Everything You Need to Know About Bengali Wedding Ceremony

শুভ বিবাহ (Śubha bibāha)

Each Indian wedding is extraordinary…

The melodic Jaggo and Dholki function in a Punjabi wedding. The overly exquisite Mekhela Chador hung by an Assamese Bride. The fun Kashi Yatra in a Kannada wedding or the imperial Mahira Dastoor custom in a Rajput wedding

There are unmistakably assorted flavors in an Indian wedding.

This is a result of the rich Indian culture. That has its underlying foundations in traditions and customs.

Also, that is the thing that makes every single one of them, solely appealing.

One is sure to become hopelessly enamored with the magnificence of these weddings. Once they can comprehend the rituals better.

Presently, in case you are going to get hitched in a Bong style. Or you are welcome to your best friend’s Biye. 

It’s a smart thought to know a smidgen about the customs since Bengali weddings are not just about draping a red and white saree. And eating bunches of fish and desserts (even though those are critical pieces of Bengali weddings as well).

Along these lines, here’s a genuine and point by point stroll through. What occurs in a common Bengali wedding.

Read on to understand what’s in store for you. When you visit any biye bari or marry in a Bengali convention.

…Lets Know everything about bengali wedding

Pre-Wedding Rituals

There are some very normal and some essentially special pre-wedding functions in Bengali weddings.

Along these lines, we should discover their names and significance:

Pati Potro

Pati, explicitly a Shital Pati is an extravagant enriching mat that is utilized to sit on.

This was utilized to accumulate around to choose the marriage date.

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Both the families collect at the bride’s home and fix the date.

The Groom’s family blesses the bride with favorable things like desserts, fish, betel leaves, and betel nuts (Paan-supari).

Back in the days, the family’s seniors used to decide the date, time, name of the couple. Even the subtleties of Adan Prodan (gifts/dowry) utilize sindoor and Haldi and a coin and sign it alongside the names of witnesses.

This was considered as a regarded arrangement in Bengali weddings.


When the wedding date has been fixed, both the families visit each other’s homes to favor the lady of the hour/groom.

Aashirbaad is the Bengali adaptation of the Engagement function or Sagai. Just the bride and the groom don’t trade rings.

All things considered, the future parents in law favor them with gold gems, garments, desserts.

Alongside these, fish, betel leaves and betel nuts. And curd are additionally considered favorable things in Bengali weddings.

Earlier, the husband to be family consistently was the first to perform Ashirbad. As they were viewed as of higher status for accepting someone’s daughter.

Ai Buro Bhaat

This Bengali wedding custom includes taking care of the bride and the groom’s last bachelor’s meal in their homes.

The mother normally cooks the couple’s favorite dish including all scrumptious Bengali food items. Followed by mouth-watering desserts.

Holud Kota and Dhan Kota

One day before the wedding. Five or seven or nine (must be an odd number) married ladies make Haldi paste out of crude turmeric sticks utilizing crushing stones.

The one who holds the granulating stone is known as the ayo. And the remainder of the ladies simply hold her hands or her elbow while she crushes it.

That is called Holud Kota.

Alongside this, a similar gathering of ladies grinds rice powder without any preparation (Dhan Kota).

This same turmeric will later be utilized in the Haldi function.

Earlier, during the entire cycle of Holud Kota and Dhan Kota. The ladies were needed to stuff their mouths with betel leaf and betel nuts to remain quiet.

The most legitimate purpose for that was to guarantee no spit goes into the combination keeping it unadulterated.

Ganga Nemontron and Kola Gach Nemontron

On a similar night of Holud Kota, ladies of the family go to “welcome” the Ganges for the wedding.

Or rather take consent for the water to be utilized at the wedding.

The ladies carry plates with bananas, betel leaves, and nuts, Sindoor, etc while they go on this parade.

After the Maa Ganga has been welcomed. A Banana tree is welcomed too where an unbloomed plantain leaf is taken from the tree and attached to a Dorpon.

Since Ganga isn’t accessible all over the place. In present-day times, ladies go to any stream, lake, or the closest water supply to complete the custom in Bengali wedding.

Dodhi Mongol and Jol Tola

Before dawn, the mother of the husband to be. And the bride affectionately takes care of them with curd, puffed rice, and desserts. With adoration before they start with all the wedding ceremonies.

That is the last supper they will eat all day as they have to fast until the wedding is finished.

One more gathering of ladies. Go to the before referenced Ganges/stream or water store to gather water for the wedding showers.

All these must occur before dawn.

Bridhhi and Nandi Mukh

The wedding Pandit plays out a Puja dedicated to the seven ancestral generations of the lady of the hour. Asking for their blessings and gifts, alongside Lord Narayana.

That is a Nandi Mukh in Bengali wedding.

This same Puja is performed at the man of the hour’s home, trailed by a couple of steps.

A little bit of the already ground Haldi and rice is utilized in the Puja and afterward. The groom is made to take bath in the Ganga water after applying a portion of the turmeric.

This same Haldi (that has been used by the man of the hour) is then taken to the lady’s home. Who needs to use the same Haldi for her Gaye Holud.

Gaye Holud

After the lady of the hour’s family gets the lucky man’s turmeric paste alongside. Wedding Tattoo comprises garments, desserts, Paan-Supari, and fish. 

A similar Haldi is then applied to the lady by the ladies of the family.

She’s also bathed in the heavenly Ganga water.

A Bengali lady typically wears a cotton yellow saree during the Haldi.

This ritual is known as the Wedding haldi ceremony.


Presently we should discover the fundamental wedding customs performed at Bengali weddings:

Dorpon to Bor Jatri

Before the man of the hour is taken to the wedding mandap. His mom gives him the Dorpon (accepted to push off insidiousness). Which is to be carried by the lucky man all through the wedding.

The mother at that point favors him for his new excursion and ties red strings and Tulsi Mala on his neck.

Then the Bor Jatri or the Baraat continues for the wedding aside from the mother. Who should stand by until the lady comes.

Earlier during “old occasions” the mother used to cry intensely. While shipping off her child assuming that from now onwards, he won’t be taken care of very well by the new bride.

Chhele Boron to Bostro Daan

Boron in Bengali wedding essentially implies inviting.

The mother of the lady plays out the Chhele Boron (or inviting the lucky man). With desserts and water while every other person plays the heavenly Conch shell and does Ulu Dhwani.

The dad of the bride gives the groom Bostro (new garments) and Angti (gold ring). Which he needs to wear during the wedding.

Earlier, while Bostro daan, the dad of the lady needed to touch the lucky man’s feet and wash them.

These days, they touch the groom’’s knee with a finger as a tradition!

Saat Paak and Shubho Drishti

Saat Paak happens just after the lady is taken to the wedding mandap. While she keeps her face covered with two betel leaves.

Generally, the siblings or cousins carry her in a Peerhi or wooden seat (fairly like a Butta wedding). And that is in which they take seven rounds around the groom.

When this Saat Paak is finished. The lady of the hour and the husband will gander at one another multiple times on Shubho Drishti.

This is trailed by an extravagant and too fun Mala Bodol service or the Jaimala function.

Ages back when just arranged relationships existed. The lady of the hour and the husband never saw each other until Shubho Drishti. Which is the reason this tradition is praised with such enthusiasm.

Kanyadan or Sampradan

The bride and groom sit confronting one another. And the lady’s dad gives her hand to the lucky man and ties the sacred knot utilizing both their garments.

This is the Kanyadan custom otherwise called Sampradan in Bengali marriages.

There are reciting mantras that speak to the lucky man promising the lady of the hour’s dad. To take care of his girl for his entire life.

When it’s done the couple goes back to sitting beside each other!


There are two gatherings of Bengalis who follow a somewhat unique Bashi Biye tradition.

The individuals who have East Bengal parentage, (presently Bangladesh) are known as “Bangaal”. And the individuals who have their underlying foundations in West Bengal, called “Ghoti”.

The ceremonies are trailed by both however with certain distinctions:

Wedding Games

In all Bengali weddings done by Ghoti, Bashi Biye is performed just after the Kanyadaan on the equivalent mandap with a little break.

Some play a couple of wedding games directly at the mandap.

It is a one-day wedding.

Be that as it may, in a Bangaal Biye, the couple goes out after Kanyadan and play wedding games with sisters and siblings in the family.

Bashi Biye Snan

This one is generally followed uniquely in the Bangaal weddings.

The following morning. The husband and the lady are given showers together while they remain on a Peerhi.

From that point onward. The husband changes into garments that he went to the wedding in. And the lady changes into garments that are selected by her parents in law.

Yagnya, Sindoor Daan and Surja Pranam

Yagnya occurs in all Bengali weddings, where the wedding Pandit recites mantras.

When Yagnya is finished. The man of the hour applies sindoor on the lady’s hair utilizing either a ring or a Dorpon or a little stick box.

The third step after Sindoor Daan is Surya Poonam. This occurs at a Bangaal wedding as it happens the following morning.

Khoi Fela and Saptapadi

The lady stands before the husband and her sibling fills a plate with puffed rice.

The couple together then exhausts the plate into the heavenly fire.

This custom is performed threefold.

The last advance is the blessed Saptapadi or the Saat phere.

The couple strolls around the Yagnya fire many times. While stepping on Paan and pushing crushing stones with feet.

Post-Wedding Rituals

It’s an entire arrangement of fun traditions in a Bengali wedding once the lady enters her new home.

Bodhu Boron

The groom’s mom invites the bride by performing Aarti. With Ghee-Diyas, blossoms, and desserts.

She at that point touches the bride’s mouth and ears with honey.

She sits at the door and asks the lady and husband to sit on one or the other lap. To give them love and show that she acknowledges them in the house authoritatively.

The bride is then invited into the house by her stepping on a red Aalta. And milk arrangement leaves impressions on a white passageway of material.

She is frequently approached to break little dirt diyas with her heel rather than the Aalta.

The well established traditional explanation for the honey is that. It used to be that the relative anticipated that the lady of the hour should just hear and talk sweet things.

Ashirbad and Kaal Ratri

Another round of Ashirbad happens. Where everybody in the groom’s family favors the recently married couple. With endowments, gold gems, and desserts.

When Ashirbad is done. The couple needs to follow a Kaal Ratri. Where they have to isolate from one another for the evening and plan for the bou-bhat the following day.

Bhat Kapod and Bou Bhat

Bhat Kapod in Bengali weddings is a custom. When the man of the hour hands over a plate of new saree, Sindoor. A plate loaded with food and guarantees before everybody. To assume the liability of her food and garments from that point.

Around the same time in the early afternoon, the lady of the hour serves Ghee-rice to everybody.

This is a great lunch feast where visitors from the lucky man’s side generally are welcomed and acquainted officially with the lady.


On the eighth day from the day of the wedding. The couple visits the lady of the hour’s family where they go through a day or two.

That is the point at which the knot (that was tied toward the start of the wedding) must be undone. And denotes the finish of the wedding.

This is additionally called the Doshomangala for couples who observe this service on the tenth day from the big day.


Bengali weddings are generally long and a serious definite issue. As far as ceremonies and customs.

Nonetheless, over the long run. Things have been disentangled and abbreviated according to everybody’s benefit.

Certain traditions have been ceased and some have been switched to stay aware of the time.

For example, nowadays, at certain weddings. The bride and the groom both make vows of assuming liability for “Bhat Kapod”  to one another.

This has gotten a somewhat fun custom!

Most families presently want to do the Bashi Biye on the very night as opposed to the following day.

But, pretty much, these are the traditional Bengali wedding customs. That are followed wherever with little varieties.

We hope that you got all the information needed to know everything about Bengali wedding ceremonies and are eager to attend one right away!

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