Types of Wedding Flowers Used in Indian Marriages

What is the importance of wedding flowers? Let the heart and the wedding celebrations bloom to their fullest!

Indian weddings are never complete without flowers.

We have blossomed in each part of the wedding.

The embellishment, the wedding Dresses, the Bridal Hairstyle, likewise can’t fail to remember the aromas.

It is pretty difficult to evade blossoms at an Indian wedding.

The stunning thing about it is. That flower decorations in an Indian wedding can be traditional or contemporary.

It is only how we use them that has any kind of effect on weddings.

Indian flowers are particularly dear to weddings. Since they aren’t simple beautifications. But are also rituals that have been passed down the ages.

This is why I have brought you the different types of Indian wedding flowers. That can be used at your wedding this season.

Indian Wedding Flowers


Even though hibiscus was not a mainstream wedding flower, it is beginning to be seen now.

This Indian flower comes in different various colors and looks ravishing when it sprouts. Which is the reason it has begun to manifest in the wedding scenes.

It can be utilized in wedding adornments or even as a piece of a bouquet here and there.


Jasmine or Mogra is one of those Indian blossoms which you see being utilized practically day by day.

Mogra is extremely acclaimed for being utilized to enliven one’s hair.

These little white blossoms are extremely scented and are even utilized as fragrances.

These are ideal flowers for weddings and are probably going to manifest in one manner or the other.


These merry looking yellow blossoms will light up your wedding like no other.

Sunflowers can make fantastic backgrounds and in any event, stunning table enhancements.

The brilliant yellow goes superbly with most tones and can be a piece of a beautiful background.


Periwinkles are one of the most disregarded Indian flowers.

Although these little blossoms are not utilized a lot. However in blend with other verdure angles, these blossoms can make stunning designs.

You can discover it in white tone or running shades of pink. And it very well may be joined with comparative tones for it to do its full impact.


As evergreen Indian blossoms go. There is anything but a possibility that Lotus doesn’t come in the tallying.

It is a flower that isn’t just excellent but valuable as well.

Since it has various restorative advantages it was utilized in wedding poojas. Thus a lotus is constantly remembered for a wedding.

Other than it very well may be utilized to embellish the hair. Or the setting can be finished with the exquisite lotus buds and sprouts.


Bougainvillea is additionally a commonly used flower around the nation.

These Indian blossoms can’t be utilized for a lot. Like for a haircut or bouquet, yet they make good choices for photoshoots or settings.


Roses come up in a wedding one way or the other.

They can be utilized in decor, fragrances, hair enriching, wedding outfits, flower bouquets.

And so on and this bloom can be utilized for that task.

These are one of the most adaptable Indian flowers utilized at a wedding and by a wide margin the most lovely as well.


Last however absolutely not least is the marigold blossoms.

No Indian wedding can be finished without the presence of this blossom.

They are a staple at Indian weddings from North to South and East to West.

They come in lovely orange and yellow tones and have a superb aroma which makes them so ideal for weddings.

You can see them in beautifications, hairdos, Varmalas and so on.

Nothing says ‘Indian wedding festivities resemble this blossom.

Although these Indian blossoms are awesome and complete all events. I likewise have unfamiliar blossoms that have become a typical sight at Indian weddings these days.

Foreign flowers


These pretty and lively blossoms have begun to show up in Indian weddings as flower bouquets, Varmalas, or even in enhancements.


Fragile and vivid ring a bell when you consider lilies.

They put a try to please wedding style and can be seen gracing the lady’s bouquet or even her hair.

They come in various colors which makes it simple to put them up with any adornment you have.


One of the most recognized unfamiliar blossoms you will discover in wedding embellishments.

They are so mainstream as they can be utilized in various things and fit all over.


Although I don’t ordinarily perceive this flower by its name, I do see them in all the functions we go to.

They are stunningly designing flowers since they have such thick petals the shade of these blossoms show up.

Every one of these flowers that your wedding enrichments has looked great. They add a bit of dream-like highlights and charm to your wedding.


So many flowers, isn’t it?

There are a lot more I wasn’t able to cover in this article. But I am  sure that the ones I have, will be loved by y’all!

I hope you’ll bloom with the types of wedding flowers used in Indian marriages Since I look forward to blooming pictures of the same!

Happy wedding!