A Complete Indian bridal Accessories List for Every Bride

Help yourself by not missing any of the major bride accessories. Let the jewels speak for you.

Hello, to-be brides!

Done settling all your wedding outfits

Indeed, time for you to start indulging your wedding preparations. And start paying attention to the second most significant part of your wedding. For example, your frill.

Exactly how critical and vital it is to have a wedding all planned out, must for you to have a plan for your frill as well.

All things considered. These accessories, regardless of whether tiny or huge. They assist you the most with achieving that ‘perfect bride‘ look.

What’s more important is that if any of them disappears all of a sudden. There are odds of you achieving that dream wedding look you’d imagined.

This is the reason we propose you make an organized list of bridal accessories in advance. To save yourself from hunting that clip in a lehenga on the big day. 

The list won’t keep you from missing any of these little accessories. But also will give you a more clear perspective on what all work is done and what is pending.

In this way, it will make your work simpler once more,

We’ve curated a perfect go-to-go head to toe Indian bridal accessories list for every bride (all the functions) you can refer to.

Pen it down someplace and change according to your needs.

The Indian Bridal Accessories List

Here in this article. I have tried my best to help you out, to make the checklist of your accessories. So that you don’t miss any of them.

Engagement Ceremony Accessories

For the engagement, keep your extras as tasteful and exquisite as could reasonably be expected.

Try not to exaggerate and go the oversimplified way.

Jewels and rubies can be your closest companions as they look incredible when combined with voluminous ball outfits.

In any case, if you are to wear a lehenga on your engagement day. You can generally choose something amongst kundans, polkis, or pearls.

To make it more understood, we’ve curated an entire engagement accessories list for you.

Glance at it and make your Indian bridal  accessories shopping simpler.

  • A beauteous hair adornment—rich hair crowns, decorated clips, or merely a small bunch of roses and baby breaths.
  • If you’re wearing a lehenga, you can pick a gorgeous one (ideally in Kundan or Polki).
  • A pair of tiny exquisite studs in jewels or other semi-valuable stones to combine with your outfit.
  • A charming choker accessory or a smooth princess neckband (again in precious stones or rubies as they go amazingly with an outfit).
  • Pick necessary and simple hand accessories like a simple wristwatch, an armband, or an exquisite handcuff.
  • A beautiful marble clutch or one with some shimmery deets (ensure it works out in the right way for your outfit)!
  • A pair of glitz stilettos.

Mehendi Ceremony Accessories

With regards to picking accessories for your Mehendi function. It entirely depends on whatever is light, peculiar, and beautiful.

Gota and flower gems can be your go-to pick.

You have such a large number of choices coming up. Directly from modest gota haath phools, maang tikkas, and passas to floral naths, chokers, and decorated matha pattis.

Likewise, if you are a fanatic of chunky baubles. You can even experiment with some oxidized hoops. And pieces of jewelry to match with your Mehndi clothing.

No, that is not all! There’s a great deal of more accessories that you can add to your mehndi look.

Check this head to toe mehndi accessories list out and make the most out of it.

  • An exciting and particular head accessory—either a dazzling Matha Patti, a maang tikka, a headband, or a rich jhoomar.
  • If you want to experiment with looks. You can even get an artificial floral headband for your half-time hairdo. Or some pretty flower parandis if you braid your hair.
  • A pair of sunglasses(for some fun Mehndi photography).
  • A light-weight nath—flower ones look super charming.
  • A sparkling pair of hoops—be it adorned ones, botanical ones, or ones with lively plating.
  • A charming necklace—try floral ones or oxidized collars!
  • A pretty floral bajubandh (coordinating with different accessories).
  • For your hands, go for vivid silk string bangles, floral haath phools, cuffs, or wristbands. Additionally, remember to match it with a similarly beautiful plated ring.
  • A pair of payals or floral anklets to add that add appeal to your mehndi loaded feet.
  • A customized clutch to add to your look.
  • A striking pair of kolhapuris or juttis.

Sangeet or Cocktail Ceremony Accessories

Since Sangeet is about fun dance performances and other cheerful customs, you’ve gotta be picky with your accessories.

Ensure you’re not wearing something that overloads you.

Attempt to choose raw and relatively light-weight extras.

Dump substantial danglers and substitute them with a couple of stud earrings or statement earrings.

All things considered. Avoid such a Taam Jhaam and simply surrender to this list while picking up your sangeet embellishments!

  • A basic and humble maang tikka if you are intending to wear a lehenga.
  • Nonetheless, a raw clip to a group with an outfit.
  • A pair of gem drop dangles(to match with an outfit) or circlet Kundan stud hoops (to combine with a lehenga).
  • You can go a little OTT with your hand embellishments and select some kadas and bangles if wearing a lehenga.
  • In any case, with an outfit, simply pair an extravagant wristband.
  • Don’t neglect to wear your engagement ring(Flaunt it as much as possible!).
  • A pair of platform heels, wedges, or flats to keep your feet comfortable all through those dance performances!

Wedding Day Accessories

For the big day, you can be as exploratory and conceivable with your accessories.

You can go from all decked up to absolutely minimal, basically by experimenting with your adornments.

Simply ensure you don’t use strange accessories.

Try color contrasting with your outfit.

Pick a good load of kundans, polkis, emeralds, or even pearls.

Now before you go shopping, look at this wedding accessories list and ensure you’re not missing out on any!

  • A polished Matha Patti or maang tikka—regardless of whether a detailed one or a smooth one (whatever suits the state of your face).
  • You can even combine it with an exemplary jhoomar.
  • Give some attention to your hair accessories as well. And pick some decorated jooda pins, an extravagant clip, or some other embellishments for your wedding hairstyle.
  • A nath—a larger than usual one or a humble one (according to your choice).
  • A lovely pair of studs—be it a couple of cute jhumkas, stunning bahubali hoops, appealing jhoomars, or some danglers.
  • For the neck. You can pick a layered Kundan neckband, a shining Polki collar, or a bib accessory. And further pair it with coordinating rani haar.
  • A statement ring for one hand and the engagement for the other.
  • A bunch of traditional bangles or the Chura coordinated with a couple of hathphool.
  • The hanging kaleeras (just for north Indian ladies) There is simply a good variety accessible in the market nowadays.
  • A pair of bajubandh.
  • Contemporary Kamar bands—temple kamarbandha are in trend!
  • A pair of payals to amp up your feet.
  • An adorned clutch or a pretty potli sack (you can generally hand it off to your bridesmaids).
  • A pair of juttis, stage heels, or stilettos. You can even pick a couple of shoes over heels on your wedding, it’s very in!

Reception Ceremony Accessories

Your reception ceremony is the best ideal opportunity to style some unique yet perfect accessories. And establish some extraordinary first impressions.

In this way, ensure you save the best ones for it.

Pick exemplary pieces in jewels, emeralds, and sapphires.

They do some incredible things when matched with an outfit.

In any case. To embellish your lehenga. You can adhere to your typical top picks, for example, kundans and polkis.

You can likewise pick some exceptionally mixed rings, exquisite hand harnesses, and much more to combine with your outfit.

Simply note all the basics that we’ve put here and slay like the queen that you are!

  • A winsome hair adornment, similar to a decorated hairband or a pin to group with your outfit.
  • In case you’re wearing a lehenga, pick an out of the box maang tikka or some humble floral accessories for your hairstyle.
  • A pair of gleaming earrings in jewels, rubies, or precious stones praise the outfit and make it a little more beautiful.
  • A great hand harness or haath phools to embellish your hands and obviously, your wedding choora.
  • A crawler ring and the wedding ring.
  • A glitz clutch pack
  • A pair of block heels

And you’re done with a complete Indian Bridal Accessories List for you.


There are several styles you can consider while picking up your wedding jewelry. Since it depends on taste and preference.

This was a representative list from my side. And you can refer to a lot more to make your wedding outfits look beautiful, more than they already are.

Hoping that every bride can relate to this elaborate list of Indian bridal accessories and make the best out of it.

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