How to Select Candid Wedding Photographer in Delhi?

How to select candid wedding photographer in delhi?

The Big fat day…!

The day to be remembered…!!!

The Day you want to be captured FOREVER.

Each and every moments of the special day.

But how?

Yes I am talking about your wedding days.

Every couple & their family want this special day to be freezed.

But how?

Is it possible?

Yes it is, but only when you got the right wedding photographer selected for this one time event in your life.

Photographer is the person who will make the live moment still forever.

It now another difficult task to find the best wedding photographer for your wedding. As you and the entire family will be busy in all of the other operations.

In this blog I had made it more than easy for you to find the best of the bestest Candid Wedding Photographer in Delhi.

So let’s dive into the writing and see the checklist before you hire the photographer.

Here are the  Checklist :

1. Previous work/Sample work:

Yes this is the key important aspect while hiring a photographer for your wedding days. Check few of the previous work of the photographer. Where and how you can Check their work?

  • Ask them for sample work
  • Check their social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Check their YouTube channel for wedding cinematic films.
  • Visit their office or studio
  • Check out their website.

Do Check all of these until you are satisfied with their previous wedding photography.

Now proceed with this photographer only if you like their pictures, not like I would say only when you love looking their pictures.. Because at the end you will be asking for similar kinda pictures for your special day..


It was such easy task to do.

Your mind might be giggling with such thoughts.

Yes you are right once your love their pictures almost 90% work is done on hiring the photographer.


Sometime you need to carefully.. You will understand this in the next part.

But still you need to be aware with the people who produce duplicate pictures to make their profile strong.

And while checking their previous work you can easily judge whether it genuine or not.

    process: yes here  I am talking about the entire process from day 1 till delivering the work.

You must be wondering how to know their process as haven’t seen them working yet..

No worry

After  checking their profile you need to ask them for the complete process about how they operate.

Knowing their process you will clearly understand whether they will fit for your special day or not. You will come to know how professional n punctual they are.

2. Time:

The most important context I told you in the 1st part that I will explain it on upcoming section in Time.

According to me you never know how much time they took to prepare such beautiful pictures and portfolio of wedding clients…

So yes previous photographs are everything but time is as important as there work.

They both are interrelated..

If the work is good and not been delivered on time.. It will required your mind..

If the wedding ceremony starts from 7 pm sharp and the photographer reaches the destination at 9 am.. I can understand what will be the situation. And at that point of time you can’t fire him and hire some other photographer. So picking the best wedding photographer should be one of your task.

So make sure they reaches on time.

Wedding is such a sensitive ceremony that once its gone will not come back.. So everything should be well planned and better scheduled.

That’s what Mr Arvind say “ Wedding photography is a Game of time”. Whether you are doing photography or videography you need to capture the moments or else gone.

You can ask the photographer about all the timings. He must explain you each and everything clearly.

3. Quality:

Another very important factor you should consider while selecting a wedding photographer.

Many people are good at photography and can judge what is good picture and which is not.

And if your like their previous work than go for it but before that make sure that’s the best quality available in the market.

That can be done by comparing their work with some other photographers work..

Isn’t it time taking…yes it is.

But remember this day will not repeat again..

But still to save the time if you love their previous work than go for it.. Don’t bang your head n look for some other factors that need to be consider.

For those who don’t have much know about photography and difficult to find whether it good or not.. Than definitely compare their work with some other very famous photographer.

It will make it very easy to check out the quality of the work.

4. Creativity:

Here comes the most important part Creativity. There are 1000 of photographers but you cannot hire all of them.

For this special day you will definitely require the best.

So till now you must have got the best one.. But still check out this point.

Which will differentiate best out of best.

Yes this is one of the factor that makes the photographer unique and different from those 1000 wedding photographers.

Yes I loved the previous work of this photographer but still how will I check their creativity?

The answer is if you have liked the pictures that means that photographer is creativite.

Still go through his previous work and just check out in each and every picture something different.. Some uniqueness..

That is creativity when a photographer try to capture the picture which is unique from the previous one that’s means that photographer put his/her effort to do something new with the photographs.

You should definitely hire such hardworking and enthusiastic wedding photographer.

The photographer change the perspective /angle to make the picture look more beautiful.

Post production is also one of the factor that makes the picture more beautiful and unique.

Photographer sometime manipulate or edit the raw picture to make it look more pleasing.

High end photo retouch increases the value of the picture.

These are the few ways to make the Raw picture more beautiful and creative.

5. Equipment:

As all the above listed check list is great that means this photographer uses the best equipment.

And yes they should use the high end equipments to achieve the productive result.

A professional wedding photographer always carry all the require equipments with the team.

And they do have backups of batteries/lights and cards.

Although this are the basic requirements but still

You can ask them to check out with all the technical equipments.

6. Value:

If the quality is good. That means you are getting the greatest but that doesn’t mean they will such give you a single pictures of great quality.

Before hiring just ask him what all benefits will be provided like.

  • No. Of picture
  • Soft copy
  • Wedding album and its page quality
  • What will be the cover page of the album.
  • What all pictures will be included in the album
  • No. Of pictures to retouch/edit

You can ask such question to the photographer. Although while give you the wedding quotation they will describe all these things in the email.

You can suggest them something you want do be done.

And also something which you want them to take care off.

Like capturing pictures and video of all the important person and ceremony.

To avoid such this professional photographer take care of such things so that none of the important person will be left out

7. Communication:

Communication is the Key. Yes you have heard it correct.

Sometime is happens due to the that few person are missed in the video  and many client says mera “Jija reh gaya “.

To get a best output make a great communication with the photographer.

Any kind of communication gap can create some issue. Like “ mere Jija reh gaye” kind off problem.

Clearly describe all the things you expect from them and ask them to explain all the values they are providing.

Because sometime in absence of proper communication can create huge problem.

For example: Photographer was hired to cover a cinematic film but after the event is over. And you dance performance is over. You call the photographer and ask them for the solo dance  video.

This time it will be a shock to them and he won’t be able to give you any such video as they have capture a footage to make a cinematic film and the one you are asking will come under traditional video.

So you should know that value they are providing and what you want.

For that reason Communication should be very clear and emphasis should be there on the important things.

8. Customer feedback/Reviews:

All the above mentioned checklist are enough to hire the best wedding photographer.

But still you want to make one more checklist. Then this is the best one for any business.

Check out the previous customer feedback and reviews.

How you can do that :

  • By contacting the previous client.. Aww this will be bit awkward.. So you can avoid this.
  • Check out all the social media and you will find the reviews section.
  • Check Facebook reviews
  • Check comments on Facebook and instagram on the different pictures.
  • Check out the testimonials in their websites.

These few things will give you more than enough reviews about the photographer and the team.

So these are the Checklist to hire the best wedding photographer for your special day.


Thank you for reading the blog. If you have any question you can ask in the comment section. I Am here to reply all you them.