the height of summer, I don’t trust it.

If you are having an outside wedding and you have not orchestrated an impermanent structure. Or a cover set up should the sky open. You have the risk of climate-destroying your extraordinary day.


Envision this… 80 vehicles attempting to escape a field in the morning. After your big day, mud flying all over the place, wheels shrieking and your uncle returning his out attempting. To push his much-cherished bequest out of the marsh which the field has now transformed into.

Sounding more like a bad dream?

That’s right! It might not have down-poured on your big day. Yet, if it has been coming down the entire week on the lead up to your unique day. Then you need to consider your visitors leaving. Yet how enormous vehicles, shipping structures and so on will adapt working all through your field.

Regardless of whether you put down wood chips or transitory elastic mats to help. It is fundamental that you address this before your big day, to keep away from pointless issues.

This is one of the main Outdoor wedding mistakes people often forget to consider…

Holding up Until the Last Minute to Book a Provider

Infrequently should the divine beings bless you. There are investment funds to be found in booking a provider a minute ago.

I wouldn’t risk not having my optimal provider, as a result of booking past the point of no return.

Each provider is unique and it tends to be fairly befuddling how long ahead of time you should book certain sellers.

Make sure that you have a  course of events to give you some broad direction. When you should be hoping to book a provider for your open-air wedding.

Use the Correct Generator

The topic of driving your open-air wedding is a typical one. One which has couples feeling somewhat more than befuddled.

There is no straightforward response to this inquiry. As it is all dependent on how much force you require.

However, to dodge a force blackout when it makes a difference. Settle on more if you don’t know, 40KVA will normally be sufficient for a generally huge wedding.

On the off chance that you are having a more modest wedding, 23KVA may well end up being sufficient.

Again this is liable to endless variables. For instance, the kind of lighting you use, the size of your band. Regardless of whether you have coolers. If you’re providing food, you need to utilize capacity to cook, and so on, and the rundown proceeds.

We prescribe you address your setting as regularly they can supply generators as a component of your set up.

Not Utilizing Signposting

It is so natural to get cleared up in the fervor of arranging. And ensuring styling is totally on point, that you can disregard the reasonable items of your day.

Signposting is a great representation of this…

More regularly than not. Outside weddings can be to some degree precarious to discover. Google maps particularly prefers to take you up a couple of cobbled garages preceding your objective.

So ensuring your wedding is signposted will come route in creating your visitor’s life simpler.

The issue with numerous signs is that the calligraphy can be difficult to peruse until you’re nearly upon it, or the sign is excessively little.

Make your signs huge and lovely regardless of whether you are subtly planning to free the parents in law between the function and gathering.

Melting Cakes

Considering the height of the summer, this is genuinely possible!

All that time and cash put resources into a focal point, dissolving before your eyes before you have even gotten an opportunity to cut it.

No, it’s anything but a fantasy. This happens to ladies. Yet it isn’t liable to all cakes. Those composed of fixings like buttercream which is defenseless to warm.

Talk with your cake baker and approach what the necessities are for the cake to be put away, earlier and on your big day should it be exceptionally hot.

This way you can dodge any cake catastrophes.

Should have a Survival Pack

If you are planning your open-air wedding from the beginning. It implies you will start setting up the day before and the following day. So, a survival kit is an absolute necessity!

Ensuring you are ready for any outcome regardless of how little. You need to have some fundamental bits of the unit set up which can be a help when it is most important.

From connection ties to gaffer tape, it’s the mature age saying of ‘fail to prepare or prepare to fail’.

Dry Fields and Safety

2020 has had a brilliant summer and a dry one at that!

Furthermore, while all ladies go to the rain Gods to ask them to hold off on their special day. Having a dry field has its dangers as well.

Where there are open flares and dry grass. There is inconvenience simply holding on to be had, and nobody needs to see their wedding go up on fire.

So ensure all fire is contained. Particularly zones like fire pits alongside candles and even cigarettes.

Fire safety is a major one for summer weddings. So take all the measures necessary to protect you and your visitors during the dry season.

Think About Your Worst-Case Possible Scenario

While thinking about your most dire outcome imaginable. You need to think if this ought to happen will I have a backup arrangement?

In the improbable instance of extraordinary climate conditions. Everything you can do is address your providers in advance. And get some information about tending to this issue.

Many providers maintain whatever authority is needed to drop. Should they consider it perilous, risky, or cause genuine harm to their item. So its value checking before you book, you will regularly locate these extraordinary cases normally composed into the T&C’s.


If it’s not too much trouble don’t be frightened by any of the abovementioned. Outside weddings are so astounding. It’s pretty much a creation sure everything is arranged appropriately.

If you might want to ensure your arranging escapes all the aforementioned mistakes. Why not look at some online planning meetings for couples searching for direction on their exceptional day.

I hope that this article could help you with your quest for a wonderful wedding. We’re looking forward to some wonderful outdoor wedding pictures too! 

And I hope you don’t make these Outdoor wedding mistakes in your marriage…

Happy wedding!

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