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Destination Wedding Photography

I am getting married…!!!

And have so many things to plan and manage and there are so many things i have thought of doing in my wedding.

A beautiful location, friends family , music, cake, dance and a ambience of happiness surrounding with beautiful landscape.

Is this the way you or your parents have dreamed for your wedding?

If yes, then destination wedding is definitely for you.

Those days of traditional wedding are not gone, where all the rituals and wedding functions were done in the backyard of the home. but 

Now it’s the time for destination wedding , where you look for a new beautiful place (country or different cities) with all the facilities available at a particular place.

Where you look for beautiful romantic location like a beautiful landscape or a luxurious resort. Where you get all the facilities for your friends and family for the wedding function.

Wedding is a lifetime memorable event , each and every moments are special.

You want to recall the memories and such beautiful place and people in destination wedding.

Now here comes the role of WEDUS as a  destination wedding photographer who keep their camera as a eagle eye to capture the most precious day of your life.

Wedus Wedding Photography co. is based in Delhi but we travel all around the world for destination wedding photography.

Let it be your pre wedding photoshoot or the complete wedding coverage, at destination wedding our experts knows how to be make your memory more memorable by freezing them.

Wedus has a team of crazy heads specialized in their domains. They focus in details to make it more productive and deliver the best work in compare to the Standard level.

We have systematic team with all the essential departments  like:

  • Pre production team
  • Post production team
  • DOP
  • Photographers
  • Cinematographers
  • Video editor
  • Photo editor
  • Marketing team
  • Financial Team
  • Digital marketing

Each and every one of us give our best to provide the highest level of value to our clients and customers.

Meet our crazy heads.

Yes we are that Destination wedding photographer  you are looking for to capture your big fat day.

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You got it right. If you want us to make your day luxurious and priceless.

Get connected to Us  or call At 7011645181.

We may not be available on you wedding day so please book your order whenever you decided for us.

Note: Destination Wedding is not possible for those who believe in rituals like compulsory functions at home.

For that you have to look for candid wedding photographers and wedding photographers in Delhi and the world.

We travel to countries like Singapore, thailand, malaysia, USA, london for Destination wedding.

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