21 Delicious Bengali Wedding Food Menu List

Do You Love Bengali Wedding Foods? Here are Lip-Smacking Dishes on Your Table!

The wedding food menu is consistently a significant issue for the host just as visitors as well. 

An incredible game plan. An ideal choice of the food menu. And fabulous food quality makes the entire occasion of wedding service effective.

Charmed visitors will consistently offer commendations.

Be that as it may, as you are aware each territory of India has some strength in food and culture. And many individuals favor different cooking styles over their traditional food.

So many of such occasions get befuddled to settle on traditional menus and current blended food menus.

Individuals mastermind the current food menu where they add western food as other Indian cooking styles as well.

That is the reason these days the traditional Bengali wedding food menu can be seldom observed.

Yet, a few people are searching for valid Bengali cooking to include their food menu.

We have brought to you 21 delicious Bengali wedding food menu lists that you will definitely like!

Fish Cutlet

This is an incredible canapé and side dish.

Fish cutlets are firm, zesty, and heavenly for your visitors to bite on.

Koraishutir Kochuri

Made of green peas stuffing, Koraishutir Kochuri is all you need to serve your visitors with flavorful crunchy kochuri.

Kabiraji Cutlet

A traditional Bengali bite. Kabiraji Cutlet is without a doubt an absolute necessity to attempt chicken formula that will give your taste buds a stunning turn.

Reshmi Kebab

Asking why this kebab is called reshmi?

These traditional Mughlai have a smooth surface. And have a delicious deliciousness, hence called reshmi kebabs.

Basanti Pulao

Otherwise called Mishti Pulao, a festival in Bengal without Basanti Pulao is viewed as deficient.

So remember to add this luxurious delicacy to your Bengali wedding menu.

Aloor Dom

Aloor Dom is a dish with a satisfying taste and an astonishing mix of flavors, fresh potatoes, and velvety yogurt.

It is an unquestionable requirement to have delicacy for your Bengali visitor and others.

Stew Phulkopi

A tasty Indian tidbit, Chili Phulkopi will turn into a moment top choice of your visitors’ privilege after the primary nibble.

Chanar Daalna or Cottage cheddar Kofta curry

A well-known type of Bengali curry, Chhanar Daalna is a bona fide Bengali formula. That makes for an enticing treat in the Bengali wedding menu.

Cholar Dal with Coconut and Beguni

Chholar dal with coconut and Beguni is another fascinating delicacy from the roads of Bengal that you should attempt.

Chicken Rezala

Trust us you won’t have the option to oppose yourself from evaluating this credible white-hued sauce dish.

Ilish Paturi

This dish gets readied utilizing three of Bengal’s most noteworthy love which are the banana plant, the hilsa fish, and mustard.

An astonishing treat to serve your visitors with!

Doi Rui

This thick and hot curry made with fish will win your heart when you’ll simply smell it.

Give it a shot, you’ll not lament!

Macher Chop

Macher Chop is a flavorful Bengali styled cooked fish and melts when you put it in your mouth.

Dhokar Dalna

A Bengali treat where cakes of singed chana dal get marinated alongside potato 3D squares. Dhokar Dalna is a treat to slobber over!

Echorer Dalna

Echorer Dalna, otherwise called Green Jackfruit curry is a thick sauce dish made with crude jackfruit.

It is an ideal dish to serve your visitor this wedding season.

Potoler Dalna

Made with aloo and potol, potoler dalna is our most loved Bengali delicacy. And is an ideal side dish from the roads of Bengal.

Kosha Mangsho

It is an ideal dish that will be cherished by the entirety of your visitors.

Made utilizing lamb, mustard oil, and flavors, Kosha Mangsho will make you slobber over the taste.

Chingri Malaikari

Chingri Malaikari is a prawn dish with broiled succulent and delicate prawns.

You will cherish the luxurious surface of this mouth-watering curry.

Kolkata Style Biryani

With regards to biryani Kolkata’s biryani best the rundown for its stunning taste and validity.

So why not make it a piece of your Bengali wedding menu?

Chicken Chaap

One of the popular chicken side dishes, Chicken chaap will win your heart and you will long for it over and over.


Who could miss the true Bengali sweet Rasgulla on the Bengali wedding menu?

Mishti Doi

Have a sweet tooth? Evaluate this lip-smacking and satisfying mishti doi.

Likewise, remember to add it to your Bengali wedding food menu list.

Kheer Kodom

Made with enticing fixings like khoya, milk, green cardamom. And sugar, this delightful sweet will get an influx of sweet flavors in your mouth.


A renowned Bengali sweet, Langcha will make you slobber over its rich and outlandish flavor.

Chennar Jilipi

Chennar Jilipi, otherwise called Chenna Jalebi is an extravagant dish that you should serve your visitors at weddings.


So I hope these lip-smacking dishes might have got you too just as it got to us in no time.

And you enjoy the bengali wedding with delicious food.

Looking forward to lovely pictures from your side!

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