10 Interesting Indian Wedding Facts if You Don’t Know

Are you sure you know everything About Indian Marriage?

While the majority of us follow Indian wedding conventions and ceremonies. Anybody of us knows the explanation/which means behind them.

In this way, It is important to discover the explanations for the vast majority of these wedding customs and trust me. You must find out about it!

Here’s bringing to you, the 10 interesting wedding facts you don’t know about Indian wedding rituals! 

Applying Mehndi Before The D-day

Everybody realizes that the greener the bride’s mehndi, the more grounded her marriage will be.

Another conviction is that if the Mehendi endures longer on the hands of the bride than her life partner’. She’ll be cherished a great deal by her parents in law!

Peculiar, isn’t that so?

Alright, so the genuine motivation behind why mehndi is applied is that it quiets the nerves and shields the body from getting tense.

Also, you will be shocked to realize that Mehendi is an exceptional germicide specialist. Which can shield you from viral illnesses.

We are certain you wouldn’t fret getting Mehendi on your hands and feet now.

Turns Out it’s Your “Ring Finger” on Purpose:

Commitment and wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. Since it was once discovered that a vein in that finger drove to the heart.

The Romans even considered this vein the “vena amoris” or the ‘vein of adoration’.

Why They Say to not Lend Your Wedding Outfit

So the explanation why you are told to not loan your wedding dress to somebody is that it might bring the borrower best of luck. Yet, this liberality of yours can carry an awful sign to YOU.

Along these lines, if you are pondering loaning your wedding outfits to another person, we suggest you reconsider.

Why Ghoonghat?

Ladies generally wear a veil since antiquated Greeks and Romans accepted they must shield her from insidious spirits.

We Indians wear the ghoonghat for a similar explanation also!

Why the Mangal snan?

In most Hindu weddings. The couple is said to have the ‘Mangal Snanam‘ early morning at the main light upon the arrival of the wedding.

It’s accepted to purge and decontaminate the couple and prepare them for the hallowed customs that are to be followed later.

Thus, if you are not a morning person, we suggest numerous cautions!

Why the Sindoor?

Aside from being the image of marriage for a Hindu lady. Sindoor (red vermilion powder) has some incredible medical advantages also.

It contains turmeric, lime, and a brief degree of the metal mercury.

In this way, when it’s applied on the hair segment, the mercury chills off the body and causes you to feel loose.

It’s likewise accepted to trigger a sexual drive inside the woman.

Allow it to Rain

Quiet down all the bridezillas who are terrified that it may begin pouring on your wedding day.

There is no need to be bleak.

For reasons unknown,  It might house a part of your style. It’s viewed as a promising sign – it’s a decent sign for ripeness for the wedded couple!


In the Punjabi wedding group. The ladies wear a ‘Chooda’ (a bunch of red and white bangles) for a couple of months into the marriage. To get the best of luck in their new home.

Joota Chupai

In many societies, it is standard for a lady’s sisters to shroud the untended shoes of the lucky man!

After the wedding, he is approached to pay a payment for its return.

We trust the man of the hour comes arranged!

Honeymoons weren’t generally so extravagant

As per old stories. Couples sought refuge after the wedding. And a relative would present to them a cup of honey wine for 30 days. Or one moon, which is the way the expression “honeymoon” started.

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All things considered. These are only some intriguing notions identified with Indian weddings. In spite of that, not every one of them is valid!

Relationships depend on adoration, trust, and understanding. And endure forever regardless of if you follow every one of these customs.

But I hope that you liked these 10 interesting Indian wedding facts. And are planning on flaunting the knowledge to your bridesmaids too!

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