10 [Selected] Indian Wedding Blogs you will get Inspired Right Away

What is the Best Wedding Blog in India? Let’s find out the best ones!

Your Big day is one of the main days of your life. 

So for once, don’t simply blindly go for it, rather plan it. 

Take some time. Consider all the little things and commend your wedding. What you need is some motivation and fortunately, as a result of the web, you are honored with wedding websites to get a wide range of motivation. 

Indeed, some of you may contend that there are simply too many wedding websites out there.

Along these lines, here are some uncommon pearls brought to you by me. The 10 Indian Wedding blogs to get inspired right now.

List of top 10 Indian Wedding Blogs

  1. Marry Me
  2. Madrasi Bride
  3. The Maharani Diaries
  4. Indian Wedding Site
  5. Weddingplz
  6. Wedding Magazine
  7. Frugal2fab
  8. Maharani Weddings
  9. Peaches & Blush
  10. The Delhi Bride

…lets checkout all of them on by one!

Marry Me-The Indian Wedding Blogs

Wedding planners cum flower design company cum bloggers. Marry Me knows its weddings.

Look at the site’s ‘Top 10 Tips’ and you will discover the motivation that you are searching for.

It’s a fun and eccentric substance that is efficient and simple to read through.

Likewise, their wedding blogs are generally wedding planning oriented. They cover even the tiniest components of the same.

Indeed, they even have an article on the kind of decor you can choose for your wedding transport.

To summarize they have the situation taken care of in a very professional way.

Madrasi Bride

This is one of those uncommon situations where it’s better not to pass by the name itself.

Madrasi Bride has an extraordinary blog that is called ‘Wedding Stories‘.

On the off chance that you go through around 15 minutes experiencing the blog. You will be enjoyably astonished by the expansive points that are covered by them.

They cover a more extensive scope of points and don’t restrict themselves to weddings.

Although covering wedding patterns and planning advice is as yet their center. They likewise offer relationship advice in certain articles.

They cover an expansive scope of points from why use wedding hashtags to how to have a decent connection with your M-I-L.

The Maharani Diaries

If you’re an Indian getting hitched in Australia, you must make certain to visit the Maharani Diaries Blog.

Their fundamental maxim is to bring out the inner Maharani in you.

Their wedding index will help you a great deal and their sites’ highlights are probably the best Indian weddings’ in the nation.

By highlighting cake decorators and vendors. Where you can discover traditional plans. They’ll unquestionably assist you with tossing the gigantic Indian wedding abroad.

Indian Wedding Site

It is one of the most comprehensive Indian wedding Blogs out there.

All the substance is coordinated. And isolated into four primary subjects: Fashion, Planning, Idea, and Real Weddings.

You can likely discover all the motivation that you require in the Indian Wedding Site itself.

It’s in this way, so tremendous.

They cover every part of a wedding, be it arranging, style, or even relationship exhortation with your vendors. They cover pretty much everything!


Never pass a judgment superficially, isn’t that so?

Therefore never judge a blog by its name.

Weddingplz is an alternate Indian wedding blog that centers around a couple of specialty points.

Peruse the blog and you will run over singled out marriage design sites with a blend of wedding and relationship stories.

There’s a pleasant blend of substance here.

In case you’re searching for wedding websites. That is a couple story and design-driven then this is your treasure waiting to be discovered!

Wedding Magazine

It is a complete wedding blog that has everything-directly from how to design a wedding to merchant contact subtleties.

There’s one specific segment in this blog that ought to quickly grab your attention.

Not at all like many other wedding sites. Wedding Magazine has a ‘Custom’ area. Which as the name says. Has an assortment of wedding websites on the different Indian wedding ceremonies.

It’s ideal to see someone zeroing in on customary ceremonies in this advanced world.

From wedding motivation from celebs to how to pick your vendors, this blog will offer all the guidance you require for an ideal wedding.


Wild about Indian wedding design and ready to be presented to some lavish thoughts?

Head to Frugal2fab right away.

It’s an all-around planned blog that in a real sense has all the data that you require about wedding shopping in India. From the brands to the area to the value ranges.

What’s more, there’s even an isolated area for all the superstar wedding tattle that you so need.

Likewise, for all you Delhiites out there. This blog comes as a gift as it has zeroed in articles on shopping territories. Like Haus Khas, Chandni Chowk, and so on

Maharani Weddings

It is one of the coolest and customized Indian wedding blogs.

In Maharani Weddings, you will run over articles of genuine couple stories with shot pictures in wedding areas in India.

If nothing else, you will make sure to employ an extraordinary photographer for the wedding.

Likewise, in case you’re an NRI getting hitched abroad, this could be your go-to blog.

With centered aides and excellent wedding stories, this blog will be up to your speed.

Peaches and Blush

Head to the ‘Weddings’ part of Peaches and Blush and you won’t be disappointed.

Peruse some really interesting marriage style content.

Albeit marriage style is a nonexclusive theme. Some way or another. Through extraordinary point determination the ‘Wedding’ segment of Peaches and Blush. Loaded up with new and energizing substances consistently.

With its attention on essential style and make-up articles. They have some incredible tips propelled by even Celebrity makeup artists! 

The Delhi Bride

While The Delhi Bride has an intermittent wedding style blog entry. There’s a great deal of substance that centers around the lady and spouse relationship.

Although the name may persuade that the blog may be identified with weddings, it has a ton to do with marriage.

It even has a pregnancy guide and weight reduction manager.

It gives you an interesting point of view into wedding and marriage related issues. And what’s truly ideal to see is that it’s severely genuine.

Like no limits, genuineness.

So if you can deal with that, there’s a ton of incredible substance that is hanging tight for your ravenous eyes.


A wedding is an individual undertaking and that is how it should be.

The main thing to get in a wedding isn’t the arranging, not the special first night, and not the clothing. It’s consummating the demonstration of getting both the families together. And consolidating them into one major family.

I hope that one of these wedding websites/blogs gets your inventive energies pumping. And gives you stunning wedding thoughts just as you are!

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